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On waivers

My oldest son witnesses my outfield heroics at Dodger Stadium – winter 2008-09

It’s a complete coincidence that this post comes on the 10th anniversary of the last post before my one and only Dodger Thoughts sabbatical. That began four days before my daughter was born, and wasn’t by design as much as it was just a byproduct of feeling overwhelmed by a dramatic life change and wanting to make sure I had my priorities straight. I had only put three months into the site at that point, drawing but a handful of readers, and it wasn’t clear that I was actually giving up anything meaningful.

Tonight, I’m more clear on what I’m putting aside – including a dream of doing Dodger Thoughts for 50 years or more. To this day, I still have enough arrogance about myself to be surprised that no one has ever wanted to pay me a living wage to do this full-time. But the marketplace spoke, and unless it changes its mind someday, I don’t have the luxury of ignoring it. And I’m tired of doing mediocre work on something that meant so much to me.

Anyone reading this site knows how hard it has been for me to maintain a pretense that the site is still useful in 2012. There have been some decent moments, but mostly, it’s been painful. And it’s not getting any easier. My family and my day job demand bigger and bigger shares of my energy and my sanity. So let’s cut to the chase: I’m designating myself for assignment.

That doesn’t mean I’m never going to post here again – in fact, I can almost promise that I will at some point – but it does mean I’m releasing myself from the daily task of writing about the Dodgers, as well as creating chat threads for every game. Dodger Thoughts has become a burden – the opposite of what it was intended to be – and there are too many other sites that now do what I set out to do more productively. The fact that I’m cutting and running with only two weeks left in the regular season (and a Dodger playoff appearance still very much a possibility) indicates just how much of a burden it has been. For all their problems, I believe in the Dodgers much more right now than I believe in my capacity to write about them.  That about says it all.

For those who remain interested in my writing independent of the Dodgers, I encourage you to visit my Variety blog, The Vote.  I know the subject matter differs like apples and asparagus, but by focusing my blogging energy there, I hope to invest it with more of the life that Dodger Thoughts once had – and maybe draw in some non-hardcore fans in the process. (The comment section there is begging for a community.) Also, please follow me on Twitter, which will be the best way to keep up on what I’m keeping up on and the quickest way to find out if and when I post on Dodger Thoughts again.

Anyone who ever was a reader or a part of the Dodger Thoughts community, and especially those who provided critical support along the way, I can’t thank you enough. I really can’t. This has been the most memorable writing experience of my life.

But this message has already gone on too long.  Here’s hoping the Dodgers come back and make me feel stupid for folding at this moment. (And here’s wishing, as Bob Timmermann suggested in an e-mail, that I had just thought to explain all this as a figment of Tommy Westphall’s autistic imagination.)

* * *

Oh – one thing I already forgot to mention. A revised version of 100 Things Dodger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die is scheduled for publication next spring. Orlando Hudson’s cycle and other treats from the past three years will be included in the second edition.


A forever toast to the Toaster


Afterlife open thread


  1. John Blanchard

    Aw Jon. Clone yourself, c’mon. Thanks, dudebro.

  2. Nathan Macy

    We will miss you. You have been one of my favorite Dodger bloggers, and I am sad to see you go. Hear’s hoping that you start posting again. (I’ll be keeping Dodger Thoughts on my Google Reader just in case). Take care.

  3. Rob Moore

    Thanks for the memories, Jon. I’ve been on hiatus as a regular reader and commenter for a few years now, for much the same reasons you’re taking break now, but I’ve always been a fan of your writing. Best of luck.

  4. Dave Alden

    Jon, I haven’t commented much this season, not that I ever commented very much, but I read nearly every word you wrote.  This is indeed a sad day..  I understand your reasoning and accept your decision, but following the Dodgers just became a little less fun. Best of luck with your family and with your other passions.

    I’ll continue to follow you on Twitter, hoping for the occasional bit of Dodger insight and perhaps a family update also.

  5. Anonymous

    Jon- sorry to hear that.  You were a pioneer.  The 2002-2012 seasons were an agonizing, thrilling and just plain weird stretch of Dodger history.  Thanks for being our narrator.  Congrats on your freedom!  

  6. Needless to say we’ll welcome ya back to do this here or elsewhere (if not St. Elsewhere), whenever you feel it again.  Perhaps in time for Dodgers miraculous playoff run–or at least the one that’ll be less miraculous in ’13 ;)   

  7. Martin Leadman

    As they say over at TrueBlue, you had a good run :)

    Best of luck in all you do Jon, you were the pioneer

  8. Anonymous

    Good for you, Jon. You created something great, there’s no reason you should have to let it run your life. Thanks for it, though. I’ve really, really enjoyed getting to know you through your writing…

  9. I  want to thank you for making my dodger experience so much better.  I have learned so much since my first time here back in 2004..I also want to thank all the commentators and regulars who have also made this so much fun..

  10. Jon — from someone who has been there from almost the start, from the Blogger to all-baseball to LAT to ESPN and now your own corner — best wishes, always. I know whereof you speak, albeit with a radically different perspective.

  11. Paging Bob Timmermann . .. ……

  12. Anonymous

    This is really sad news. I’m sorry to see you post this message. You were a pivotal figure to me in my evolving Dodger fandom. I went from precocious know-it-all to amateur know-nothing the second I discovered your blog. While I didn’t always agree with all your popular culture likes/dislikes, I always recognized your greatness as a writer, baseball mind, and family man. I bought a t-shirt AND a book dammit! :)

    I regret never meeting you. I always thought I would. Maybe I still will some day. You wrote a while back (in your Cheers farewell) that some of your best friends were people you had never met. It struck me as strange at the time, but I think I get it now. Internet communities are real things, if not transparent thingums.

