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The Giants’ 2012 title: Dealmaking trumps chemistry

San Francisco had the highest Opening Day payroll in the National League West in 2012, then won the World Series with a starting eight that was 50 percent new guys. Two of the players had to integrate themselves into the team with the season two-third complete, after the Giants showed the willingness to take on additional salary.

• Gregor Blanco, acquired November 2011
• Angel Pagan, acquired December 2011
• Hunter Pence, acquired July 2012
• Marco Scutaro, acquired July 2012

It’s true that much of San Francisco’s pitching staff, particularly its starting rotation, had been in place for more than a year. Still, isn’t it a little strange that the Giants are considered a triumph of chemistry over payroll?  Wouldn’t the more sensible storyline be about a team being bold enough to make the right moves?


Clayton at the Bat


Lyle Lovett starts the season right


  1. foul tip

    For years many DT regulars heaped abuse on Sabean. Now that he has General Managed two WS winners, Is the prevailing view that he and the Giants were twice very lucky and he is still to be scorned?

    Or was he misjudged, at least to some degree?

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, give the Sabean and the Giants all the credit in the world. Can’t argue with success.
      BTW: What is the status of ‘The Beard?’ – Is he with a club?

      • Anonymous

        retired last year after release by Rockies

        • Are we talking about Casey Blake or Brian Wilson?

          • Anonymous

            I was asking about Brian Wilson… and, then read somewhere that he’s been hanging out with the Giants, and will probably sign with somebody early in the season. How true that is….I have no idea. We’ll see. He just seems like a fun guy to have around. His interviews have always been great…kinda sarcastic dialogue with the dead-pan finish. I like it.

  2. Anonymous

    I know we can’t expect this much production from Jon for the whole season, but it sure is welcomed. Just when I stopped checking the site daily, I start seeing the Facebook notifications, and you pull me back in!

  3. I don’t mind giving Sabean credit.

    New post up top.

  4. I’m firmly of the opinion that the Jints “chemistry” was as much pharamaceutical as it was teammate-related.

    • Anonymous

      The Gnats’ chemistry all comes from Burlingame.

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