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Labor Day game chat

Padres at Dodgers, 5:10 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Joe Blanton, P

For Labor Day, Robert J. Baumann of Fangraphs looks at which ballplayers are working the hardest this year.

Pretty amazing that Baltimore has pulled within a game of the Yankees in the American League East, isn’t it? This could really be a year for some fresh cities in the postseason.

What would they call a Baltimore-Washington World Series?  The 295 Series? The Inside-Outside-the-Beltway Classic?


Dodgers bring back Abreu


Surly fans score another sigh of relief


  1. Anonymous

    Arizona just scored five in the top of the 6th, knocking out Zito and Mota in the process, and lead the Giants, 7-4, after 5 1/2 innings.  Giants had scored four in the first, and Chris Johnson hit a two-run homer for the D’Backs in the 5th.

  2. Anonymous

    Brad Penny, he of the 6.86 ERA, has entered the game for the Giants to start the 7th.  It’s still 7-4 D’Backs.

  3. The 495 – 695 Series? (I’ve driven all the way ’round the Capital Beltway – 495, but I’ve never even been ON the Baltimore one).

  4. Anonymous

    The first time I ever went to DC was in 1992. I was going to drive to Baltimore to go to an Orioles game. This, being an era before they put GPS in rental cars, required me to visit a AAA office in the DC area to get a map.

    I decided to ask the guy at AAA what was the best route from DC to Baltimore. His reply, “I don’t really know how you get to Baltimore from here.”

    I figured it out. There really is just one way to go.

  5. Anonymous

    Not even Joe Blanton can make that lineup look bad.

    Sorry Joe.  Pullin for you today.  Go Dodgers.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pleased that it is pretty much the same lineup, day in, day out

  6. Anonymous

    It is now 8-4 D’Backs over the Giants after 7 1/2 innings.

  7. Anonymous

    Regarding the Fangraphs blog cited above, I stopped reading after “And as we celebrate labor by farting in bed, our laptops searing our things . . . ” Uncalled for language, and a reminder how that kind of coarseness never shows up on this site.  

  8. Anonymous

    In the Cardinals 5-4 win over the Mets today, Andres Torres led off the 9th with an apparent double, but he was called out for missing first base.

  9. Anonymous

    Giants cut the lead to 8-7 before Daniel Hernandez got out of the 8th inning. Not sure who is going to pitch the 9th for the DBacks today. I think Putz has pitched a lot lately and it showed yesterday.

  10. Anonymous

    Putz on the mound starting the bottom of the 9th for Arizona.  It’s 8-7 D’Backs over the Giants.

  11. KT

    Puttz giving the game away

  12. Jibin Park

    What a Putz!

    • Jibin Park

       3rd base should have been hugging the line a bit more…

  13. KT

    Free Baseball In SF

  14. Anonymous

    Free baseball in the Phone Booth!

  15. Anonymous

    Don’t forget, tonight’s game is being shown on MLB Network (and tomorrow’s on ESPN).

  16. Anonymous

    The Giants have a big edge in extra innings because they haven’t used any of their good relievers in this game yet.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t count on bad teams to beat the competition.

      If the Dodgers are going to win, they have to do it themselves.  Especially in those remaining six games against the Giants.

  17. Anonymous

    BTimmer:  Your observation about Putz — “I think Putz has pitched a lot lately and it showed yesterday” — was on the mark.  He wasn’t sharp in the 9th today, allowing a pair of doubles and the tying run.  It was his fourth appearance in five days.

  18. KT


  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    As a live in Giants’ country, I watch or listen to many of their games.  They are very good at coming from behind to win, as they did today.  They are playing like they did in 2010, when they won their only World Series in San Francisco, and they remind me of how the Dodgers played in 1988, when we won our last pennant and World Series.

  21. KT

    Prime Ticket just gave me a tease…They were showing the LA feed for a while then finally blacket me out so now I have enburg and Gywnn. Don’t really care to listen to Gywnn anymore since his stroke. So now it’s vinny for 3 inning via mlb radio then deciding if I want to be Stienered or not

    • Anonymous

      In L.A., I could watch the San Diego pregame show if I had been so inclined. But I really don’t need to be exposed that much to Mark Sweeney.

    • Anonymous

      I’m in Chicago and I had Vin tonight, on MLB Network.

      • KT

        I should have tried MLB but since I’m inn SD I think it might have been blacked out

  22. The Kershaws and the Olympians

  23. Anonymous

    Squandering a 7-4 lead after 6 innings? – Those dumb Dirty Snakes.

  24. I’ve been searching for a phrase to describe Joe Blanton’s pitching. It just dawned on me. Victim. Joe Blanton is a perpetual victim.

    • Anonymous

       And Fife or Ely couldn’t do any better than this? Blanton was an overpaid innings eater in Philly and still gives up the homer in a pitchers park. BTW, why is a pitcher’s park when the Ds hit and everyone else is crushing the ball out of the stadium when they bat?!?

  25. Anonymous

    As Vin notes, Headley has sorta gone bananas bat-wise since the talk about him coming here.

