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The Battle for Fourth Place

The current National League West Fourth-Place standings

Team	L	W	GB	Last 20 (L-W)
Padres	75	69	-	5-15
D’backs	72	71	2 ½	11-9
Dodgers	70	74	5	13-7
Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Luis Cruz, 3B
Nick Punto, 2B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chris Capuano, P

As you can see, the Padres have gone into a winning slump, allowing the Dodgers to make up eight games in a hurry and get back into the race.

The Dodgers will have a big chance to catch up to San Diego in the loss column with a three-game series September 25-27 in San Diego. But first, the Padres must avoid not having trouble with Arizona from September 18-20.

Los Angeles holds a tiebreaker advantage over San Diego, nine losses to six.


Confession: I haven’t been watching


Luis Cruz, hero


  1. Anonymous

    This is getting serious. 

  2. Anonymous

    I think we need a “cynicism” tag on this one.

    • Anonymous

       Does not cynicism fall under Rule No. 7?

      •  The rules apply to commenters.

        Also, what I wrote above isn’t sarcastic.  It’s all objectively true.

        I’d say this post is more trying to lighten things up than it is cynical.

  3. Anonymous

    The Dodgers can get this done – only 5 back of the Padres with plenty of games to go, especially the way the Pads have been playing! 

  4. About a month ago, my Dad mailed me four free Loge tickets to last night’s game he had been given but wasn’t able to use.  We would have made it just in time except that traffic on SW was backed up almost to the on ramp.  (If it had been just the brother and I, we wouldn’t have been anywhere near the park, of course). 

    We broke out the Chipotle right there in the car and took our time eating it while Vin called the game.  That was easily the best part of the evening.

    After the game, I couldn’t figure out whether I was more frustrated at the Dodgers for another listless offensive performance or the ~10,000 extra people that just came for the fleece blankets (which were long gone by the time we got into the gate, much to my sister-in-law’s disappointment).

    Beckett’s 9-3 ground out was definitely the highlight for us, though.  I think I got my brother with that a couple of times on our old Super Nintendo back in the mid ’90s.

    And no, we did not pony up for Cool-A-Coos.  They just make me thirsty.

    • Anonymous

      Someone needs to tell Stan to go back to ‘all fans in attendence’ for giveaways. I always thought other teams were lame for limiting them, now we are lame too.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I missed out on the free blanket :(
        At least to all kids in attendance.

  5. Anonymous

    My biggest concern now is if the Rockies games will be loser’s dividend games.

  6. For a minute there I thought you meant that we had WON 13 against 7 losses and I was wondering why I was feeling so down… Then I paid attention.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s been so depressing lately, I haven’t even been reading DT nearly as often.

  8. Anonymous

    Victorino leads off today. Punto in place of Ellis at second base.

    That’ll show ’em!

  9. Tonight’s lineup:

    Victorino LF
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Cruz 3B
    Punto 2B
    Ellis C
    Capuano P

  10. Anonymous

    Another thing I’ve learned recently. People in St. Louis hold Nick Punto in extremely high esteem.

  11. CHICAGO (AP) — The Pittsburgh Pirates lost their seventh straight game Friday and kept fading in the NL wild-card race as
    Starlin Castro hit a three-run homer that sent the Chicago Cubs to a 7-4 win.

  12. “On Aug. 8, the Pirates were 63-47, but have gone 9-24 since. They are now just a game over .500 for the first time since June
    15 when they were 32-31. Pittsburgh hasn’t finished with a winning record since 1992.”

  13. Nick Punto playing…and Victorino leading off…ugh.

  14. A Town Without Pity…

  15. Anonymous

    KCET’s website with a good essay and accompanying photos on the history of the Chavez Ravine area, nearly all of it pre-Dodger Stadium.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that link, Bob.  Fascinating.  I knew some of the story, but not all of this (and I’m sure there’s still more).