    Good luck, break a leg, keep on truckin’. You are the godfather of this whole scene and you could not be more respected. (I never knew how you put up with the weirdos.) Best to you and your family. 

    In boca da lupo,

    Charles Xavier Kinbote
    Paolo Wheaton

  13. Anonymous

    Jon will always be the Bill Walsh (the Stanford coach version) of Dodger bloggers.  And I can only close with “Let’s be careful out there.”

  14. We’ll miss you, but you gotta take care of life first. That’s really been your implicit motto on the blog for a while, and we’d all be disappointed if you didn’t take your own advice.

  15. Anonymous

    Thanks, Jon. Best of luck. 

  16. Hi Jon, 
    I want you to know I appreciated your efforts over the years, and I hope that helps a tiny bit for you to feel like it was time well-spent.  Especially for me not living in LA, having this community you created for respectful, intelligent comments about the Dodgers was really an anchor in my life.
    Thank you,

  17. Todd Kaplan

    Dodger Thoughts is one of the reasons I root for the Dodgers.  

  18. Todd Kaplan

    Meant to add: Thank you and good luck.

  19. Thanks for the years, Jon.

  20. Like Rob, I’ve been reading since the Blogger days. Thank you for all the good posts, the hosting of such a congenial crowd, and the insights.

    I hope you make it back by next season, rejuvenated.

  21. Daniel Zappala

    Best wishes, Jon. Thanks for many good times. If this turns into an unconventional, once-every-few-weeks blog, I’ll still read you!

  22. Anonymous

    Well done, sir.

  23. I’ve been reading you very consistently, since the day Ned traded for Manny and I read your writeup on it. Never once have I posted in the comments, but I almost always read the comments of others, spending sometimes hours just absorbing all the speculation, love, anguish and pure baseball knowledge of the community you created. I keep the 100 Things book by my bed at all times. Thank you for everything, I can say without doubt you made me one hundred times the Dodger fan I was before I found your site. Good luck to you..

  24. Anonymous

    Wow. So grateful to have had this blog and all of you through the years. For those of you Toasters who were in the McCourt meeting years ago, I was the, shall we say, more mature female, there with my son. I will still plan on wearing my Dodger thoughts T-shirt to games, and meanwhile seek another blog. But this will always be my first love. Huge huge thanks, Jon. I went from being a fan to an informed fan because of all of you. Where are you all heading? I need you!

  25. Wow, this is disappointing to say the least. All the best with whatever you do, Jon. You know where to find me if anything’s up.

  26. This won’t be the last time I say thanks, but thanks, everyone. 

  27. Jibin Park

    I’ve inextricably intertwined my Dodgers watching experience with going on Dodger Thoughts.       Thank you, Jon, for paying such a high opportunity cost in consistently maintaining this site for us and providing for us Dodger fans a community.  

  28. Shoshana Strom

    Hi Jon. I’ve been reading for several years now, probably since around the time you moved to ESPN from Baseball Toaster. I’ve never commented, but I’ve read nearly all your posts, even when I didn’t completely understand everything. Thank you so much for everything you’ve brought to my Dodgers experience and for helping me to love a team that isn’t always easy to love. Best of luck to you.

  29. Anonymous

    Best of luck in wherever the road takes you, or whatever road you take. You blazed a trail.

  30. I’ve never met you, Jon. This needs to change. Let me know the next time you are at a home game. You are a tremendous writer.

  31. Anonymous

    Jon – Yours was the very first Dodgers blog site that I followed with any regularity back in the day (as they say) and the inspiration for creating It was a pleasure becoming a Bluetopia Brother with you (as Pete Bonfils calls it) and equally a pleasure meeting you and your fine sons at the Ravine. I wish you nothing but the very best of luck and good health as you move forward into the next chapter in your life. Godspeed to you, my friend.

  32. Anonymous

    The many a miles between me and you over there has just grown bigger. I have enjoyed my time here, all the best for the future.
    I would still like to blog regularly with other dodger fans, what sites do you suggest?
    (i’ll still check back from time to time)

    • Say hello to people on TrueBlueLA, and Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness. Both fine sites with active communities in their own right.  

      (That said, hope Jon does come back and do this again, because I will certainly be back as well.)

  33. Anonymous

    Jon, together with Vin, you have been the voice of the Dodgers for me for the past six years.

    –render garments, gnash teeth–

     All the best to you and your family, and thank you for all of the enjoyment.

  34. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the hard work, Jon. Truly appreciated.

  35. Anonymous

    Enjoy your sabbatical Jon, and thanks always for being the Vin of the Dodger blogosphere.  Which you are. I’m a better, smarter fan beacuse of what I learned on DT.

    • Anonymous

      i wondered my way into DT a run of the mill Dodger fan (huge fan never the less) but i’m walking away a smarter one as well…

  36. Anonymous

    Bad timing on my behalf. I just came up with a new Dodger-centric moniker for DT.

    Good luck to you, Jon. Please feel free to come back.

  37. James Ashenhurst

    Reading over the chat thread of the 4+1 game last night reminded me of all the great moments I’ve had following the Dodgers with the DT community. Thanks for everything, Jon. 

  38. Josue Hurtado


    Thanks for everything. I’m a long time reader/infrequent commentator going all the way back to the Toaster days. I’ve always appreciated how calm and reasonable Dodgerthoughts was. I wish every website would adopt your rules. It’s been great to have a sane place to commiserate/revel over this often maddening team.

