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Surly fans score another sigh of relief

Are we owed our ode to joy? Owed or not, our ode arrived in tonight’s 4-3 extra-inning Dodger victory, a result that left me in a pondering place at Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink blog.


Labor Day game chat


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  1. These last two games are dedicated to those who were constantly questioning this team’s character. Well, they have plenty of it, apparently. And they have plenty of talent, too, which is what makes the lack of hitting recently (at home) frustrating. Some guys have definitely been having some poor at bats and pressing, the pressing thing can be “contagious” in a way, but all it takes is some luck, some good swings, some patience, and you’re back in this thing. Dodgers have character, and they have characters, too.  Now what they need is some consistency, a bit of luck (especially in the health department), and to build on this. Here’s hoping!

    Hats off to AJ Ellis, to Andre, to Cruz (what a story he has been), to much of the bullpen lately which has kept us in these games with a chance to win it, and even to Blanton, who after a wobbly first really settled down into a quality start. 

    If they can’t catch the Giants be nice if they can take the wild card lead at some point. 

  2. Anonymous

    Responding to a question from the last post,  the Dodger record for most home runs by a shortstop in a single season is 22 by Glenn Wright in 1930 in Brooklyn.  The L.A. Dodger record is 17, set by Don Zimmer in 1958.  Behind those two, the next best are Pee Wee Reese with 16 in 1949, Rafael Furcal with 15 in 2006, Reese with 13 in 1953 and Reese with 12 in 1942.  Reese has the career mark for homers by a Dodger shortstop with 122.  Believe it or not, the second spot is Wright with 44, followed by Bill Russell with 39, Zimmer with 29, and Furcal with 21.  The franchise has virtually never had much power at shortstop.

  3. Jibin Park – The only video clip I took at the game.  Somehow, I knew Ethier would hit it out.

    • Awesome! Hope you go to all the rest of their home games and videotape all of them, too. ;)

      Everyone else was more excited than your baby, it appears. Hee hee.

  4. I admit to getting unreasonably frustrated after the Headley homer. Not only was it the “here we go again” feeling with Blanton, but it seemed like about the 8th time in 10 games the Dodgers have fallen behind in the first inning. (Seemed like. I have no idea what the actual number is.)

    • Upon checking, turns out it was actually the 8th time in 14 games LA has fallen behind in the first inning. Still pretty bad.

  5. Anonymous

    I too feel the Ds have been pressing a bit (a lot) and not drawing many walks. The slider also seems to be their new kryptonite (can anyone hit it – or at least stay off it?). Its not usually the homers that win – its the timely hitting and lock down bullpen – something the Giants seem to be having all year. Even the Yankees are scuffling right now. All teams go through it. Here’s hoping the Dodgers can make a dent in the Giants lead this weekend!

  6. Anonymous

    Jon, just curious, but what goes into your decision about whether to post on DT or the City Think blog? Doesn’t seem to be content, because this was vintage DT. thanks.

    • There’s little that’s systematic to it. Sometimes I do a post on DT that I later realize would be good for CityThink, but I don’t transfer it over. And often, I just don’t think some of the stuff I write is worthy for a broader audience. 

  7. Anonymous

    one more question, though you undoubtedly addressed it a long time ago: what happened to the monthly Dodger player rankings? I’m sure they take an enormous amount of time, but they were both informative and entertaining.

    • They’re very time-consuming – about three hours at the start of the season and four hours as the roster expands – and I just don’t have the time for them right now.  

  8. I’d have to say the angry “Dodger Fan” syndrome has more to do with the human condition rather than folks actually being crazy mad at the Dodgers. With all the social media in place, people who use to have no chance at getting any notoriety or being a part of a group or seeing themselves in “print” or having a place they can compete with other non-socialites now have one or more such places and they take full advantage of it. The more they moan the more they are part of the moaning group. The more outlandish their anger the more they see themselves being recognized as somebody. The more they simulate someone else’s thoughts that are being recognized the more attention they might get from said people.

    Yeah there are fans that get mad. More though are the forums for people to act out or be someone they want to be or whatever.

    As far as that chemistry-filled Dodger team. Bah. They’re the best team money could buy at the time why should it be so incredible that they could come back a couple times against two bottom feeders of the major leagues. I’m a Dodger fan barely these days but it would be more fun if they, you know, actually did something before getting any accolades.

    WBB how bout that Brandon League?

    • Anonymous

      >> how bout that Brandon League?

      Brandon League games 1-7 for the Dodgers:
      IP 5 ERA 10.80 WHIP 2.400 OPS Against .896 K/9 9.0

      Brandon League games 8-15 for the Dodgers:
      IP 9 ERA 0.00 WHIP .889 OPS Against .373 K/9 13.0

      • foul tip recent item said League and the Dodger braintrust had scoured film from when he was doing well in prior years and spotted a mechanical flaw.  Much improvement followed.

        If it continues and he gets back even near where he was as an AS, having him next year would be a very good move.

      • KT

        Much better “second” half

    • Anonymous

      Full credit to League for his recent performance, and I hope he keeps it up, but his record does not inspire confidence. He clearly has a live arm, but lacks command, as he proved in Seattle. I hope the Dodgers do not sign him for next year, but I worry that if Kenley is a question mark they will give League an outlandish contract.

  9. Anonymous

    Quite a catch by old friend Jason Repko of a potential grand slam by Kosuke Fukudome, both playing at AAA:–mlb.html

  10. Anonymous

    Any word on whether Dee Gordon is coming back this season – at least as a dangerous pinch runner?

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