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How’s your early season frustration meter?

It hasn’t taken long for Dodger fan patience to be tested.

San Francisco 5, Los Angeles 3. The Dodgers have lost two games in a row and allowed two unearned runs in each. Luis Cruz is 0 for 10. Matt Kemp is 0 for 10.

Tim Lincecum issued seven walks and allowed no earned runs. Carl Crawford is 5 for 9 – and still the team is 1-2.

Tell yourselves something nice as you go to sleep tonight. You deserve it.


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s very early. It’s very early. It’s very early.

  2. Adam Luther

    A much needed off day, 159 to go, time to sweep the Bucs and go 4-2 into the first road trip.

  3. jigsawkane

    When Kemp and A-Gon turn it on, this is a scary team. Not worried.

  4. Anonymous

    Bullpen looked good, especially Howell and Paco. We didn’t have Greinke. Ethier didn’t look completely dominated by LHP. Kemp will not go 0 for the season… nor will Cruz. Long-term: Hanley’s bat has a huge impact on this lineup. Giants played well and caught some breaks. Not worried… yet.

  5. Anonymous

    Well, as a dodger fan since the early 90’s, this is pretty much what i expect. A horrible hitting/above average pitching team that ultimately wins 86 games or so is what the dodgers have served up for the last 20 years.

  6. Anonymous

    Looking eerily similar to the Lakers season.

  7. Must be patient. Hard to be patient. Must be patient.

  8. Anonymous

    Just happy to see them at this point (my frustration is out of shape anyway).

  9. Anonymous

    Glad to see you’ve resumed writing this blog, I’ve enjoyed reading your Dodger posts. Don’t know that I’m frustrated more than concerned, and that concern started on opening day. The general challenge with this year’s edition of our Dodgers is whether or not they’ll hit and more specifically, how will Crawford and Kemp come back – Crawford looks great, Kemp not so much. How will Gonzalez hit for power? How will Eithier hit lefthanders and how will Cruz measure up to last year’s standard. Monday’s hoopla overshadowed the offense’s inability to score – the first inning was telling – and, it was just one game. The next twelve games should help but those are the teams we’re supposed to beat. How will this offense measure up to the other elite teams of the league – Cincinnati, Atlanta, Washington?


    with all the injuries so far, with holes at second and third, with AGon yet to show he can play in a big market under scrutiny, we’ll see….

  11. Howard Fox

    lets see…Kemp not 100%, Greinke hopefully not pulling a Dreifort, Ramirez, a big hole at 3rd, can AGon play in a big market under scrutiny, Uribe taking up space…lots of other nagging injuries…either we must be patient and we’ll get there as we get healthier…or its gonna be a long (and expensive) season…
    and for the silver lining…at least we still have Vinny

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