  16. The CarTalk guys’ reaction to “Bernoulli” & “lift” might be the single-greatest moment in the show’s history.

    This short clip cuts off too soon, but it gives you a taste.

  17. Anonymous

    Since THE TRADE

    JLoney;  .268/.281/.357  for a 68 OPS+
    AGonzales:  .233/.296/.370 for an 83 OPS+


  18. Anonymous

    The Astros are interviewing Larry Bowa. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please.

    • Anonymous

      Well, even if it happens, he’ll be in the other league.

    • Anonymous

       What have you got against the Astros?

      • Anonymous

        Larry Bowa may have been the worst coach the Dodgers had ever employed. He motivated players to play worse.

        • Anonymous

          So I repeat, why do you hate the Astros?  They’re so cute and harmless.  And their ballpark features a train!

          • Anonymous

            I want Larry Bowa to fail again. 

          • Anonymous

            And you don’t care who gets hurt in the process?  That’s cold, btimmer.  Cold.

            Or maybe you’re still holding a grudge against Mike Scott? 

    • The Astros might be a good fit for Bowa: a roster full of guys who hit even worse than he did.

  19. This season, like an old soldier, isn’t dying…it’s just fading away. In retrospect, the Dodgers received their mortal blow (if it indeed it turns out to be a mortal blow), the millisecond Matt Kemp’s hammy seized on him crossing 1st base that day. I truly believe he was going to have a historic season, and carry the Dodgers with him.

    Now, after the hamstring, and with the shoulder, his bat speed is noticeably slower. He needs the off season…as do we. However, I retain a small measure of hope. It is baseball after all. And, as Casey Stengel once said: “In baseball, you don’t know nothin’.”

  20. Anonymous

    Are these standings from the Bizarro baseball league?

  21. fuck the dodgers

  22. Anonymous

    Seriously, I started ignoring baseball to protect my feelings from the Dodgers doing so poorly as they are being beatten so soundly by the Giants and others.But I have been able to get through this and see that we are doing something rather rare and incredible!.I’m hoping it can turn right around. But it may never really register statistically how bad the Dodgers have done as they have spent 1/4 Billion and given up amazing pitching prospects which may mitigate this streak. It is very interesting and I truly believe we are storing good luck for something.(wish I knew what and when it is.)

  23. Anonymous

    Kershaw is now questionable for Sunday’s start because of the same hip issue he had before.

    So, it’s time for people to question Don Mattingly’s manhood again I guess. 

  24. KT

    Nice play Cappy!!

  25. KT

    that ball kept carrying

  26. KT

    Cappy playing his position well

  27. KT

    tried no posting yesterday
    today going for the encouragement posting

    I’ll try anything to break this streak

  28. Anonymous

    The theme song for this series so far:

  29. KT

    Come on Guys let’s get those two back

  30. KT

    Good start Gonzo

  31. KT

    Come on Hanley bring him home

  32. I think the pitchers have all decided “what the hey, I’ll give up a run or two in the first couple of innings just to eliminate any suspense.”

  33. KT

    Way to get him over Hanley
    Nice RBI Luis

    •  Yes, ground balls to advance runners are SO exciting. ;)

      This team couldn’t get three hits in a row if it meant its house would stay unburnt in a forest fire.

      • KT

        We don’t need anymore negativity or sarcasm

        The team needs all the positive vibes it can get

  34. KT

    Head 1st dives slow you down Nick

    Should only be used to avoid a tag

  35. KT

    Bad Vibes equal bad results

  36. KT

    way to get on Shane
    Come on Dre get on

  37. Anonymous

    Many laughs. I don’t even think this is something new in baseball!!!

  38. Jibin Park


  39. KT

    Alright Matty your turn

  40. Anonymous

    Ethier creams one. LOL. what does this mean??? ha  Hahaha?

  41. KT

    Alright Gonzo start it off

    • Anonymous

      You are definitely a soldier and a better fan than me.  Much respect.

