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September 16 game chat

Stephen Fife is starting for the Dodgers today in place of Clayton Kershaw. If he pitches well, he might keep starting. There is also talk of the Dodgers using a four-man rotation for the stretch run, though that would mean some guys going on three days’ rest.

Anyway, given the possibility that Fife might not stick in the rotation, leaving only Josh Beckett, Joe Blanton, Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano, I was wondering what the Dodgers’ record is for most consecutive starts by a non-homegrown player. That is your research assignment for the day …

Cardinals at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.


How we feelin’ now?


Kershaw not hip to health


  1. Anonymous

    Does Ishii count as a home grown player? The Dodgers were his first team, but he spent no time in the minors and was established in Japan. If he does not, then the entire 2002 season except for Victor Alvarez start in game 162.

  2. Anonymous

    Ted Lilly was 5-0 with a 1.79 ERA through his first 5 starts of the season. In his last start of the season, May 23, he was charged with 8 earned in 3 1/3 innings, never to pitch again this season. Billinglsley was arguably the best pitcher in baseball after the All-Star break before blowing out his elbow. Kemp injured off and on for most of the season, now looking nothing like the player who started the season as the best hitter in the game. Now Kershaw. One of the most important things to an eventual Championship team is the ability to avoid injuries to key players, and remain relatively healthy. With all that has gone on for the Dodgers this season, even if they don’t make the playoffs, I’ll still give them credit for providing some great moments, and hanging in the hunt for the postseason for as long as they have.
    Go Fife!   

  3. Anonymous

    Today is a day that is not good for fans of the Pirates, Phillies, and Brewers. With the Dodgers and Cardinals tied and playing each other, no one can make up ground in the playoff race. Also, the Dodgers and Cardinals are both off on Monday.

    The Phillies getting shut out in Houston last night was very baseballish.

  4. Anonymous

    The Pirates have decided to move James McDonald to the bullpen for the rest of the year. He’s run out of gas and he’s been hit very hard since the All-Star Break. (7.08 ERA)

  5. Still have no interest in these store-bought Dodgers. Cosmic justice has been served for making the most arrogant and financially stupid trade in baseball history. I just wish I had been on the Interweb when Donny Baseball pinch hit Rivera for wonder boy A.J. Ellis. That would have been fun.

  6. Hey guys, is Clayton okay? My buddy said the Dodgers will win the division five games ahead of Arizona, with the Giants even further behind. That will be tough to do if Clayton isn’t dealing. I hope he’s okay!

    • Anonymous

      Your friend believes the Giants will drop over 12 1/2 games in the standingd in 3 weeks?

    • foul tip

       Was your buddy sober at the time?  ;-])

    •  Hey guys, be nice. My buddy is still smarting from the 2010 World Series. He said it would be “1989 minus the seismic phenomena” and boy was he wrong. I hope we can at least get to the Wild Card game, because my buddy is not looking very good these days!

  7. Anonymous

    AJ Ellis with the day off. M Ellis down to 7 spot. Treanor bats 8th. Victorino in leadoff spot with Either in 2 hole.

  8. foul tip

    Instead of the homework assignment, I’ll thrown in that if Ely is added to the mix, there’s one more not homegrown.

    Neither is Jamie Wright, in the highly unlikely event they would go to him.  Don has said he likes Wright in the pen, and he seems to have done well there lately.   Not sure when he last started, but talk was when he came that he could do either.

  9. foul tip

    Based on pictures at over the season, including today, it appears Kemp is the designated mauler of any teammate who gets a GW hit.

    At least he feels good enough to do it.  Maybe that’ll translate to the batter’s box.

  10. KT

    Let’s go DP

  11. Anonymous

    Fife has no windup, very odd motion

  12. KT

    Come on Matt pay attention

  13. KT

    looks like it will definitely be a bullpen day…Fife w/ 31 pitches

  14. Anonymous

    Fife on pace to give up 18 runs and strike out 27.

  15. Anonymous

    Still on pace for 27 strike outs. 6 K’s in two innings…

  16. T.M. Brown

    For those watching on TV: With all due deference to Vin, I think I remember Holliday for taking a line drive in the cojones (or in the general area) to give us a playoff win a few years ago. That was Matt, wasn’t it? 

