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Pitchers and catchers and writers report

These are melancholy times for an old blogger …

I don’t feel capable of doing Dodger Thoughts right now, and honestly, I’m not sure how much I’d want to get back in the grind of it right now. But with pitchers and catchers reporting, I sure do miss the idea of it.

The site meant something to me, and as much as I’ve used the vacated time to focus on my paying job, spend some extra time with my family or occasionally relax (but unfortunately, not to exercise or reduce stress), I haven’t been able to really replace what it meant. Not for lack of trying.

Baseball is a mystery, and I’m definitely curious about The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Expensively Brittle Baseball Team. But most of the day-to-day stuff is amply covered elsewhere, even the stuff I have specific viewpoints on. If there’s anyone that needs to be told at this point that Lovable Luis Cruz’s lack of walks are a warning sign, or that money doesn’t necessarily buy baseball happiness (though it’s better than not having money), or that both Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley are medical red flags, well, just know that I appreciate your loyalty, because the other Dodger blogs have touched on these points. There were times, not all that long ago, when I might have been the only one. Not any more.

I still think I have something to contribute to the conversation on the Dodgers, but have wondered if it was worth the effort. For example, by now, I’d be working on the annual Dodger Thoughts Spring Training Primer, which I was always proud of, but the time commitment just seems disproportionately large.

Meanwhile, my position as Awards Editor at Variety has been interesting and fulfilling, but I’m the Jonny-come-lately on that beat, and it’s taken all my professional energy just to carve out my own insights. And I’m still missing things. I’ve done good work, but that doesn’t make me special.

With Dodger Thoughts, I felt special, once upon a time, though those days were fewer and farther between in 2012.

I’ve been poking around some new writing ideas that I think would be exciting to pursue, though I’ve had real issues of confidence over whether I could deliver them. And all the misgivings linger over whether I can afford to write something that would likely have no financial return. Still, I am getting closer to the point of throwing aside caution and just writing one for the sake of writing. That seems healthy, if perhaps wasteful. They are good ideas, if nothing else.

Mostly, I’m still not the person I want to be. Not even close. My main goal is to get there, and in September, I came to think Dodger Thoughts was becoming a hindrance to that. I’m less sure of that now, but I’m not sure of several things. I’m not sure what part of the equation writing is. If it ever seems like Dodger Thoughts is the answer, I’ll be back. It sure was fun while it lasted.


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  1. I hope to read your thoughts on the Dodgers again!. Have a great season, at the least. Your tempered reactions were always a welcome retreat from the fevered mania of ESPN and the caustic gibberish of Deadspin. It was nice to get a little perspective. It’s always been a pleasure.

  2. David Partlow

    Others may write it, but you have a unique viewpoint and an
    excellent skill at putting it into words. I enjoy reading your take because of
    the poetry or way that you sate it. I enjoyed your monthly rankings of the
    players as well.

    Other things that you may write about may or may not
    interest me. But when you discuss the Dodgers, I am all ears. Whether they are
    long articles or just as “thinking about this thing…” blogs, I am glad to  Dodger Thoughts by Jon Weisman

  3. Anonymous

    Great to hear from you Jon.

  4. Anonymous

    You’ll figure it out, Jon.  In the meantime, we’ll keep the RSS feed on for ya.

    It’s funny – right after the Super Bowl, I thought, OK, now I have a couple of months to actually get some work done before baseball starts up again.  I’ve completely given up on basketball and hockey, so this is the 2-month period of no sports on TV for me.  And today, pitchers and catchers have reported.  There goes my window.  And I’m happy about it!

  5. KT

    Covering things that already been said and done a “1,000 times” before is not necessary but having a place where “Our community” can go daily and talk Dodger baseball and enjoy each others company is. When you stopped because of the obligations to DT where too much it left a hole in my heart because of the missed atmosphere. Of course I missed your insight also but no longer being able to communicate with “My Family” hurt the most. I tried all the other sights and none compared to DT. Link’s Elysian Fields was the same rules but not the same following.
    I can tell the magical pull of Dodger baseball is starting to get to you again Jon ^_^. Why not come back slowly with just a few sentances or a paragraph every day or so and then when the feeling gets to you where you really need to belt out an article go for it. This way your contributing to keep our family together and you also get your fix whenever you need it.
    Something to consider…I’ll be monitoring whatever your decision is…Take care 

  6. Anonymous

    I look forward to anything on this site, and the intelligent commentary from other posters.

  7. What others have said. Let us know if you’re back here Jon.  A few posts here and there is still better n’ nothing, too–but whatever you feel inspired by.  Either way, may the Dodgers inspire us all this season–I miss those days!

  8. Anonymous

    We’ll take whatever you have to offer.  Just great to hear from you occassionally.

  9. Would love to see Dodger Thoughts return more regularly. I think you bring a unique voice to the conversation that is missing. It’s not the topics of conversation that have to be original Jon, its the perspective and insight you bring to them that makes this site great.

    And to your Phil Dunphy problem, I truly hope you find what you need, not necessarily what you are looking for (cause I’m not sure any of us are ever honest enough, or insightful enough to see what we really need in life) but what will fulfill that longing or hole you may be experiencing. Hopefully you don’t assume that its all on you, and you can learn to find that truth through the wisdom of others. I wish you luck.

  10. Anonymous

    We will be here when you are ready

  11. Anonymous

    All I know is, I still have this site on my Bookmarks menu, and check it regularly, just in case. So I guess I’m not ready to let go…

  12. Anonymous

    I have kept you on my bookmarks menu, and check regularly. Guess I’m not ready to let go…

  13. Anonymous

    See how you go, I look at DT and Elysian Fields at about the same time each day!

  14. Mark Goodman

    After reading ‘My Phil Dunphy Problem’, which I missed in your tumultious departure from ESPN LA, I have a thought. When you want to hang up the baseball/entertainment inkwell and become clergy (use your writing to ‘officially’ inspire, instead of just unofficially) let me know. The world could use a rabbi with your writing chops and love of deeper thought.

  15. Anonymous


    I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Phil Dunphy is a fictional character that nobody can live up to. You can, however, do the best you are able each day. Some days, you’ll succeed; others, you’ll be motivated to try harder; still others you’ll forget about it entirely.

    As for Dodger Thoughts, you touch on many of the same reasons I found it so difficult to blog. But that doesn’t mean you need to abandon it completely. Like so many others, I’ve found a home here for intelligent discussion about baseball and other subjects that I haven’t been able to replace anywhere else. This may never become a wildly popular or profitable endeavor, but I don’t think that was your primary concern.

    I urge you to think about Dodger Thoughts not as a duty, but as a pleasure, a place you can turn when you just want to get something off your chest, ask a question of the sages who linger here, or have one more epithet to hurl at FrankMcCourt for so thoroughly screwing up the farm system.

    And let me reiterate an offer I made before: I would gladly pay some kind of monthly fee for content of this quality. I suspect others would too, now that they’ve been wandering in the desert for these past 140 days.

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