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A forever toast to the Toaster

Baseball Toaster chief Ken Arneson has returned to regular blogging. He explains his mission here. There’s probably no better blog to check out at this time.

At the same time, it’s hard not to love all the different tastes that Alex Belth has been bringing to Bronx Banter, or be thrilled that Bob Timmermann has been posting at the Portable Griddle, or savor every post by Josh Wilker at Cardboard Gods.

I feel we did everything we could to keep Baseball Toaster alive. I don’t regret our efforts, just that they didn’t succeed.


September 18, 2006: Here comes the end of the world


On waivers


  1. Would the Giants be playing right now in something called the “winner dividend”? Having the division locked up with 2 weeks to play has to be a strange feeling.

    • Yes, that’s the best dividend of all – though they’re not quite there yet.  A five-game losing streak and things could get interesting in a hurry. 

  2. Anonymous

    How does a postponed game work for holders of tickets to the original game?  What does your ticket entitle you to?  Can you get a refund?  Or is it only good for credit towards another game, and if so, does it have to be used the same season?  Is your ticket automatically valid for the re-scheduled game?  (I assume the answer is no when there is a doubleheader with one ticket, as is apparently the case tomorrow, since people already held tickets to the originally-scheduled game of tomorrow’s doubleheader.)  TIA!

    • Anonymous

      here’s the situation for Washington:
      All tickets for Tuesday’s game must be exchanged at the Nationals Park box office for seats of equal or lesser value for Wednesday’s doubleheader or any remaining home game during the 2012 regular season, excluding Saturday vs. the Brewers and any potential 2012 postseason tiebreaker home game. Tickets for Wednesday’s 7:05 p.m. game will be valid for both games of the doubleheader.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Mike.  That sounds awfully restrictive.  But I guess you take a big chance if you get tickets to a game towards the end of the season, with limited options.  I’m glad there’s a favorable weather forecast for my games in Cincinnati Saturday-Sunday.

        Note how, on both those Cincinnati games, they changed the game time.  When they change the game time, the tickets are still good and don’t need exchanging.  I *think* that, when they do that, there are no refunds or exchanges, even though it can wreak havoc with travel plans.  If I had booked flights, I would have had a choice between skipping the Sunday night game, or paying a fortune to change my return flight.  Fortunately, I only had to pay a $1 fee to change my Megabus return.

        Go Dodgers!

  3. I think the Toaster did succeed, especially in a world (the internet) where little is “permanent.”  What a great place to be during the 4+1 game, among many others. And how many great things were spawned by it or owe a debt to these blogs. Not quite like a show like All in the Family spawning several spinoffs, but you know what I mean. ;)

  4. I love reading all the comments from the toaster days. Fun to see familiar names and also fun to see how viewpoints may have changed or remained the same. I am loyalist and by nature routine driven. I aprreciate the other blogs out there now from time to time but I couldn’t imagine watching/listening to the dodgers without Dodger Thoughts. If I had only a choice between game on TV and no dodger thoughts or game on radio and dodger thoughts…well as the song by Autograph in the big hair 80’s says..turn up..the radio.

  5. New post up top. 

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