  17. 18 K pace, but 3 two strike outs in the 3rd. 

  18. KT

    Come on Shane bring him home

  19. T.M. Brown

    Dre really does have a beautiful stroke when he’s on top of a ball. 

  20. Anonymous

    Wow – I was wondering if Wainwright would sort of pitch around Ethier to get to Kemp.

  21. KT

    All tied up

  22. BOOM. Tied. 


    • Meanwhile, painful to say but Kempie needs to sit a day or two. :( He’s obviously just not right at the plate. 

  23. Anonymous

    Cubs with a grand slam to go up on Pirates 10-9 in the 6th inning. Astros up  on Phils 7-6.

  24. KT

    I’ll take a DP here

  25. KT

    Great catch Shane

  26. foul tip

    Gameday says Barney’s second pitch to Craig in the first was an 86 mph…changeup.

    It says the third was an 86 mph…fastball. 

    Finely tuned instrument, Gameday, to be able to tell the difference, especially back-to-back pitches.

  27. KT

    Nice hit Luis

  28. Anonymous

    The ‘Stros have once again flogged the Fillies.

  29. KT

    Astros 7-6 over Fillies

  30. KT

    Come on Mark

  31. T.M. Brown

    You know, isn’t it completely conceivable that we end the month down 3 games to SF going into the season ending series? We’d make up 4.5 games (yes, most definitely a lot) and end up in a situation where a sweep ends up in a tied divisional leader. Potential excitement methinks. 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know how likely this is, but if we were to win 5 games more than the Giants over the next several weeks – I think I would like our chances for the wild card anyway.
      Meaning, we would be winning a lot of games.

      • T.M. Brown

        It’s definitely the optimistic track. And I assume if we’re in a position to win the division going into that season ending series we’d probably be in a position to win the 2nd WC regardless of the outcome of that series. 

        And Fife only strikes out sides. He doesn’t believe in moderation. 

  32. KT

    Come on Guys let’s scratch this inning

  33. Anonymous

    Do you let Fife bat in the bottom of the inning? Or better yet, do you throw him out there to pitch the 6th inning?
    Seems like he is still got a bit left in him today…

  34. Wow, who had 9 Ks in the Stephen Fife pool? :)

  35. KT

    Way to get on Matt

  36. KT

    Come on Elian

  37. Damn. and we lose fife. 

  38. KT

    WoW…Wbb that’s what happens when the doesn’t make contact when ordered to hit and run

    • Anonymous

       I still approve of the attempt – if you want reward, you have to take risk.

  39. KT

    Good bunt Elian
    Come on Shane

  40. Anonymous

    That was idiotic

  41. KT

    Come on Dre

  42. Anonymous

    Vogelchirp got banged around for the Gnats again, giving up a bases-loaded triple to Patrick Corbin (.069 hitter), six earned runs in four innings. Their starting pitching is real shaky, very lucky to have winning records.

  43. KT

    Ok Matty start if off…take a walk if need be

  44. KT

    There you go matty…I knew your next hit would be to RF…keep going that way

  45. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  46. KT

    Let’s go Hanley…bring him home

  47. Anonymous

    We are only a couple days away from the 6th anniversary of the 4+1 game. I am surprised that the almost unbelievably perfect BR website does not list this game in their calendar list of events, births and deaths that occurred on September 18.

  48. T.M. Brown

    I’m pretty sure Hanley did that on purpose so Wainwright would head back to the bench. He is the cagiest of veterans!

  49. KT

    generous scoring of a base hit there
    Come on DP

  50. Anonymous

    Ooh, some of Hanley’s plays at SS are a bit embarassing.

  51. Hitting with RISP, what is it?

  52. Anonymous

    I believe Jamey Wright’s plan is to have his career end with his right arm flying out of its socket getting somebody out in the next two weeks.

  53. KT

    Jamie pitched well
    Come on Paco get the final out so we can score some runs to give you the win

  54. T.M. Brown

    Donnie’s strategy that inning: Bore the Cardinals to death with pitching changes. 

  55. Anonymous

    Bad news on the steal attempt.

  56. Anonymous

    Gordon went back to sliding head first. Not that it helped.

  57. I know Molina is behind the plate but, anybody else think Dee hasn’t looked that great trying to steal the last couple of days? He seemed to get a little lucky last night.