    Good luck.

  39. Anonymous

    Even Jon gets waived before Uribe! (Just thought I would get in one last Rule 8 violation).

    • KT

      Where are you going to follow Bob?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t know really.  Losing Jon means losing the community here as well.  I used to drop in on TBLA a bit in past year.  There is an inside group there that seems to have a lot of fun and I enjoy ther interaction, but actually found it to be a bit exhausting.  Too fast pace for me, I guess. I might try MSTI.

        • KT

          I tried both yesterday for the 1st game and decided that I like MSTI better so I stayed there for the 2nd game…not bad but not DT 

  40. While I like TrueBlueLA, this site feels more like family…and I don’t even post that often.  I love the rules and I love that they were self-enforced (for the most part).  Best of luck to you and I continue to follow your “Dodger Thoughts” on Twitter.

  41. For nearly a decade, your blog (wherever it’s been at the time) has been one of my “first reads” each day, and often multiple times each day. I wish your dream for Dodger Thoughts had been fully realized, but I hope you walk away knowing how much enjoyment your efforts have brought to so many of us. What a breath of fresh air Dodger Thoughts was back when the only options were the newspaper and national writers! Thanks for everything you’ve given, and best wishes to you, your family, and everything you put your hands to in the future.

  42. Jon…Thank you for all the great writing and insight, and thanks to the great commenters in this community. Peace to all…

  43. Jon you have made this long time (40 plus years) fan a better fan with your writing. Wish you all the best and am looking forward to the new edition of the 100 Things….

  44. Anonymous

    I could see this coming… Thanks for your service, like others said, this was the go-to place.
    On another note, will either of today’s games be on cable, anywhere but KCAL?

  45. Jon, you have to take care of yourself and those who matter the most to you.  But we know you’ll be back.  And thank you for everything.

    • Jon, here in Las Vegas we lost Vinny when the local radio stations stopped carrying the Dodgers a few years back.  This feels like a similar blow — not gut-wrenching, as we know you are still out there, but leaves a real void.

  46. Anonymous

    This is disappointing but understandable. No other baseball site combines knowledgeable readers with such civility (despite occasional borderline departures from the rules). Whenever conditions permit, we will all welcome you back.

  47. Jon, thank you for everything. You truly changed my life, I’m still not sure if you changed it for the better,  but coming upon your blog on Aug 1st, 2004 was a life changer. Thank you for all the support you have shown me.

    Phil Gurnee

  48. Jon, I’ve been reading your posts about the dodgers going back to the toaster days. I was never much for commenting, but I haven’t missed more than a handful of posts over the years. I’ll be sorry to see you go, but wish you nothing but happiness and success in your future endeavors. 

    I hope that the Dodgers can make one final push to make it to the playoffs, and that the fans (of both the Dodgers and of you) get one last encore performance this year.

    Best wishes, James W.

  49. I never posted comments.  But I was on the site daily.  Sad to hear you go but good luck in the future!

  50. Anonymous

    Truly a sad day. Of all the sites I visit that ask for $ to be an insider, etc. this is 1 I would be happy to pay for. Good luck to you. And if any DTers are cruising up the coast this weekend, I am throwing a McClanahan family reunion Saturday at the park in Oceano. Welcome all.

    • KT

      sounds like fun…too bad the family is coming down to SD to help me celebrate my birthday or I would love to “free load” on your party ^_^

  51. Understand, Jon. Doesn’t mean I won’t miss it, the zillions of hours of pure enjoyment over the years. For me, and many others, DT has been a wonderful cog in the daily life. Happy trails, my friend, though I know we haven’t heard the last of you :)

  52. Anonymous

    Jon, you need to do what you need to do.  Thanks for your writing, and for hosting the most reasonable, sane, adult discussion site for Dodger fans.  Best of luck to you.

    It’s not clear from your post whether someone else will pick up the reins, or if this site is just going to die.  If the latter, I will miss it.  It has been a positive part of my life.

  53. Rick Sloane

    Jon, when I ran across Dodger Thoughts oh-so-long ago (before it was on Toaster) my interest in baseball in general and the Dodgers in particular was well on the wane.  My local baseball community was non-existent.  And then I found DT and eureka! Those early days were great.  So thanks for countless hours of (mostly)baseball related entertainment over the years.  You did good.

    Best of luck to you and your family.  And my “GHAME OVER” t-tshirt is now my favorite apparel for doing yardwork. So there’s that.

  54. Anonymous

    Did you lose faith in us Jon – ?

  55. Blue-eyed Gal

    Jon, there comes a time when any labor of love can become a daily grind, not worth it if it’s not paying the bills. We’ll miss your insights, but we completely understand that it’s time to stop when it’s become an additional burden instead of an outlet to cope with the maddening ups and downs of the game.

    I didn’t become a regular until post-Toaster, but you’ve made the last five(?) years of my Dodger fandom a lot richer. It’s been the one place where I’ve really learned the game of baseball almost as much as listening to a Vin broadcast. (How’s that for praise?) A lot of sharp fans have congregated here and taught me even more. The level of the commenting speaks to the bar you set with your own writing. Those are things you can be proud of. 

    As an aside: yeeeeess, the jump from hobby blogging to full-wage online writing is a bigger Everest than we’d hoped. Most methods for monetization are distasteful and don’t add up to much unless there’s too much of them: banner ads, sidebar ads, affiliate shills. I’ve noticed that you’ve never succumbed, as I have, to any form of sidebar/header adverts. For that, I salute your writerly integrity. 

