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Ceci n’est pas une bench

Alex Castellanos
Tim Federowicz
Dee Gordon
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Elian Herrera
Nick Punto
Skip Schumaker
Juan Uribe
… et al


Pitchers and catchers and writers report


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  1. Anonymous

    How does the C position stack up?

    I believe Treanor is a FA….
    AJ Ellis as starter with FedEx spelling him?

    Do the Dodgers have any top tier C prospects anywhere in their farm system? 

  2. Anonymous

    Funny thing I read this week ….
    Brandon Belt’s comments from the Giants Fan Fest ….

    When asked about the 123% payroll increase of the Dodgers, relative to the Giants, the young man (who was called a “slugger” in the article) said, in essence, that ‘ You can’t buy chemistry ‘ ….

    I have just one word for Mr. Belt …..

    • Anonymous

      Well, B*nds managed to buy chemistry, from BALCO of course.

    • Anonymous

      So a guy who hits six HRs in 472 ABs is a slugger?

      • Anonymous

         Yeah, with those power numbers, maybe Mr. Belt should consider buying some chemistry.

        • Anonymous

          He probably did already did it to achieve those power numbers.

      • foul tip

         Maybe it was a typo and writer meant “sluggo”

    • Anonymous

       Yeah… I was puzzled at the “slugger” reference as well, at least based on his stats.
      That’s why I included it in my comment. 

  3. The Giants roster that won in 2012 was much different from the one that won in 2010.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed.  Only two position players from 2010 were on the 2012 team:  Posey and Panda (who didn’t play full time down the stretch).  

      The Giants chemistry is in their pitching staff. The starters get all the ink, but the bullpen (three lefties!) had each other’s backs late in important games.

  4. Anonymous

    That’s a great point….

    Also, it was just the Giants year….
    I remember telling my wife that they were going to win it for sure when I saw this…

    Also, no Marco Scutaro heroics in 2010.

    So, I guess you could say that, either……
    1.  The organization was blessed with two teams that just put it all together in 2 of 3 seasons…
    2.  Bruce Boche’s evolution as a manager has gotten him to a point that he really knows how to get a team to play together.

    Which, although I like Donny Ballgame, would beg the question…..
    Why didn’t the Dodgers’ try to buy Bruce Boche this off season? …  :-)

    • Anonymous

       It actually doesn’t beg the question.  Just raises it.

  5. Anonymous

    I enjoyed seeing the first NPUT in such a long time.

  6. Anonymous

    NPUT! Icing on the cake!

  7. KT

    I think besides the question of Hanley playing SS and Luis hitting consistantly our bench is the only thing that needs shoring up.
    Also loved the NPUT ^_^

    • Anonymous

      One of those surplus starters should bring back a usable bench piece.

  8. Onlyatriple

    Yes yes yes, PACR and two posts from Jon.  It’s a good day.

  9. Anonymous

    Bench seemed more important in yesteryears, when those ahead of them were not so much ahead of them.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but over 162 games you need a bench, especially with players in their thirties, and you never know about injuries – nobody expected Kemp to hurt himself as he did last year.

  10. Anonymous

    Still can’t fathom Uribe, but you never know.  No way Gordon doesn’t end up in New Mexico unless he is a starter in LA.

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