  58. Anonymous

    Hey, not bad–he was within 2 inches on that attempt. Its what I want to see–exciting baseball!

  59. KT

    Even if Dee would have been safe on a close call He was going to lose after all the lobbying by the Cards manager / players last night

    • Anonymous

      This is true. But somebody might make a mistake. I wouldn’t expect anyone to hit.

  60. KT

    who do you think hits for League

  61. KT

    Come on Shane start it off

  62. KT

    Come on Dre base hit

  63. KT

    Come on DP king…ground into one

  64. KT

    Now that I got my DP
    I want a run here in the 9th

  65. Anonymous

    Paging Luis Cruz. Five minutes til curtain.
    You are staring in a little show called Cruz vs the Cardinals.

  66. Anonymous

    Not that it matters much but the Rockies and Padres are tied 11-11 in the 8th.

    At PETCO.

  67. Anonymous

    Was that Rodriquez. I know he should be better once adjusted, but he really does look a plug.
    I’m probably just being grumpy>

    • KT

      who…oh do you me Adrian gonzales

      • Anonymous

        Yeah-sorry. Having trouble keeping names straight after the big trade. But I must say seems like half the hispanic ball players are named Rodriquez, Gonzoles, or Ramirez. Even Manny!

  68. Anonymous

    I would take a walk, stolen base and a wonderful single right about… now.

  69. Anonymous

    Ah, well the next guy (Hanley?), made him llok OK.

  70. KT

    Come on Belli throw strikes

  71. KT

    need a line drive DP here

  72. KT

    there you go
    Come on Ellis connection let’s get it done

  73. KT

    Nice Mark
    Come on AJ

  74. KT

    Come on Juan two days in a row

  75. KT

    YES…I’ll even take another WP

  76. KT

    smart move

  77. KT

    In the dirt Shane…come on make contact

  78. KT

    way to stay in the rundown mark

  79. KT

    another smart move

  80. KT

    Make them throw you strikes matty

  81. Walking Ethier to get to Kemp? Shows how much Matty has been slumping. I hope he makes them regret it.

  82. Jibin Park

    Mark should have gotten back to 3rd.  He’s the better runner than Juan and he would have had the right to the bag.  With 2 outs, not a big deal, but why give up?

  83. T.M. Brown

    My first reaction was: “Wow! They want to pitch to Kemp?! Things have sure changed for Bison in a hurry.” Then I realized that they’re doing R/R matchups, force out, etc. but I think Matty is taking this sort of thing personally. 

  84. Jibin Park

    Time for Kemp to earn his money…

  85. Anonymous

    I actually wish Matt was a good bunter here; Due for a mistake!!

  86. Anonymous

    Oh, shirt.

  87. Anonymous

    Well, hopefully this will be one of those times where he can;t find the zone after the IBB. I feel like the Dodgers of recent times have had success with the walk off walk.

  88. Anonymous

    It says a lot when I actually wished it was someone other than Matt coming up to hit.  :(

  89. T.M. Brown

    Blugh, frustrating. A walk is as good as a 600′ HR there. Good thing about this lineup: Don’t have to wait to go round again before we get some good hitters up. 

  90. Anonymous

    This is a good game, but Mat has just about used up the relievers. A one game playoff might be fun.
    But I don’t want to go into the play-offs missing Billz, Kershaw, and Lilly, at the same time with a gang of sluggers colder than the bottum of the popsicle cooler. 

  91. KT

    Neep a DP here…what do you say

  92. KT

    Come on Gonzo…you are due

  93. KT

    Nice hit Hanley
    Come on Luis

  94. KT

    Vinny and the camera man had me thinking that was in the stands

  95. T.M. Brown

    (-___- ;  )

  96. Anonymous

    Well, we’re to John Ely- the other guy who was could have started today. 

  97. KT

    Come on John…throws strikes

  98. KT

    I like it can I have another

  99. Jibin Park

    Oh boy.

  100. Jibin Park

    My least favorite Supreme Court Justice.

  101. Anonymous

    Double on an 0-2 count :(

  102. KT

    means another come from behind, come from behind walk off to win it like yesterday

  103. Jibin Park

    That’s why walking Beltran was probably a bad idea to begin with.