    Thank you for ten YEARS of being one of the sane voices in the game. Thanks for everything. Now sit back and find some joy in baseball, no matter what crazy news we’re getting from that dugout!

  56. Anonymous

    I’m more saddened by this news than by anything Juan Uribe has ever done to me.  I’ll miss your tireless efforts and the intelligence of this community you’ve built.  

  57. Anonymous

    Sad to see you leave, Glad to see you pick up on new opportunities. Just never question the value of what you did. The fact that you can’t denominate DT’s value in dollars is a practical concern, but it says nothing about its value in the quality of writing, topics addressed, insights shared, and community created, which I always valued above all other sports blogs I visit. Thanks for enriching my experience of the Dodgers and of life. We’ll all be waiting when you decide to return…

  58. Jon,
    Thank you, the writing will be missed.  Let’s be sure to stay in touch, one of these days we will see a game together, and then hopefully many more after that.  


  59. this is the real HJ

  60. Of course, now the Dodgers will go on to win the World Series…

  61. Anonymous

    Best wishes for the future, Jon…and thank you for being the pioneer.

  62. As a fellow blogger, thanks for blazing the path. Good luck in anything you do.

  63. Jon,

    From one Dodger Writer to another, I want to say good luck in all of your future endeavors. You have always written with class, and respect. From all of us at Lasorda’s Lair, we wish you the best.

  64. lex Steppling

    Thanks for building such a great community. Baseball has always been my escape and a source of much joy (and you know, all that other stuff) and it is because of your work that I became a much more informed fan and it has greatly enriched my experience.

  65. overkill94

    What a sad day this is, but I’m actually surprised you lasted this long with how busy you are, which makes your contributions that much more special.  Thanks for the years of fine writing and level-headed insight and hopefully one day Dodger Thoughts will be a profitable enterprise again.

  66. An amazing run …. dedication to the nth degree.  Thanks for all the wonderfulness!

  67. Anonymous

    Hi Jon Weisman….

    Your recent posting entitled, “Confession, I Haven’t Been Watching” really resonated with me.
    It also kinda stuck in my head as a possible prelude to things I’ve hoped would not be coming…
    Your “signing off for now” is a major bummer to me.
    (Looking back on it, btimmer was kind of like Jay Leno and you were Jonny Carson.
    Remember how Jonny would be off more and more nights, while Jay covered for him?)

    I know it must be tough to post every day, during games, for such a long season…
    Family….friends….changing priorities….other work….etc.  So many things out there to take our minds away from Dodger baseball.  Since my daughter was born in April, it’s been harder to watch and post as much…

    I sincerely hope you return to Dodger blogging / posting, etc. in some form / fashion…
    Perhaps next year?  :-)
    Jon, I wish you and your family all the best.  Love your writing, your comments, your book, and your passion for our Dodgers. 

  68. KT

    Love your work and your site
    Now where do I go to fill the void of Dodger posting
    Is this site going to be taken over by others or just dormant…I need my daily fix
    Can anyone recommend a good game day chat site…Please

    • Anonymous

      MSTI has many knowledgeable fans, but there’s also a lot of juvenilia. It would benefit from enforcement of Rule No. 1.

    •  TBLA is loaded with DT ex-pats.

    • Anonymous

      MSTI and TBLA both have some serious fans, but there’s also a lot of juvenile chatter, sniping, etc.  (And, in the case of TBLA, some of the personal attacks come from the site owner, which is unacceptable IMHO.)  I wish there were another Dodger site where something like Jon’s rules were in effect and people wanted to engage in a more mature discussion. MSTI is the closer of the two to that goal, IMHO.

      • KT

        I saw that once and noticed it on twitter…not sure where I’m going to go

      • Anonymous

        In their respective game chats the above is like saying bobobos are closer to human than chimpanzees imo; would not want to talk baseball with either of those species. Their PUT’s are worth reading though.

        • Anonymous

          Well put.

          Got any suggestions for alternative Dodger sites?

  69. As a regular reader and very (very) infrequent poster, I really appreciate what you have done.  Thanks for the memories and very best of luck!

  70. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to go along with your wonderful writing style.  It was a joy to play softball together in the blogger tourney, I just hope your hamstring recovers.  :)

    Very Respectfully,

  71. Anonymous

    Thanks for everything Jon, best wishes and best of luck to you in whatever you do. Enjoy the family time man, because they grow up so fast. See ya soon!

  72. Came here to see where the game is on as KCAL is showing some judge show (just realized game time is 1 pacific), only to find this somber piece. I have to say Jon that your blog has changed my experience as a Dodgers fan completely. To not be able to read your interpretations of their daily doings will be a major loss. Being selfish I’d prefer if you didn’t go, but I understand why you’re doing it. Thanks for all the thoughtful posts and conversations here or wherever your blog existed. I’ll miss the daily game chats, thanks for providing a space where rational discussion was encouraged. Good luck in the future and I will continue to keep up with you on twitter.

    Cheers, and go Dodgers.

  73. Anonymous

    I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family.  On dark days (at least those I feel are dark), Dodger Thoughts is where I would come to help ease the burden.  Jon, I wish you only the best.  You are a class act and class never goes out of style.  I do hope that perhaps someone you feel worthy takes it over, as posters here are also a cut well-above any other Dodger blog out there.

  74. Anonymous

    I don’t know how you did it as long as you did, Jon.  I’m sure we can all relate in some way, having to give up something you loved for so long.  I know I can.  Yours was the only Dodgers blog I read for years now, for good reason.  Thanks for somehow fostering a community of thoughtful, respectful Dodger fans – a tall, tall order on today’s internet.  

