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Confession: I haven’t been watching

I haven’t been watching the Dodgers.

I was out of town and couldn’t watch. And then I returned and could. And still haven’t been.

Here and there, I flip over to the channel, catch the latest treadmill moment, and flip away.

Half the time I do it, I do it just to hear Vin Scully’s voice, because I know I can’t take that for granted. But neither that, nor the stuff that’s typically interesting about baseball to me, has kept me on board.

Eight straight games without scoring more than three runs. Seven losses in that time. It feels like I’ve got better ways to spend my time right now. I’ve slipped into being a frontrunner who has put the games on the backburner.

* * *

From the Times:

Pedro E. Guerrero, a photographer whose early work with architect Frank Lloyd Wright sparked a long, distinguished career in the worlds of fine art and glossy magazines, died Thursday. He was 95. …


Masters of the long ball


The Battle for Fourth Place


  1. Martin Leadman

    Me too. I’m barely paying attention at the moment

  2. Ryan Durham

    What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t you like an all you can eat buffet of grounders to short, called third strikes, and caught stealings?

  3. Anonymous

    I think that’s the best solution.

  4. Anonymous

    Jon, Your first 5 paragraphs were a great segue to the Times note. 

  5. Anonymous

    The way the Dodgers are playing – seemingly sleepwalking through thier at-bats, does not warrant fans paying much attention to them. I feel bad for the pitching staff, who has been performing pretty damned good during this stretch of futility by the offense.
    The last 8 games going backwards from last night :
    L, 1-2
    L, 2-3
    L, 0-1
    L, 0-4
    W, 3-2
    L, 2-5
    L, 3-4
    L, 3-6

    Dodgers averaging 1.75 runs per game, giving up 3.38 runs per game.
    Yet there are still those out there complaining about the likes of Blanton?

  6. Anonymous

    When is Laker season?

  7. Pedro E. Guerrero…..  died Thursday. He was 95. … 

    No wonder he had trouble hitting the curve ball

  8. Anonymous

    3B   Cruz
    RF   Ethier
    SS   Ramirez
    1B   Gonzales
    CF   Kemp
    C     Ellis
    2B   Ellis
    LF   Gordon

  9. 6-12 since the BIG TRADE.  Outscored 52-77.  On the verge of falling behind Arizona, Philadelphia and Milwaukee by the end.  Ned and Donnie are hopefully sealing their fates.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Ned and Donnie have a combined .000 batting average this season.
      Wait, what? they don’t play? OH, DUUUUUUUUUUH.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how it falls on Ned and Donnie.  Ned got the players, Donnie cant make these established allstars hit the ball.  I guess there does have to be a fall guy though, and these high priced players arent going anywhere so you might be right.
      Ill tell you who has to go.  Kenny Lofton.  He contributes nothing to the Post Game show for those watching on Fos Sports West.

      • Anonymous

        You could watch Angels broadcasts and hear Garrett Anderson’s insights instead.

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for the confession, Jon

     This year, your blog has definitely lived up to its slogan: “an outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers.”   Without knowing that others are suffering like me from the play of the Blue (misery loves company), I’m sure I’d be even more depressed and frustrated. 

  11. Blue-eyed Gal

    Confession: you’re not alone.

    Tuesday night, I forgot to turn on the game.


    Later, when I realized my brain short, I grabbed the app, started to watch the archived version, saw the linescore, and just…couldn’t. Even though it was a Kershaw game, and even though I feel I should listen to every instant of Vin while we still have him.

    Fair weather fan?

    Um. I still think they can make the postseason, but that ember is very very low. And this isn’t fun to watch. 

    What a long, strange season it’s been. We had such low hopes going in, due to the McCourt mess, but it seems like someone gave us a nice shiny toy car, and… NO VA. NO VA. (With apologies to Chevy.)

  12. Anonymous

    In the same boat.  Was away for awhile and couldn’t watch, and now that I can I only do so sporadically. Agree with Blue-eyed, what a long strange trip it’s been.

  13. Anonymous

    There has been a kind of symmetry to the season – inexplicably winning a bunch of games six weeks in with a motley rag-tag team of scrubs, inexplicably losing a bunch of games with six weeks to go with a bunch of guys worth nine digits.

  14. Anonymous

    I’m still watching, but easily distracted.

  15. I must be sick in the head cause I have been watching.

  16. Anonymous

    I haven’t been watching either.  I’m not a masochist.  The Dodgers’ slump has even caused me to neglect my fantasy baseball team because I want nothing to do with baseball right now.  Luckily for me, football season is here and the Lakers open camp next month. I’m disappointed and frustrated, but I’m approaching this as if this is no different from any other year the Dodgers broke my heart. 

  17. Anonymous

    I might start watching again, if the send me a nice, snuggly fleece blanket.

  18. Anonymous

    Luis Cruz has been my favorite Dodger to watch this season. He still believes: @CochitoCruz: Lets do it! We cant give up. Go Dodgers!

  19. Anonymous

    Not me. My Dodgers play, I watch, listen, follow on line. Doesn’t matter the situation…it’s in the blood.

  20. I’ve been feeling this way for a week now. Don’t fight my wife to watch the games anymore, really don’t care to. Been growing weary of baseball, just not as interested as I usually am. I find myself hysterically checking the scores still or periodically checking in to see the “heart” of the order bat, hoping that just maybe they’ll snap out of this funk and start hitting like they should! 

    I was reading the lineup the other night on paper and it just struck me how f-ing intimidating those names are!!! I mean Ethier, Kemp, Gonzales, Ramirez; now THAT is a murderous lineup that should strike fear into opposing pitchers! But they are just pitiful right now. MLB network said yesterday that they’ve all combined for around a .200 average since the trade. But that is SO odd, its statistically impossible, almost. So one HAS to believe that they will snap out of this soon, very soon. Please, very soon.

  21. I’m glad to find out I’m not alone…

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