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Four years ago, Manny Ramirez sought a six-year contract

Just to put the Yankees’ hand-wringing over Alex Rodriguez in perspective, imagine if the Dodgers’ contract with Manny Ramirez still had two years to run.

Jon Heyman,, October 15, 2008:

There are some early signs that the Dodgers’ negotiations involving Manny Ramirez, who almost single-handedly lifted the storied franchise to the postseason, will not necessarily go smoothly. Ramirez is believed to be seeking a six-year deal for as much as $25 million per year, and Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is said to be skeptical that the competition will be keen for the controversial but ultra-productive superstar he acquired for virtually nothing a minute before the trade deadline.

Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, declined to name a target price in an interview with on Wednesday. That $150 million total price tag is an estimate based on Boras’ use of the word “iconic” to describe the 36-year-old Ramirez, combined with Ramirez’s own constant mention of a “six-year deal” during frequent media interviews this postseason. Another factor is the reminders from those close to Manny that the 10-year deal Alex Rodriguez signed last year calls for him to be paid his regular $30 million salary from ages 38-42.

Ramirez apparently isn’t kidding with his occasional hints about a six-year deal. If that sounds like a stretch, the Dodgers will have to consider the alternative, which is to present a Manny-less team the year after the hitting savant saved them in the regular season, then carried them in October.

“He pays for himself. You’ve got a free player with Manny,” Boras said. “He’s an iconic player who’s changed the face and fortunes of the franchise.” …

Joel Sherman, New York Post, October 15, 2008

… In other words, Boras is not offering apologies or discounts related to the unprofessional way in which Ramirez forced his way out of Boston. In true no-retreat, no-surrender Boras style, he is strongly hinting that he wants a six-year contract for Ramirez at top-of-the-market dollars.

“All I will tell you is, name me the player in recent times that has had the kind of season [Ramirez] has had this season and postseason,” Boras said yesterday during a conversation that lasted more than an hour.

“Put that together with two [championship] rings on his fingers, and the history he has, and that he is two years younger than Bonds when [Bonds] was a free agent. Bonds signed a five-year contract [for $90 million after the 2001 season] at 38 [he turned 38 midway through the first year of the deal] and got paid until he was 42.

“If Bonds gets five years at 38, what does Manny get at 36? If A-Rod gets paid to 42 [on his 10-year deal with the Yankees], why not Manny? He doesn’t take a backseat to him.” …


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  1. Anonymous

    No more roiders, but I hope the Gnats re-sign Melky (as they appear to be considering).

    • Anonymous

      It may have stopped us needing Victorino in left !!

  2. Onlyatriple

    I keep trying to imagine what Timmermann must be going through, having to choose between the Giants and Cardinals.  I believe this is why the expression “a pox on both houses” was created.  Does anyone know where Bob is posting these days?  I miss his writing as much as I miss Jon’s and that is saying a lot.

  3. Anonymous

    Imagine if the Dodgers had told Manny to kiss off after the 2008 season and focused their efforts on signing CC Sabathia instead.  He contributes a 3-1 record and a 1.98 ERA in the postseason, and the Dodgers score enough to win the first title in two decades.  He brushes back Shane Victorino, and when weaselface starts to complain, he yells at him to get his skinny ass back in the box.  

    And he’s not afraid of Matt Stairs. 

    Just sayin’ 

  4. Anonymous

    Hard to admit, but A plus to McCourt and Colletti for not giving into these demands by Boras.

  5. Anonymous

    Bonds, A Rod, Manny. What do they have in common?

    • Anonymous

      They all played for the hated Giants.

      No, wait, A-Rod didn’t play for the Giants. Wait, neither did Manny.

      Never mind.

  6. Rick Libott

    I wish Jon would post an open thread once a week during the off-season. He needn’t post anything unless wanted to, as he did 10/14. 
    Perhaps a few of the  site old-timers could try to enforce the 12 Rules of decorum, if Jon could give them administrator powers. If that worked out, perhaps Jon or any additional administrators could post blank “day of the game” posts during the season.. 

    I used to hang out at a TV show posting board site where the person who created the it totally withdrew from active participation.
    But the posting board continued as a place where a community of like-minded people hung out and commented; it still exists that way.

    Just a suggestion, Jon…

    •  I’m not clear on what’s preventing people from commenting in the current thread if they want to.

    • You can try visiting over here:  where we instituted (stole) the same rules Jon used here. I hadn’t thought of an open thread, but that’s a possibility. Right now we’re talking about the current playoffs and the offseason moves the Dodgers may or may not make.

      • Anonymous

        So should we comment in the current thread or at the linkmeister thread?

        •  If it’s pertinent to Jon’s post above about Manny or if you’re having a conversation with somebody, here. You aren’t required to come over to my place; I’m just suggesting it’s there and it might be more active. ;)

          • Anonymous

            I recommend it as a great place to go, but I keep an eye on both places as does several other regular bloggers

          • Anonymous

            LM put a site together and posts regularly to “keep the family” together.  I would imagine some of us still check here to see what Jon is up to.

  7. Anonymous

     Gerry Hunsicker

  8. Anonymous

    Wow its already been four years!

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