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April 3 game chat

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Dodgers starting lineup
Carl Crawford, LF
Skip Schumaker, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, SS
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Josh Beckett, P


Giants turn tables on Dodgers with shutout


How’s your early season frustration meter?


  1. Anonymous

    An Uribe cameo! That should jump start our offense.

    • KT

      I think Timmy will jump start our offense more than Juanito

  2. KT

    Looks like the Sox / Yankmees game is going to end on time…hopefully. Don’t want to start off with the Gnats feed

  3. KT

    Nope the game just slowed

  4. Jack Dawkins

    Since I dont watch TV the 6 months dodgers arent on, I must weigh in and say on a purely shallow note that I enjoy the Mrs Robinson carl’s Jr ad.

    • KT

      Yea Carl’s jr. have some really good shallow commercials

  5. KT

    couple of nice defensive plays to start the game

  6. KT

    CC starting it off

  7. KT

    Good eye Shoe…Come on Matty

  8. KT

    At least we scratched that inning

  9. KT

    Love the way Pence plays the outfield

  10. Three walks and a passed ball for Lincecum in his first nine batters.

  11. KT

    Nice Carl

  12. Can’t believe we’re tied.

  13. Can’t believe we’re now behind.

  14. KT

    well that 3rd inning error hurt us

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t see it, so don’t want to hear about it.

  15. Anonymous

    Trouble with

  16. KT

    are you up and running now

    • Anonymous

      Nope, fine last night, however. Subscription issue perhaps.

  17. Anonymous

    On gameday for now. (that gosh darn Panda).

  18. KT

    Come on Agon

  19. Anonymous

    Timmy seemed al over the place with the Bison. (Can’t imagine that he ever looked liked his Gameday photo).

    • Anonymous

      If you are saying “Yess! to an error, we are in trouble.

  20. KT

    anything we can get right now

  21. KT

    well we are closer

  22. Mike

    Krukow just said Uribe is a “tough guy to walk”. I think he means he’s an easy guy to strike out.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t walk much at all, even as a giant.

  23. Anonymous

    In the year of the…Uribe walks!

  24. KT

    Come on AJ just a double

  25. Vin caught saying “Boy, the music is loud” – did we miss a story or was he just complaining?

    • KT

      I was having problems with my online feed and it was behind so I’m listening to Omar on ESPN

  26. Anonymous

    New strategy with Panda, just throw the ball over the plate.

  27. KT


    • Anonymous

      How well was that one hit? (I mean with heavy air and all)

  28. KT

    good start Mark…Come on Carl

  29. KT

    Nice Carl…Come on Skip

  30. charly

    Not stopping A yankee telecast for two friggen minutes to show Sandy Koufax throw out the first pitch on what was supposed to a Dodger game is assinine. Sandys as close to royalty as your gonna get overhere.

  31. KT

    Bases loaded for Matty

  32. Mike

    I’m liking the giant bullpen so far this year (except for Romo)

  33. KT

    good eye Matty

  34. KT

    rolled over on an inside pitch…matty matty matty

  35. KT

    come on Gonzo let’s score Skip

  36. Anonymous

    Gameday shows a weird thing in centerfield. Is that a new speaker?

  37. Anonymous

    Close again, like we were before.

  38. KT

    my daughter went to bed…now only my 2 year old and me…maybe I should move to the bedroom

  39. KT

    shift complete

  40. KT

    Yes Dre

  41. Mike

    How about some hits with runners on base?

  42. KT

    Come on LUIS

  43. Anonymous

    Are we going to need a new third baseman by the time Hanley gets back? Speaking of the devil.

  44. Anonymous

    Golden slumber fill my eyes (East Coast thing).

  45. KT

    Come on Matty…you are due

    • Adam Luther

      Fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, slider looking. Still due.

  46. KT


  47. Adam Luther

    Well at least we get the Pirates and the back of their rotation. Sanchez is 1-3 at Chavez Ravine.

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