  104. KT

    got to hold here…Come on Ely

  105. Jibin Park

    Hanley is terrible.

  106. Jibin Park

    This is painful to watch.

  107. Jibin Park

    Why did we walk Beltran again?

    • KT

      to get to holliday who hasn’t been hitting in this series like beltran and only got on twice by HBP

      • Jibin Park

        Still.  Down already by one run, doesn’t make sense to give free passes and add more pressure to Ely.

  108. KT

    well it looks like we will be 1 game back…had that feeling once we got deeper and deeper in free baseball…Still a chance be we need the final out now

  109. Anonymous

    And the collapse is complete. Only 2 runs in 12 innings, only costing them about $100 million per run?

    • KT

      we are 1 game back instead of 1 game ahead  when before we were a few games back and now the collapse is complete?

  110. KT

    Come on Nick we need base runners

  111. KT

    Way to get on Nick
    Come on Shane same thing runners

  112. KT

    Alright Dre do your two out magic

  113. Anonymous

    I do not like Shane Victorino. 

    I didn’t like him as a Phil.
    I didn’t like the move to get him.

    A simple sac fly wins the game in the 10th.
    But he couldn’t even do that.

    Go stink up somebody else’s line-up next year, thank you.

  114. Who knew the Dodgers would tank and the primary reason would be Matt Kemp being horrible?

    • Gonzales and Victorino going 0-11 didn’t help. The whole offense is just brutal.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s not vilify our best player.  Despite his injuries and toubles, he has managed to put up a 145 OPS+ and has a lot to do with them even being able to sniff at a playoff spot at this point.

      • Anonymous

        “Bad teams blame their best player for their problems.” Bill James.

  115. Anonymous

    And yet, the Dodgers are still just one game out of a playoff spot. 

    • The Dodgers are reminding me of about the only quote from Godfather III anyone remembers.”They keep pulling me back in!”

      And then they stomp on my feelings and hopes and dreams again.

    • Anonymous

       Well, yeah, but it’s the mild card.

  116. Welp, for a game I kind of thought would be a loss before it started due to sudden pitching matchup advantage — but then Fife settled down and pitched well, our pen outside of Ely was outstanding, and… the offense just blew countless opportunities.  I blame t hat more than I blame Ely, painful though he was to watch.   I also give credit to at least one Cardinals reliever, Rosenthal, whose stuff is outstanding and threw near 100 for almost all of 2 innings.   But anyway, for a game I thought might be a loss. they sure teased us with this one.  
    If they didn’t have such a tough schedule and key injuries I’d still feel reasonably optimistic about making the playoffs, but they do have a shot, and if some key guys get hot together you never know. Making the playoffs, even if a one and done deal, would be a victory. 

  117. Anonymous

    Wow – walking Dre to get to Kemp. Man, this past series has been a soul crushing experience for #27 – save for the great throw yesterday! I feel for Matty. Just wish he would choke about an inch and calm down and get on base. A two out single would have won it and completely changed this whole series for him!

  118. Adam Luther

    Abreu did not help on Gordon’s steal attempt.  LH batter 2-0 count and does not swing to protect, and a perfect throw gets him by a foot.  It’s the little things that matter.

  119. Anonymous

    matty is not our best player right now, even the cardinals know it.  we’ll see where we’re at after this coming week with wash and cincy.  with kershaw down anything’s gravy at this point since i don’t expect us to make the playoffs.

  120. What could possibly be wrong enough with Kershaw’s hip that he’d need surgery that would cost him 8 months?  I can understand any type of arm problem causing a long absence…but lower body?  

    • Anonymous

      Labrum problems can keep players out a while. Doctors usually give the longest possible time someone would be out because they need to be realistic.

    • KT

      try having both your hips seperately replaced and then you can ask that question…I’ll let you in on a little secret…Having them replaced is easier on the body then having surgery to repair them…ask Bo Jackson

  121. Regarding the lack of home grown pitchers among the starters now..I cannot figure the “consecutive” starts issue, but as early as 2005, the Dodger pitching staff only had 6 starts by a home grown pitcher all year. Edwin Jackson made those 6 starts so 156 starts during the year were by store bought pitchers (Weaver,Lowe, Penny, Houlton, Perez, Dessens, Erickson, Wilson Alvarez and Derek Thompson)

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