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How we feelin’ now?

Two runs with two out in the bottom of the ninth  – on hits by Andre Ethier, Luis Cruz and Juan Rivera – win it for the Dodgers, who are now tied for the second wild-card spot with St. Louis.

Incredibly, however, the Dodgers might be moving forward without their top three starting pitchers, now that Clayton Kershaw is sidelined indefinitely with a hip injury. And Matt Kemp is walking wounded as well, though he made a key assist in the top of the ninth to keep the Dodgers close.


Luis Cruz, hero


September 16 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Best sports night of the year so far – Dodgers win in great comeback fashion, the hugely overrated ‘SC Trojans (a 9 point favorite – haven’t covered this season yet, still)  go down to the Stanford Cardinal AGAIN, and UCLA once again covering easily against an outclassed opponent.
    A perfect scenario in all respects. 

  2. Jibin Park

    I was scolded by the wife for shouting too loudly downstairs (baby sleeping upstairs).  I did not feel badly one bit.  This WAS the game of the year for the Dodgers.

  3. Somehow I missed Kemp’s play and throw in the top of the 9th, so I just saw it on video. Wow, good for him not to give up on the play, Heckuva throw.

  4. Anonymous

    This was a must-win game tonight in order to keep their postseason hopes alive…but as high as I feel off this win, news that Kersh might be out for the season hurts a lot…we’re not gonna last long in the NLDS with the patch work rotation we have….

  5. Anonymous

    Didn’t get to see most of the game as I was at a friend’s house and we were in the back yard flipping between the Stanford game, Bruins game, as well as the Dodgers game – but looking at the box score, Blanton deserves credit for putting up some zeros after the 1st-inning 2-run bomb – he did his job – kept the Dodgers close for the late-inning heroics.

  6. Anonymous

    Best I can do on Rivers PHing for AJ – AJ was 0 for 2 vs Motte both K’s both in July this season and had K’ed 2 out of three tonight; if that eliminated AJ, then one notes that Motte has been very strong against LHH this season which eliminates Punto who did serve as the man on deck iirc. Rivera was 0 for 1 vs Motte from 2010. Not compelling I admit.

    • Jibin Park

      But apparently Mattingly’s gut-managing worked for the day.

    • foul tip

      Don’s rationale bottom this story.

    • Anonymous

      I was surprised, as I’m a big A.J. fan, but he hadn’t looked good in his earlier ABs. Certainly can’t argue with the results.

      • KT

        He’s been slipping as of late and I think the reason is the long season behind the plate…Is this his 1st full season playing almost everyday? I know the minors don’t play as many games so maybe he’s hitting the perverbial wall

        • Anonymous

          True, he could be wearing down. I’d rather see FedEx in today’s lineup than Treanor, though.

  7. Adam Luther

    Harang, Capuano, and Beckett as the big three.  Enough run support and they’ll get it done.

  8. Anonymous

    Speaking of “Luis Cruz, hero”, this makes three of the last three Dodger wins against the Cardinals (including the win at Busch in July) in which Cruz drove in the tying or winning runs.  He was the big hero in all three games.

    • Anonymous

      As close a play as you’ll see, but I thought he was in there. No head-first slide, we should note.

    • Anonymous

      He looked out on the slo-mo replay – but it was a bang-bang play – every team ends up getting a few of those called against them, as well as having a few called thier way, every week of the season.

  9. Anonymous

    I hate to admit it but Kemp looks dazed and confused at the plate. It has almost become “look-away” tv viewing. It hurts to see him revert to his ghastly 2010 form of going down on (usually) three pitches low and away! Matty – relax. Take a pitch. Just get on base. Wonder if Donnie has the guts to a) sit him a game or two or b) move him down to five or six hole for a few days?

    • Anonymous

      Clearly, he’s hurting, and won’t be 100 percent until the spring. Great deke on Yadier, though.

      If Yadier and his brothers faced off in a 100-yard dash, would anybody win?

      • KT

        if yadier runs full out as he leaves the box…He’s safe at third even if he’s gassed….He didn’t turn on any speed until he rounded 1st

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