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‘There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler’

Been listening to this song a lot lately for some reason. It was in the movie “FM,” which featured one of the great soundtracks of all time, and also played frequently on guitar at my summer camp. And then, until this month, I probably went about 30 years or more without hearing it.

Dan Fogelberg was getting made fun of a bit by the time the 1980s were in full swing, but he did have some sweet songs. Another favorite of mine is “Same Old Lang Syne.”

I offer no defense for the corny visuals above, however.


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  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes corn is just the thing! Really touched me this morning, the song, and hearing from you.

  2. Anonymous

    Good art should stir the emotions.  It appears Mr.Fogelberg achieved his goal.
    Same Old Lang Syne might be one of the best songs about regret and time passage ever written.

  3. Anonymous

    The late 70s had a lot of great cornball tunes.  “Baby Come Back”, “The Escape”, Little River Band classics.  I’m sure the hills of LA were packed with session guys back then – that world is gone.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been so busy with work and such I missed your farewell comments last week until tonight. I’m saddened but happy for you that you can now focus on some things with more energy. I will always be grateful that you graciously posted my only “blog” about my memories of Dodgertown in Vero Beach when I was both a Spring Training bat boy at the age of 12 and a do whatever needs to be done employee in the minor league system after college, watching the likes of Piazza and Pedro when they were just a few years younger than I was. I, too, have taken on more responsibility as a department chair at my university and I sometimes have trouble finding time to check box scores the next day, which is what I grew up doing on the east coast of Florida before the days of ESPN and the internet. As I wrote in that long ago post, it’s really not until someone else does something that affects you (like moves the Dodgers spring training site or winds down a website you really enjoy) that you realize how quickly time has been passing, how much older you have gotten, and how much further away those dreams of your youth seem. I lived mine when I got to work for the Dodgers for three wonderful years. You lived yours out loud by providing the intellectual gravitas for this website for several years and changed the way I look at baseball forever. Thank you. 

    But sometimes you just have to say it was good ride and move on to the next one. Keep on writing; you have a gift. 
    Eric Tenbus

  5. You should do a post on Stanford-Oregon State gameday.  That would be fun –  especially with all the national championship implications.

  6. Hey Jon,

    Nice to see your post this morning! I really miss this blog.

    Something I’ve been thinking about–I’m sure it’s occurred to many others, too: What strikes me about this year for the Dodgers, is how the first third (roughly) of the season, and the final third, tell stories that are exact opposites.

    In those heady days of April-June, I kept looking over the Dodgers’ box scores, and thinking, how can this assortment of less-than-stellar players keep winning? Surely, this has to end!

    But, for the longest time, it didn’t. They just kept on winning and winning, despite the sort of expectations we all had for that particular bunch of guys.

    And the last few months, it’s been PRECISELY the opposite. I keep looking over the results of each game and thinking, surely, this must end! How can these stars and superstars keep underperforming like this? But of course, it goes on and on, right through yesterday’s game.

    Now that I think about it, I’m sure this something to do with the scheduling–the lesser caliber of the competition early in the year. But that doesn’t seem quite satisfactory as an explanation, does it?

    Anyway, I’m glad to see your post here today, in part because it gives me a chance to share my amazement and frustration at this crazy, crazy, year.


  7. Anonymous

    A story on MaxPreps about high school volleyball player Mackenzie Luderer, who is Vin Scully’s granddaughter, contains the following about Vin Scully bobblehead night:

    “Each [grandchild] wore a Dodgers shirt with the number 64, signifying the 2013
    campaign which will be his 64th, and the last in his fabled career.”

    Last? I know a lot of people speculate that it might be, but I have heard no official announcement. I wonder if Mackenzie inadvertently let a family secret slip during this interview.,-sings-at-dodger-stadium.htm  

    • Anonymous

      That particular line wasn’t quoted, so I’m hoping it was author error.

  8. Jon, I hope you don’t mind me posting this link here. The intent is to catch folks who haven’t gotten the news about the new space.

    Game Thread here:

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Jon
    I know you are having withdrawal.  You have to be.  Why don’t you just post a little here and there and we will keep checking on you.  I am sure all your guys will check on you too.  Mr. Dodger can’t just quit.  Can he??

  10. I have been a proud fan of Dan Fogelberg’s for over 30 years and don’t think its necessary to apologize for being a fan of great music.  His music stands up against time and I still listen to it and it still awes me at his talent.  I love his voice also…those who criticize his songs havent listened to his whole body of work–the less well known songs are more my faves….RIP Dan–miss you!!

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