  26. KT

    Come on Matty

  27. Vail Beach

    Why does every pitcher the Dodgers face seem to overmatch them?  They seem to have this knack for bringing out the inner genius in mediocre pitchers. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, to begin with we are just not a very good hitting team, with an OPS+ of 91 ranked 14th in the NL.

      • Vail Beach

        Except we just overhauled the offensive engine of this team by adding two All-Stars still pretty much in their primes.   And yet, almost every game it’s, “gee that pitcher did great against those great Dodger hitters.” 

  28. Anonymous

    The Giants are like cockroaches. They just won’t die – and you just can’t kill them even with a three run lead any more?!?

    Still not sure about Donnie’s move of AGon to the three whole. It just doesn’t feel right with Gonzalez batting 3 and Kemp 4. Why not just go back to Kemp at 3, then Gonzalez, Hanley and Ethier so you have the R/L thing going. Also, I know Victorino isn’t really a lead off hitter, but is Mark Ellis?
    This team is really learning to play together on the fly, with 30 games to go in a tough pennant run – plus some are changing leagues. I don’t have a good feeling about this one – wonder how Donnie is handling it?

    • Anonymous

      Right now the lineup goes RSLRRLRR. The key is keeping Ethier and Gonzalez three spots apart I think because that would make it harder for a LOOGY to work out.

  29. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  30. Anonymous

    Hanley strikes out looking too often – swing the freakin’ bat already.

  31. KT

    Good DP
    Now let’s get some hits

  32. KT

    Nice Luis
    Come on AJ

  33. KT


  34. Anonymous

    Labor Day Notes….
    1.  Great win yesterday!  – Spent the afternoon in the A/C of the shopping mall.  Returned home just in time for the bottom of the 8th.  Watched the balance of the game… Niiiiiiiiice.
    2  The Giants did it again! Dramatic win.
    Perhaps I’ve become a ‘square’ as the years pass…. (age 41)… However, with all the talent the Dodgers have bought….Yes, bought…and, I appreciate management for it…. it’s up to the guys down on the field to ‘get it done’… If an under-manned Giants takes the division, then I say, “Good for them.”
    3.  May the team with the most heart and huevos win this NL West in 2012.   

    • Anonymous

      “Good for them” ? – yeah, sure – as long as they choke in the 1st round of the playoffs.

      • Anonymous

         I only say, “good for them” because…. I’m tired of watching this club struggle for absolutely no good reason other than…..
        The fact that they (aside from Victorino) are all ‘mal-contents’ to some extent. 
        We all know Beckett is a jerk.  (drinking booze and being openly insubordinate in the Red Sox clubhouse last year with a number of other players which may include Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto… We don’t know for sure)
        We know Adrian Gonzalez was trying to meet with management in order to get his manager fired.
        We know that Hanley Ramirez (who I’m not overly-impressed with in any way since he’s come to LA) was a mal-content in Miami.  Even a ‘firey’ manager like Ozzie would have put up with him if he produced…. Perhaps the ‘softie’ Donny Ballgame may get some initial production out of him, but, I believe (as an employer) that most  times…. people do not truly change.  They just put on a different face when they have a new, fresh “enabler”….
        And, (again, aside from Victorino) I’m concerned that the Dodgers will end up being the “biggest suckers in town” … and wind up paying these “over-priced, ingrates, with over-inflated senses of self-worth” til ‘the cows come home.’…..
        PS – If these guys win the WS, all negative commentary from me will be erased.  :-)

        • Anonymous

          I could care less what the newly aquired players have done in the past with their former teams. They have the chance to have the slate wiped clean – what they do now that they are Dodgers is the only thing that matters. Screw the “bad reputation” crap – start anew, and be Dodgers from here on out – that’s all that matters.

          • KT

            That’s how I see it

          • Anonymous

            I’d like for all these guys, and the whole Dodger ball club, to succeed just as much as you do….   :-)
            And, if winning as all that matters… then, this club (with Gonzalez, Ramirez, Blanton, League, Punto, Victorino, has dug themselves a nice hole to work themselves out of….. Let’s see what they can do.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, AaSsWw.  There have been many such players, supposed “bad apples” who did well both on and off the field after accusations of a bad attitude with their former teams.  Vicente Padilla is but one recent example, a guy whose teammates in Texas wanted him gone, but he thrived with the Dodgers.

            It doesn’t work for everyone – there are some guys who are just bad apples (e.g. Milton Bradley) – but there are plenty of others who either never were (you can’t always believe such stories), or turned it around with a change of scenery.

        • Anonymous

          I re-read this and I wept. It made no sense. Gonzalez wasn’t part of the beer-drinking brigade in Boston. Those were pitchers (Lackey and Lester most notably).

          And Shane Victorino is supposed to have the best attitude? 

          He may have a great attitude, but he’s been horrible. 

          And I don’t think he has a great attitude. Shane Victorino mainly cares about Shane Victorino.

          • Anonymous

             I have to admit that I have not heard much about Shane’s attitude….btimm.

            I am assuming here as I have always thought he’s had a good reputation…
            But, I could be totally wrong here.  Maybe I was giving him too much credit.

