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Lyle Lovett starts the season right

A straight and true Opening Night national anthem came from Mr. Lyle Lovett tonight. Here’s the link.

Play ball!


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  1. While I despise Lyle Lovett and his god awful music, I’m just glad you’re posting again with regularity. At a time when the Dodgers are arguably the most interesting they’ve been in years, the one voice in the Dodgers blogosphere that I longed to hear fell silent. While the other guys (MSTI, TBLA, etc…) fill a need for myself and others, nothing comes close to this site IMO. I’ve been around since the beginning of the toaster days and STILL check this site daily, even though I was aware of your self imposed hiatus. Your take is usually always spot on and I miss being inspired by your posts. This last week has been a coming home of sorts and I for one am loving it. Here’s to hoping our Dodgers follow suit and return to their rightful place of prominence! Less than 24 hours until CK fires that 1st pitch……I’m so stoked!

    • Anonymous

      Lyle Lovett makes occasional good music but, to my mind, he’s very inconsistent and for the most part I ignore him. For Texas music, I far prefer Asleep at the Wheel, the Flatlanders (Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock), Texas Tornados, Terry Allen.

  2. KT

    Opening Day Baby!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Straight and true indeed.

    Don’t remember the fiddle player being ID’d. Anybody catch that?

  4. foul tip

    OK, knowledgeable baseball folks. What can you do with this opening day quiz?

    Shame on anyone who misses #8. ;-])

  5. Lyle Lovett rules.

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