    I’ll try out some of these other sites now, albeit begrudgingly, because I know I won’t find the level of writing and community elsewhere.  All the best.

  75. Anonymous

    Thank you, Jon.  You’re a damn good writer, and an even better man.  Godspeed!

  76. smt904 T

    Jon, thanks for all the memories.  Am a constant reader albeit admittedly an infrequent poster… in fact these days I tend to read DT from my Google Reader rather than come to the site.  From the Toaster to the Times to ESPN to now I have followed you for the last 6 years or so.  I have always been impressed by your writing and how much it seemed that your Dodger view, and indeed your world view, was so much like mine.  As a 44 year old father of two children myself, I could always relate not only to your Dodger writings but to those you were willing to share with us about your personal life, your trials and tribulations as a husband and a father.

    I’ll never forget how happy I was when I finally figured out what NPUT and LA’ted meant.  I loved reading your roster analyses at the beginning of each season.  I cheered along with you and the DT gang in 2008 and 2009 and also bemoaned the fall of the franchise over the last dark years of the McCourt era.  I also really enjoyed your occasional video chats with Mike P. over at MSTI — I think you and he are both really spot on when it comes to Dodger writing.

    As with the Dodgers, I know happy and happier days are ahead for you.  I do hope you come back here from time to time and share your passion for the Dodgers with those of us who have followed you for so long.  I also hope you let us know how your career and family are because they are obviously important too.

    Best of luck and thanks again for all the memories.


  77. Anonymous

    To a wonderful writer whose insight and kindness and love of the Dodgers will always be appreciated.
    Thank you Jon.

  78. Jon,

    There’s nothing I can add that hasn’t been reiterated at least 80 times above, but thank you for making the agony of rabid dodger fandom be a little less painful. I know what it’s like to struggle with work, family, and hobby. I too think you should’ve been paid handsomely for what you’ve given to the Dodger community. When they ask what an LA tradition is, Dodger Thoughts is my reply. We will survive with Eric, Mike, Chad, and Roberto, but we will always be rooting for you. If/When you get down, I hope that you save a copy of these posts because my friend you have had a positive effect on ALL of us who’ve read you daily for these last ten years. May God Bless you and your family, and GO BLUE!

    Mike Chick

  79. Anonymous

    I discovered Dodger Thoughts in 2006 when searching for additional commentary on the Edwin Jackson and Danys Baez trade.  I never commented then or anytime since, but have read you religiously from 2006 on.  DT was my introduction to sports blogs and while I now read MSTI, True Blue LA and scores of other excellent sports blogs, DT was always my favorite.  Thank you for your great work.  You will be missed.

  80. Anonymous

    Thanks Jon, for all the years of support.  You changed the way I looked at the game of baseball, you grew my love for this team, and you taught me more than I will probably ever realize.  I cherished your take on major events within the Dodger’s world and looked forward to your insight.  I am going to miss that on a daily basis.  At the same time, some of my favorite writings had nothing to the with the Dodgers and were more about life itself.  Wish you the best for the future and hope you return to this place soon and under better circumstances.

  81. Thank you Jon, for helping mold a smarter brand of Dodger fans.  Your thoughts have been logical, smart, and inspiring.  Best of luck in achieving everything that you #want.

  82. Anonymous


    I’ve been reading since the pre-Toaster days, and I’ve never missed a post.  I will miss DodgerThoughts, and I’m sure it’s absence will actually reduce my enjoyment of the team and the sport, just as it’s arrival increased both. 

    When you got to interview Vin Scully for that Bluetopia video, your
    excitement was palpable, and I daresay I felt like I’d fulfilled a dream

    Here’s hoping that this wise decision to focus your energies on family and your day job pay off in every sense.  Once you’re independently wealthy and your kids are all successful Cal alumni (yeah, I said it), you’ll have the luxury to return to transcribing your Thoughts about Dodgers. 

    Here’s hoping that in the meantime, the proprietors of the other terrific Dodger blogs see fit to publish the occasional Jon Weisman guest column. 

    Here’s hoping that you take all of these comments to heart and allow yourself some pride in what you’ve accomplished over the last decade of selfless, heartfelt, insightful construction and leadership of a wonderful community of fans.

    All the best,


  83. When I found Dodger Thoughts at the trade deadline in 2008, it became my go-to place for Dodger news. As time progressed, I moved on to TBLA then to my own fledgling blogging start. Unquestionably, the start I got here made me a more aware fan, which in turn has shaped how I look at the game even after years of experience.

    I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for your dedication, and for sharing your talent with all of us.

  84. Thanks for all you’ve given and written.  It will be missed.  Perhaps you can handle a weekly update or bi-monthly article? Anything written by you is well worth the read.   It’s times like these I hear some Boyz II Men in the background.

    How do I say goodbye to what we had?

    The good times that made us laugh

    Outweigh the bad

    I thought, we’d get to see forever

    But forever’s gone away

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    I don’t know where this road is going to lead

    All I know is where we’ve been

    And what we’ve been through

    If we get to see tomorrow

    I hope, it’s worth all the wait

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    Thanks for all you’ve done for us lowly Dodger fans.  Thanks for signing my 100 Things book.

  85. Anonymous

    This has been a great blog, especially for someone who moved away from LA a long time ago, but kept his Dodgers allegiance alive and well.  This blog has been a way to keep connected to the team and the city in a way that’s just not possible anymore now that I’m not in LA.

    Thanks very much for your work, and good luck.

  86. Tycho


  87. Anonymous

    Thank you Jon.  This was my first and only community online and I will miss it so!!