          • Anonymous

            What he said.

  35. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  36. KT


  37. Anonymous

     Hanley Ramirez just totally responded to my previous statement…..

    I’ll make more negative posts about him if  that’s  what it takes….

    • Anonymous

      Before tonight’s game, Hanley Ramirez’s production numbers with the Dodgers were better than all of his teammates over the same time period. And it wasn’t very close.

      • Anonymous

         For what he’s paid….
        And, for his talent-level….
        That’s exactly how the STATs ‘should’ read.  IMHO.

        I appreciate the info, btimm.  :-)

        • Anonymous

          “Bad teams blame their best players for their problems.” — Bill James

          Or just bad fans.

          • Anonymous

             Are you implying that I’m a “bad fan”  btimm? 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but did he have to be so surly about it!?

  38. Anonymous

    Hanley may catch Andre for Dodger HRs.  Would be nice to see them battle it out . . . the winner would be the team!

    • Anonymous

      What’s the most dingers by a Dodger SS?  Furcal’s 15?

      • Anonymous

        That’s not it, because Reese had 16 in 1949.  I don’t know if that’s the franchise record, but it beats Fookie.

  39. Anonymous

    That’s more like it Hanley!

  40. KT

    Come on Line drive DP

  41. KT

    Let’s get that one back

  42. KT

    Come on Luis

  43. Anonymous

     Also….as a Raiders’ fan…
    I’m all about the “reclamation projects” …
    I’m well aware that they have their place in sports….
    But, it means nothing until they win …… :-)

  44. KT

    Foxtrack had that pitch high

  45. KT

    Come on Matty….do something spectacular

  46. KT


  47. Anonymous

    Hangin tough those Dodgers!!

  48. Anonymous

    Thanks Vin Scully! ….
    “Psychologically, you wouldn’t think it is, but it’s a major difference…pitching the 8th inning to get a hold and pitch the 9th inning and get a save.  It is a different game, mentally.”
    Chalk one up for the “Closers’ Mentality Crew”  …. :-) 

  49. KT

    Come on DP

  50. KT

    Come on Mark…start it off

  51. Watching Shane hit some more fly balls — or at least having that swing — makes me wonder how the Loney/Mattingly flyball versus line drive bet. 

  52. Anonymous

    I know the Isotopes’ playoffs are of tantamount importance, but wouldn’t it be prudent to call up at least ONE pinch runner type?  

    For example.  Last night, bottom of the 9th, one out, down by a run, Mark Ellis singles.  Victorino due up, then the struggling Gonzalez.  Why are Gwynn and Herrera (and as of tonight I believe, Gordon) wasting away in Albuquerque?  

  53. KT

    Come on Matty start it off and get on

  54. Don’t worry about getting on. Get it done.

  55. KT

    Nice hit Dre
    Come on Luis

  56. KT

    Nice Luis!!
    Come on AJ

  57. This kid is no longer a fluke. Well done.

  58. KT

    Let’s win it on a Wild Pitch

  59. KT


  60. Almost brought tears to my eyes!

  61. KT

    Kershaw the 1st out there

  62. Anonymous

    another clutch win!

  63. KT

    I think things may have turned…The team is starting to believe that they can come back at any time….Love it

  64. There’s the happy loosy faces I like to see. 

    And fun watching Kersh tackle his catcher! 

  65. Anonymous

    This is the first time – oh wait, I guess it’s the second time – in months that I don’t feel like it’s hopeless when we’re losing in the late innings.  :)

  66. KT

    Luis 4-5 today…great game

  67. What do you guys think Ellis, Cruz, Kemp, Gonzo, Hanley, Dre, Ellis, Vic, pitcher. In that case if vic gets a double or single, if he can pitcher can sac fly

    • Anonymous

      Important thing is getting Kemp back in the #3 spot (2 for 16 since being pushed to #4) and putting Victorino at the bottom of the lineup (I’d say #7, with Ellis and his knack for hitting 8th).  

    • Anonymous

      I can dig it.

  68. Anonymous

    This is the first time I can remember, seeing AJ smile.  He never seems to smile, but he sure was smiling at the end of the game.

    I guess he’s a Randy Newman fan!  :)  j/k

  69. Anonymous

    Winning at home and beating the weaker teams — two things the Dodgers did before the break, then have struggled with recently . . . . let’s hope we’re back to before!

  70. SteelMohawk

    As much as I love AJ, I love that every teammate is always pulling for him.  THey always seem to respect his game, and it seems fitting when A Gon, Matt Kemp, Hanley or Either are the most excited people in the stadium for AJ.

  71. Anonymous

    This is looking slightly better…  

  72. Anonymous

    This team oozes chemistry – every single time they win.

  73. Anonymous

    I’m still hoarse from cheering during the game! And I was watching it alone at home!

  74. Jibin Park

    Just got back from the game with wife and 9-month old son.  Awesome!  Last game Zach (9-month old son) went was the Father’s Day walk-off.  I think he brings good luck to the Dodgers!

    • Anonymous

      I should take him to the games with me, so he could offset my bad luck.  :)

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