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So it’s gonna be like that, huh?

74-57 .565 San Francisco
70-62 .530 Los Angeles

It’s gonna have to be a comeback story.



Vin Scully Bobblehead Night chat


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  1. Anonymous

    They can start any time now.

  2. Anonymous

    Seems like everyone likes to be in Dodger Stadium again this year . . . except the Dodger players.

  3. Anonymous

    The Snakes come in riding a 6-game skid – no problem, they’re playing the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on Vin Scully Bobblehead night – it’s a sellout – they get a shutout.

  4. Alex Chavez

    M. Ellis, Shane, Rivera, pitcher’s spot – 4 absolute holes in the lineup.  Regressed Ethier, our manager batting two of our worst hitters #1 and #2 every day…  :(

    • Anonymous

      Punto played last night, not Ellis.  In fact, I’d rather not see Punto fascination.

  5. Anonymous

    We win the west by 3 (maybe wishful thinking) ;)

  6. Anonymous

    The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!
    The Chavez Ravine of Misfit Toys miss the wild card(s) by 1.5 games.

    • foul tip

       Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine this morning?   ;-])

    • Anonymous

      More like,

      “The Nationals win the pennant”


      “NL West playoff representative gets pummeled by NL Wildcard team”

  7. I figured we added a lot of pop at the deadline at least with A-Gon (does he have a nickname yet?) and Hanley.  Oh well.  It’s getting late kind of early around here.

    • Anonymous

      He brings with him “A-Gon” and “Gonzo”, but look forward to him earning something along the lines of “El Jefe” or “El Patron”.

  8. Anonymous

    Wonder how much comebackiness we gots.

  9. foul tip

    I’ve seen a couple references, like about the postgame meeting last night, where Don talks about making sure the players know what’s at stake, things  are urgent, and so forth.

    Sometimes these things  where players clear the air may do some good, sometimes not.  What managers say really doesn’t matter too much.

    The team as now constructed hasn’t been together long enough to have personal issues, you’d hope.What air could need clearing?

    These guys know what’s at stake.  They know things are urgent. 

    If the problem is everyone trying to hit a 5-run homer or pitch a no-hitter, this kind of meeting just makes people who are already trying too hard just press that much more–it’s counterproductive.

    The season isn’t lost until and unless the math says it is.  Didn’t a real longshot got hot near the end last year and came roaring back to win the whole thing?

    And didn’t some folks who seemed to be in good shape real late last year have some memorable collapses?

  10. Devin McNulty

    Might be time for the triumphant return of young Dee. Cruz on over to 2nd?

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