  88. Anonymous

    Jon, best wishes to you, as I’ve greatly enjoyed reading since stumbling on DT in 2006. I’ll miss this site, and always remember the time your SI column made it onto Fire Joe Morgan.

  89. Anonymous

    This is a bit like when Garcia died and in so doing, allowed me to come back home (to LA).  I’m saddened, but encouraged that your family comes first – as it should be.  A tip o’ the cap to you sir.

  90. Blue-eyed Gal

    One more thought: 
    Jon, you’ve been covering the Dodgers for 1/6th of Vin’s total broadcasting career! (Okay, he’s at 62 years, but you’ve been doing away games and off-season). :)

  91. Anonymous

    This day (by which I suppose I mean, yesterday) has been coming for a long time. The surprise is not that Dodger Thoughts is being DFA’d, but rather that it stayed on the roster as long as it did. DT’s demise was not inevitable when the Toaster was unplugged, but it was nevertheless (in my opinion, at least) likely, especially when the separatists broke off and resettled at True Blue LA (nee Dodger Math). TBLA seemed to get more comments and action than DT from the very beginning, which (not unlike being told that you can sit wherever you like at a Klimpy’s restaurant) did not bode well for Jon.

    While Jon never achieved the notoriety or success that he was hoping for (and that he apparently feels he deserves) when he moved DT to the LA Times and ESPN and wherever this current location is, I am assuming that he made more money from those sources than he did while writing on the Toaster, which (given that the desire to earn money for writing instead of writing for free was one of the reasons he moved to the LA Times in the first place) is some consolation at least. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the entertainment business seems to better reward people who are stupid and incompetent than people who are bright and talented, so Jon is not alone in that respect.

  92. David Worsley

    I have never posted very much.. but I have been reading this site every day from way back.  I bought the books, bought a few shirts and received back a tremendous amount of education and entertainment.  You (and this site) will be missed…. good luck!

  93. Anonymous

    Bob, you are most qualified to start a replacement blog for this one. In the meantime, you you post a link to Gameday for those of us not in SoCal…

  94. Jon, much as Vin brought the Dodgers closer to me as a kid, your voice filled the role in the last decade.  I thank you for that and appreciate all the hard work you put into making the site such an inspiration.  There was that old axiom the Dodgers’ front office used to have — “better to leave a year early than a year late.”  You obviously knew it was time.  Will continue to stay in touch!

  95. Anonymous

    I have so many (more) important and wonderful things in my life: a loving family and close friends, a career focused on things I value and love(where I influence the development of university students), and good health. Truly, I understand how blessed I am in my life.

    So, why then, does this make me feel so sad? Why do I fear that a special place, and a special part of me, is changing in a way that means it won’t ever be quite the same again?

    Jon, I add my great thanks to you (and indeed to your family) for your writing and hosting this site. I loved your reflections on the Dodgers and on your own life. You poured yourself in fully. And I know you received back from this community, but it can’t match the energy you put into this and us.

    On a personal note, your work here made me think of my own life, my own issues and I think most significantly, how I could use writing/journaling/creative outlets to examine myself and better myself. It made me dream of writing and expressing myself in new ways.

    I echo all the amazing posters here that you created a wonderful community, one we valued, and loved being a part of. I have the book, I have the t-shirt. What I will miss is the man and the many…

    A friend!

    ps. I’m sure you have at least one more NPUT in you. When the sad day comes, and Vin says good-bye – I’m looking at you to share with the grief and the joy of saying farewell.

  96. Anonymous

    In case anyone cares anymore, the game is starting! Chins up everyone :)

  97. Anonymous

    I apologize if this note is over the top.  Regardless, it is accurate.  It is not an overstatement to say Dodger Thoughts has made a difference in my life. 
    First, thank you for the great writing and insights. 
    Second, thank you to you and to the community you brought together for making me a far more educated baseball fan.  Because of DT and the Toaster, I understand and observe baseball in a way I didn’t  know existed before 2003. 
    Third, thank you for sharing the joys and frustrations of raising a family.  Indeed, these were often my favorite posts.  For those of us in the same boat, your reminders to enjoy this time and not become overwhelmed by things that really don’t matter made a material difference in our lives.  “When we’re up against it, when the dream and peace of mind are deferred, we have to remind ourselves (some days I’m better than this than others) that the little things add up.  It isn’t done fairly, and the calculus isn’t comprehensible.  But we have to remember.  I have to remember.  Otherwise, when the time comes, I’ll go straight into missing them without having appreciated them.”  Notwithstanding all the baseball knowledge I gained from the Toaster, et al., this passage is the most valuable thing you ever posted.  (I didn’t have to look far to quote it.  Its taped to my computer screen.) 
    Lastly, I am blessed to have a very special bond with my 18 year old daughter.  That bond has, in part, grown from baseball: going to games, hanging on the couch watching games, pulling her out of bed after the first three HRs of the 4+1 game,  traveling to spring training or Pac Bell or wherever.  After Shawn Green himself, I would say no one had more of an impact on our baseball relationship than you.  Sometimes we would read the Toaster together, sometimes I would explain things to her as if they were my ideas (when they were really yours or other members of the community).  It is a bond she and I will have forever.
    In the end, I suppose that as a writer one of the things you hope for is that your words touch someone and improve the quality of their life.  You have done that for Syd and I and we are grateful.  You and DT will be missed.  Thank you. 

