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Clayton Kershaw update

Statement from the Dodgers at 3:30 p.m.:

Today, Clayton Kershaw was examined by Dr. Bryan Kelly at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Dr. Kelly is one of the premier hip specialists in the country and agreed with Dr. ElAttrache’s opinion that Clayton has an impingement of the right hip. (This is when the joint is pinched during rotation of the hip while pitching) Dr. Kelly feels that Clayton can continue to pitch if pain allows without doing further damage to his hip. However, Clayton will not be allowed to pitch if he continues to have hip pain. He will re-start his throwing program today.

We will continue the process of seeking other hip specialist’s opinions and have already sent his MRI’s and other tests to those doctors for their opinions.


Kershaw not hip to health


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  1. Anonymous

    Hmmh…this sounds like:
    Doc:  Show me where it hurts.
    Kid: Well, it doesn’t hurt right now.
    Doc:  Ok, come back when it hurts.

    Is there a doctor in the house!?  (Oh, right..there isn’t).

  2. Anonymous

    I’m guessing that if he doesn’t have it fixed now, it will be a lingering problem. Fix it now and be done with it. And no, I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

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