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Giants turn tables on Dodgers with shutout

Do you like good pitching? Then you saw it tonight, from Madison Bumgarner.

Do you like double plays? Then you saw four of them tonight, from the Dodger defense.

Do you like it when your defense-first shortstop makes two throwing errors in the seventh inning of a one-run game? Then this was your nirvana, thanks to Justin Sellers, who was tasked with making two plays on the run and converted neither.

Those two errors matched the two hits the Dodgers got against Madison Bumgarner over eight innings of a 3-0 San Francisco victory.

Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched out of trouble numerous times, allowing 10 hits in 6 1/3 innings but no walks and only one earned run. As was the case with Matt Cain on Monday, Ryu needed to be more nearly perfect. Bumgarner walked none as well, throwing 101 pitches in retiring 24 of 26 batters.


Will Ryu rule or rue the day?


April 3 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Oh, well. Next!

  2. The old adage always holds true….good pitching beats good hitting.

  3. Anonymous

    Dee would have…, Hanley would have… Heck, it still would have been 1-0. Now Puig…

    • KT

      Still can’t win with just two doubles separated by 6 innings

      • Anonymous

        Yep, Sellers could have just stuffed the balls in his pocket and it wouldn’t have mattered. Hence my veiled plea for Puig.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah…

  5. Anonymous

    Bumgarner (my fingers keep trying to type Greenbaum, jeez) was dealing last night, no doubt about it.

  6. Anonymous

    At the game kast night ans don’t know what to make of Ryu. No walks and no extra base hits is good but geez they hit the baseball hard and often when he threw it. Seems to have an off speed pitch that sometimes fools hitters. And then sometimes it doesn’t.

    • KT

      thought he was getting squeezed by the ump and some of those hits were lucky “seeing eye” singles

  7. KT

    Hope the rotation changes before the 1st game in SD, otherwise I get to see Beckett pitch

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that Beckett will be a one of our best pitchers all year (he may even end up being the best we got from Boston in the long term)

      • KT

        I really hope so but He struggled during (I Know) ST. We’ll see

      • Anonymous

        John, I agree with you that he should have a pretty good year. The night games at Dodger Stadium should help him more than pitching in Fenway did.
        However, I believe Carl Crawford will be the hidden gem in that trade. No offense to AG, but he is the known commodity in that transaction.

  8. Anonymous

    What was Mattingly thinking? Why wasn’t Kershaw in the lineup?! He’s the only guy on this team who can hit! And seriously, would the Dodgers have been worse off defensively with a southpaw at SS?

  9. KT

    Hoping for a good game from Beckett and Timmy to be his 2012 self against other teams, not us, he was good against us…Thinking we are going to see offense from both teams tonight

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