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Best wishes to those in path of Hurricane Sandy

Though it might seem I’ve forgotten about this site, I haven’t forgotten about its readers.  Just wanted to send my most hopeful thoughts to those who are in jeopardy from Hurricane Sandy. If and when you can, let us know in the comments how things look and how you’re doing.

For those of us here in California, this is as good a time as any to check on your earthquake supplies. Because, you know, the Mayans.


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  1. Anonymous

    Still have DT on the top of my browser as an RSS feed….
    So nice to hear from you Jon.
    Sobering post…..much to be concerned about, and many to be concerned for.

  2. Anonymous

    Haven’t checked this site lately but good to hear from you Jon. I’m in the interior of CT and it’s pretty windy with rain but so far things aren’t too bad. They say it will be worse tonight.

  3. Good hearing from you occasionally Jon. I hope all is going well.

    Yes good luck and hope for all you experiencing things on the east coast.

  4. Preston Bannard

    In the suburbs west of Phlly, and for us it really hasn’t been too bad. Lost power for about four hours overnight, but it’s back on now and only damage was that the plastic backboard to the basketball hoop (which we’ve never used – came with the house) broke in two. More rain and diminishing winds on tap for today.

  5. foul tip

    Just to give a bit of perspective, near Nashville–well out of the storm’s path–we’ve had non-stop brisk and gusty winds night and day for 3 days, tho not enough to do damage.  Non-stop winds like that just don’t happen here for that long.  No sign they’ll stop soon.

    A bit of wind, of course, is nothing compared to actually being in Frankenstorm.  Just giving an idea of the geographic reach of this thing.

    This is the stuff of legend…nightmare of a legend, unfortunately.

  6. overkill94

    What about Hurricane Ned giving out another crazy contract to a reliever who never would’ve gotten that much money on the open market?

  7. Anonymous

    Meanwhile the Giants celebrate the 2nd WS in 3 years. Congrats to Buster, a fellow FSU alum. It would be nice to someday see a WS again.

  8. Blue-eyed Gal

    Heartsick in Orange County. Baseball seems very, very far away. 

    It has been an utterly surreal week, looking out and seeing sun while I’m smelling mud, leaves, mold, brackish water, and imagining the sound of the wind, rain, and trees breaking. (Although Hurricane Gloria was a mere fly-buzz compared to Sandy.)The place where I was born in NJ is most likely washed out to sea.

    The place where I grew up? Who knows; rural PA does not make the news, but as I stayed up late Monday night I watched Sandy spin right over it. Wildwood. Sandy Hook. That stupid giant bug by the New York exit near Throg’s Neck. That harbor I used to pass by in Connecticut on the way back to Boston. Gone, gone, gone. 

    All my classmates, old friends live in a swath between Delaware and Boston. I’m now kicking myself for being out of touch with most of them. Some of the faces in my yearbooks may be the faces of people who are shivering and cold in flooded-out stinking houses, waiting for help; some of them will have lost everything. I wonder… where’s John in New Jersey? Does Sarah still live in Atlantic City? How about my ex on Long Island, who hasn’t yet gotten the power back to reply to my emails? 

    I have no right to be identifying with what’s going on back east. I’m perfectly safe. THEY are the ones in trouble. 

    I guess sooner or later, it’ll be our turn. But if we make it through the Big One, it’ll probably be warmer, drier, and a heck of a lot less miserable camping in our patios until the power comes back.

    • KT

      Both my cousins who have houses on the south Jersey shore (Brigantine, Stone Harbor) faired well with little to no damage. My cousin who lives in Brigantine across the main drag from the ocean now has a beach for a front lawn and a car against the house. My other cousin had minor cosmetic, tree down on a fence and water in the garage issues. They faired out so well dispite being within 6 miles of the eye

  9. This makes me a little sad.  We had such high hopes for Loney.  I always liked him.  Oh well, maybe we’ll sign him for the bench.

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