  98. Anonymous


    Wow.  I am truly saddened by your news.  It will be a big loss for many of us who depend on you and this site.  And, I expect, for you as well.  More importantly, however, I want to sincerely and profoundly thank you for giving so much of yourself to so many for so long.  Yours is the only blog — baseball or otherwise — that I consistently visit and with which I share my thoughts.  Baseball and the Dodgers have been a key part of my life ever since I was a 7-year-old in Brooklyn in 1955 who, after being put to bed, used to sneak into the living room and stand quietly stand behind my mother and father as they watched the broadcasts of Dodger games on a 9-inch black-and-white TV.   The Dodgers were a major link between me and my father, who was often very busy, until his passing in 1993.  My mother, soon to be 92, still remains a fan.  Thanks, also, for sharing with us the developments in your special family life and in your career.  Your family, friends and employer are very fortunate to have you in their lives.  Dodgerthoughts, and the many wonderful people who populate it, have been a welcome part of my life, particularly during the difficult times, but also during the good times.  Far more than modestly proclaimed, it has certainly been an “outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball.”  I wish you continued success in your life.  I wonder if there is some way that the bloggers can stay in touch.  
    Thanks, again.

  99. Thank you Jon for great insight and blog work………

  100. Anonymous


    I’ve been a daily reader since 2003 and followed you through all the changes.  As many posters above have noted, following the Dodgers just became less fun for me.  I looked forward to reading your takes, and enjoyed your posts on non-Dodgers related items.  Best of luck.  As you can see, you will be greatly missed.

  101. Anonymous

    As a Dodgers and baseball fan, I’ve lost my home.  It’s a huge loss.  Best wishes.

  102. Anonymous

    “…and thinking deeply about them since the 1970’s” I love that line. Its what has drawn me to this site. Perfectly understandable given the time divided between a career, children, and (oh yeah) the wife it’s difficult to find time to watch a nine inning game much less study it and write about it. Good luck in your future endeavors, thanks for the post on turning 40, and as always GO DODGERS!

  103. Anonymous


    I do not post much anymore due to the same constraints under which we fathers/employees/husbands endure.  However, your blog was my first Dodger “home”.  I came out here from Louisiana in 2002 and was excited to have a wife who was a baseball fan and adopted the Dodgers as my own.  I found your site early on and through it I got to get behind the scenes and talk with Kim Ng and have a pic from that day with my son and Tommy Lasorda.  I got to converse (probably too much at work) with Dodger freaks like myself and experienced a lot of highs and lows with this community.  Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw would still be here without your efforts but we would never have known the Minotaur and the Bison without your forum.  

    Thanks for all of your work and energy.  Hope to see you back sooner than later.

  104. Vail Beach

    I realize this says I’m “vail beach,” but this is John Stodder, aka DzzrtRatt.  I have also commented far less on this site than I did in the Baseball Toaster days when I pretty much kept that site’s comment window open all day and night during the season, and for much of the off-season.  

    I said a few things about you on Facebook, but I should also add that one of your signal accomplishments as a blogger were your “commenting guidelines.”  Oh but that other blogs on topics ranging from politics to technology would all adopt that!  Thank you for having standards!  Thank you for guiding people into corralling their passions into coherent thoughts.  This place hosts the most elevated discussion on the web because you will stand for no less.  Thanks for having the nads to stand up for articulate debates over name-calling flame wars. 

    I will miss this site, but I’m sure I’ll be able to keep following your writing, whether or not it’s about baseball.  You’ll see me over at the Variety blog, in some incarnation. 

  105. In a way, this blog has come full circle along with the Dodgers.  It was started when the Dodgers were doing stupid stuff…ignoring advanced statistics, trading away the farm system, and just spending money (basically the fox years) on  PVL just to say they spent it.  

    Years go by…Dodgers hire a stats guy…This blog gets more and more hits and action…then they dump the stats guy/farm system dudes and gradually go back to the spend crazy money on PVL, ignore advanced stats, and end up completely mediocre just like they were 10-12 years ago.

    I dont blame you Jon for not wanting to comment on the Dodgers…they just arent interesting anymore…its a movie we’ve all already seen starting 15 years ago.  Unfortunately, we all know how it turns out too.

  106. Anonymous

    Thank you for all the hours you’ve spent, Jon. We all appreciate everything you’ve done.

  107. Anonymous

    Can we just keep posting on this post into perpetuity? All we need is someone to put the lineup…Btimmer?

  108. Anonymous

    Thanks Jon.  Guess it’s time to change the morning routine.  Best of luck to you.

  109. Anonymous

    BTW which outfield wall was that RF or LF? My guess is RF.

  110. Jon, I do believe that those who said you were a pioneer were correct.  You did great work for a long time.  When there was very little insight/analysis from you on the big trade a month ago I could see the writing on the wall, but I don’t blame you one bit.  You were inspirational, informative, and fun for a lot of years.  I appreciate it.

  111. Anonymous

    Jon, I have to admit I didn’t see this coming, But I encourage you to continue because this is the place I have always gone first for the important news or the right slant. Use this blog like Twitter if you must.( partly because I am not a “joiner” and don’t use twitter) But when you don’t blog write a sentence or two to direct us to the good stuff. I want to continue checking here first–even just for direction or opinion!

  112. Wes

    Thank you Jon for the great writing over the years.  I’m following you on twitter, so all not lost.  :)  I wish you the best!

  113. Rick Libott

    I felt this day was coming for several months now. 
    It was clear to me that the joy–in general–of doing Dodger Thoughts was gone for you. Much of the time it seemed like it had turned into drudgery for you

    But that doesn’t make the pain of losing my first (and only) true sports blog crush any less painful. Take care, Jon. Know what pleasure your Dodger blogs have brought into the lives of many of us. The best of all things to you always.