  42. KT

    Way to get out of it Matt

  43. Anonymous

    The Phillies won, but the Brewers lost. They are both rooting for the Dodgers here. I suppose the Pirates are too, but the Bucs are a lost cause.

  44. KT

    Come on Bobby you’re due

  45. KT

    no tag (actually tag on the hip after hand hit bag)
    bad call

  46. Anonymous

    Wow, Punto has so few talents. He may have been safe! But it is so stupid to give up the only time he has a position.

  47. KT

    Let’s go Shane

  48. KT

    Wow…that looked a little unorthodox but it worked

  49. KT

    Ok Let’s get some runs
    Start it off Dre

  50. KT

    Nice hit dre
    Come on matty relax…you can do it

  51. KT

    come on Gonzo…bring dre around

  52. KT

    Come on Luis

  53. KT



  55. Anonymous

    Winnipeg Goldeyes beat the Wichita Wingnuts tonight 8-3 to win the American Association championship (Independent baseball league). This is the first championship for any professional sports team in Winnipeg since the Goldeyes won the Northern League championship in 1994.
    Oh we will be partying at Portage and Main tonight!

    And – nice hit Cruz!

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, the local Canadian Football team – the Winnipeg Blue Bombers – lost 44-3 tonight. Two weeks ago they lost 52-0. Perhaps not going to be their year.

      And now back to our regularly scheduled Dodgers comments…

      • KT

        I used to like the edmonton Eskimos back in the late 70’s  because a friend from school played for them…used to watch a lot of CFL back then

      • Anonymous

        Are you happy to have the Jets again?

        • Anonymous

          I think it is funny that we have waited 15 years to get them back, and then one season after they return there is an impending lock-out. I’m trying to imagine how the mood would have been in Winnipeg if a lock-out had happened last year!

          • Anonymous

            Did they get to keep the Jets legacy stats and stuff like the “new” Cleveland Browns, or did that all go to Phoenix?

          • Anonymous

            It all went to Phoenix. Instead of having records from Dale Howerchuk and Teemu Selanne, etc. we get a bunch of Thrasher stats and history.

          • Anonymous

            Well, Thrasher is a great Neil Young song, and his parents were married in Winnipeg, so it all connects in the end.

          • Anonymous

            You sir, are most knowledgeable. 

          • Anonymous

            I admittedly used wikipedia for the parents married in Winnipeg part.

    • Anonymous

       When I hear wingnuts and Wichita, it’s all I can do to avoid a Rule 5 violation.

  56. KT

    Time to add on boys…we want production from the whole lineup

  57. KT

    Start it off Elian

  58. KT

    Good eye Elian
    Come on Shane get on

  59. KT

    Excellent executed Hit & Run…Nice Shane
    Come on Dre

  60. KT

    Take second Shane (double steal)

  61. KT

    Come on Matty

  62. KT

    I think Donnie needs to drop matty to the 6th hole to take the pressure off…go with the hot bat instead

  63. KT

    Nice Gonzo!!

  64. KT

    Come on Hanley bring him home

  65. KT

    that fan needed to get in the way

  66. KT

    Good win
    time to make two tomorrow

  67. I don’t understand… what… just happened? [shifts into Huell Howser impersonation} They won? They scored runs and that lead to one of these wins I keep hearing about? Interesting.  And you’re telling me if they score this many runs the odds are that they’ll win?  Very cool. I’m always learning more about California’s Gold. 

  68. Also, Cruz continues to be one of the best stories of this season–regardless of how anything else turns out at the end. And he continues to have great at bats, it’s no fluke in the way that Herrera’s early season run was basically a fluke. It’s fun to watch. 

    • KT

      I think Luis and Matty should switch spots in the order unless matty is hurt then he should sit

  69. Anonymous

    Sooo, did they get it all out of their system?

  70. Anonymous

    I love the way Vinny has been hailing Molina.

  71. Anonymous

    I was out and gone, and they pulled me back in! Damn those Ds. Now I have to watch and care about baseball again! 

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