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A deer-in-the-headlights year

To avoid leaving Los Angeles Magazine completely in the lurch, I’ve posted a piece on the Dodgers at their CityThink blog.  The picture to the right is relevant.


‘There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler’


One day more


  1. Anonymous

    You hit the nail on the head again, Jon.  If anything the Dodgers have been contrary.

  2. Anonymous

    The Tuesday loss is the one we may rue.

  3. The Dodgers have given out 1689 plate appearances to six players who have performed under replacement level, according to Baseball Prospectus – Victorino, Uribe, Gwynn, Gordon, Rivera and Loney.  Meanwhile, the Giants gave out only 638 plate appearances to Burriss, Pill and Theriot.

    When the Giants tried to fix their problems, they acquired Scutaro, who has OPSed 860 as a Giant.  The Dodgers acquired Ramirez (761), Gonzalez (759) and Victorino (612).  Even a bad pickup like Pence (671) is not nearly as regretable given Scutaro’s play.

    In spite of all the money spent, the Dodger offense languishes in last place in runs scored in the West.

    Yet, Colleti and Mattingly still have jobs.

    • Who were the Dodgers supposed to play when Kemp and Ethier were hurt?  Who are the Dodgers supposed to play now in left instead of Victorino and Rivera?

      Who were they supposed to play at first base instead of Loney? Remember, during the last offseason, McCourt was still the owner. They went after Fielder, then got sideswiped by Detroit at the last minute.

      And were the Dodgers supposed to know that a total journeyman like Luis Cruz would be better than Gordon, the only shortstop they had when the season started?

      I certainly don’t think you can accuse Mattingly of being overly enamored with Uribe.

      Mistakes have been made, but this isn’t a fair comparison.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, most of this stuff would have been hard to see ahead of time. But not Uribe. Colletti’s personally favoring a player he knew cost millions of dollars and buried a teams chance has sunk several years Dodgers fortune.

  4. Elizabeth Efird

    Jon, the reason I started reading Dodger Thoughts was the tagline that identified it as your “outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball.” I hoped that reading your outlet would help me deal as well. This piece was, as always, a great articulation of what many of us who love the Dodgers have been thinking and feeling. I’ll keep checking in for periodic postings. All the best to you and your family.

  5. If Jon doesn’t mind, here’s the game thread for tonight’s (Friday’s) game:

  6. Anonymous

    This has been fun lately, regardless!

  7. Anonymous

    I hope to have Dodger Thoughts, even if it is dormant!!!

  8. Anonymous

    OK even if Arnold Swarts is both a cheater and Gay( or at least Bi!!) he is still a marvelous Actor and not a bad spokesman for many causes. You are great Arnold!!  I love you . You are a Leader!!!

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