  114. Anonymous

    Thank you for the great stories about the Dodgers and baseball.In my book only Vin has you beat!

  115. Anonymous

    This makes a bad Dodgers season worse. I don’t want to believe it, but thanks for everything Jon. Best Dodgers blog ever. 

  116. Anonymous

    Great – our pen illustrates just how awful it is, Clayton may not even be available for the one-game playoff (if we get there), and now we’re informed that the room-temperature IQ of TBLA is all that’s left for online dodger talk.

  117. Jae Chang

    As many others have said in these comments, your writing has truly changed the way I view the Dodgers. I’ve followed you from the Toaster days, and still read daily. I’m more of a well informed, die-hard Dodger fan now (13 years on the east coast) than ever. 
    Thank you so much for the writing, the time, and the effort. 
    You will be missed. 

  118. Thank you Jon, I really wish you could have made dodger thoughts a career. The 2003 offense are pretty unbearable without your blog!. 

  119. Anonymous

    Say it ain’t so, Jo(n)
    “there are too many other sites that now do what I set out to do more productively”
    This is not true, imo. I say imo because I do not know what you set out to do; but, I have been to all the sites you list on the right. A few have many comments and many regulars including some who I would love to see back here but do they really do what you set out to do. I stongly doubt that.
    Best Wishes!

  120. j l

    Thanks for setting the bar high, and for being a friend. All the best to you and your family.
    SoSG Sax

  121. Anonymous

    In other news, vying to become one of four nations to advance to the March tournament, Israel beat South Africa in its World Baseball Classic debut to open the qualifying round. Dodger connected in the line-up 20yo Joc Pederson in RF batting second, 23yo Jake Lemmerman at ss batting 9th, and 39yo Shawn Green DH batting 5th. Brad Ausmus is the manager.

  122. Andrew Kachaturian

    Been a reader and occasional poster for at least 7 years… I appreciate the work you’ve done Jon and will miss the everyday stop here. I hope this allows you to follow an even better opportunity.  

    Andrew Kachaturian

  123. Thanks again, everyone.  

    I don’t mind starting a new open thread if that would please people who want to continue to hang out. Let me know. 

  124. Long time reader.  Thanks Jon.  D4P once again trashes anyone’s desire to earn money.  That was shameful.

  125. Jon, I’ve read your writing since at least 2004. I remember that 4+1 game happening while I talked on the phone with my dad from Ireland and then looking forward to reading what you had to say about it the next day. I used to be a very frequent commenter; you even let me write a post on once. I don’t comment anymore, because I just don’t have the time, but I have probably read every single post you’ve written in that time. Thanks for all the hard work, you deserve to hand the reins off to the young bucks even if is is more bitter than sweet to not get to read you what you think about the Dodgers. I’ll miss your level headed sanity when I’m feeling down on the team most of all. Best wishes to you and yours.


  126. OK, I created a new open chat thread above. 

  127. So am I the last to be LAT’d?!  Well if so, it’s an honor.  Thanks for all your great work, Jon.  Sorry to see you go, though I’m sure we haven’t heard the last from you.  I’m also sorry that you didn’t get PAID for all your effort and outstanding work!  If not you, then what hope for any other aspiring bloggers?!  Well either way, you definitely started something that won’t be stopped any time soon.  All the best to you, and all the best to this wacky team that you’ve done such a great job in covering, that adds far more enjoyment and stress (but especially stress!) than we could ever hope to imagine, to our otherwise mundane lives.  :)

  128. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. peter drysdale

    Ive only been around for a couple years. I’ve really enjoyed getting my Dodgers info here. It’s great getting authentic Dodgers news from someone who is in LA. It’s hard to come by here in the East. It would be great if someone could take over for you here or elsewhere with the same rules. This is certainly the most civil site around. Thanks for everything.

  130. Anonymous

    All good things…

    My daughter and I will never forget showing up for the DT meet up and being surprised by going into the room inside Dodger Stadium to hear Kim Ng, et all. 

    Best wishes!

  131. Anonymous

    Thanks Jon.  Your site has been consistently excellent from the first day I discovered it.  I wish you all the best.  If you really are on waivers, there are a lot of teams that should put in a claim.  For that matter, the Dodgers would be wise to hire you.  I would feel a lot better about the new owners if there was someone associated with the franchise other than Vin who really cared about what the Dodgers mean to long time Dodger fans.  One of the reasons I no longer consider myself a Dodger fan is because I can’t shake the feeling that no one in the front office since McCourt took over cares very much about the Dodgers. 

  132. Elizabeth Efird

    Jon, thank you for all of your time and effort. Your writing about the Dodgers and about your family made me like you and respect you. I bought your 100 things book for my dad for Father’s Day and was finally able to convince him to make his pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium this summer. (He’s been a lifetime Dodger fan and lifetime East Coast resident. When they moved to LA he remained a diehard, but had never been able to go himself.) I hope that you have relief and peace as a result of this decision. I’ll miss reading.

  133. Jeromy Koffler

    Jon, thank you for providing my daily Dodger fix for so many years.  I used to post as jak23xf. Sad to see this end, but I wish you well.

  134. Anonymous

    This posting came out while I sat behind centerfield at Safeco Field in the middle of the Mariners’ bleak 18 inning marathon game with the Orioles.  I was already depressed because it was moving away week to Seattle for my daughter who just graduated UCLA and was joining up with her boyfriend and starting her first full-time job.  And the end of Dodger Thoughts added to a time of loss and transitions.  Jon, thanks for a decade of addictive education and pleasure, and for providing a therapeutic outlet for me too and others to deal psychologically with the Dodgers.  

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