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Twenty years

Twenty years ago, I ditched my graduate school classes at Georgetown to watch the Dodgers’ season-opening game, which happened to be the Florida Marlins’ franchise-opening game.

Twenty years.

That just ain’t right.

I was outlining my first screenplay and just beginning to dream of my second major life decision in a year, moving back from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to pursue writing for the screen.

I was interested in a girl in school, whom the following month I would have my first date with, and soon fall in love with, greatly complicating the thoughts laid out in the previous paragraph.

I had already loved and lost, both in my personal life and my professional life, the culmination of which helped send me to Washington in the first place.

I was four years out of college and already so much had happened. In four years. And now it’s been 20.

How can this be?

I hardly feel any different from the 25-year-old on the futon in that Woodley Park apartment. But everything around me is so different.

On April 5, 1993, Charlie Hough and the Marlins beat the Dodgers, 6-3. Hough, almost impossibly old for a pitcher, was the same age then that I am now.

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Luis Cruz, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Zack Greinke, P


So why not a designated free-throw shooter?


Greinke looks marvelous in Dodger blue debut


  1. Adam Luther

    Sellers’ redemption time.

  2. Anonymous

    Hoya Saxa!

  3. Anonymous

    I remember that inaugural game. Karros banged the dirt in disfustthe when a ground ball to his right got past him. Didn’t FA aquisition Todd Worrell start the season on the DL?

  4. DXMachina

    That reminds me that on that very same day I was at a chilly Shea Stadium watching the very first Colorado Rockies game. The Mets won 3-0 with Dwight Gooden throwing a a four-hit shutout. The game featured old friends Eddie Murray and Jeff Kent on the right side of the Mets infield, and the elder Eric Young at 2nd for the Rocks (speaking of Hoya Saxa).

    Thanks for the reminder, Jon. I never would’ve realized.

  5. Jack Dawkins

    Old friend manny is still on the fertility drugs, as this HR remiscint of the golf shot in Chicago shows

  6. KT

    I was in Korea in March/April of ’93 but I might have back in Guam by the 5th. I can’t remember the exact date we got back. But I wasn’t on the internet until early 1994 when I got to Hawaii so baseball news was always days/weeks later when my sporting news arrived in the mail


    Video of Dee Gordon’s fantastic diving catch and throw at Albuquerque today

    • Anonymous


    • KT

      showed castle’s Hr…saw the dee video below it but it wouldn’t load

    • KT

      Finally got to see it when I opened it in a new window…Fantastic throw from the knees

  8. KT

    terrible hitting with men on base pct. Need to change that tonight

  9. KT

    good inning

  10. KT

    Crawford got squeezed lucky he didn’t get tossed for the post at bat talk with the ump

  11. Why are people booing Russell? The team let him go, not the other way around.

  12. KT

    settle down people…the hits will come…It’s like they are pressing

  13. Can’t hit lefties my foot.

  14. KT


  15. KT

    Filthy curve

  16. KT

    RYU take note: He is safe because he ran it out

  17. KT

    Nice hustle Carl!

  18. Greinke helped break up that double play by going in for the slide.

  19. If Matt Kemp were running the bases like Carl Crawford has this week, I’d have to cover my ears.

  20. Greinke is dealing, but at 57 pitches through four innings this early in his season, don’t know if he’ll last much past the sixth.

  21. KT

    Ok Mark…start it off need runners

  22. KT

    Nice hustle AJ!!

  23. KT

    FINE Play Justin!!

  24. KT

    Stellar Defense this inning!!

  25. This would be a good spot for Sellers to get a hit. Or at least move AJ over.

  26. Greinke! Challenging Kershaw with the bat…

  27. KT

    good swing and hit by Grienke

  28. Anonymous

    Gotta get me one of the Brooklyn caps so I can fly under the radar at Camden and Nat’s Park. When does the movie come out? Could be a run on them at that point.

  29. I would have heard Vin Scully’s sixth-inning story tonight if not for those meddling kids!

  30. I’ll have a piece on “42” at on April 10.

  31. KT

    That bad hop single is stopping Grienke from having a perfecto going MSTI Mike is saying it should have been ruled an error

  32. KT


  33. Matty says “Hi Mom!”

    • KT

      I met her in SD and she had Matty sign my authentic jersey last on 9/25. Sat 2 rows away from her. Nice Lady

  34. Anonymous

    I like that very much!

  35. KT

    AGON!!…And now we are off

  36. KT

    Gruz’s turn

  37. KT

    hit hard but right at him

  38. Great first start for Greinke!

    • KT

      Definitely…Hopefully they bring in Paco instead of Belli….don’t like him coming In with runners on

  39. Clap clap for Greinke: 6 1/3 IP, two baserunners, six strikeouts.

  40. KT

    AJ with the cannon!!

  41. Talk about relief!

  42. KT

    Good Job Paco

  43. Anonymous

    Greinke was dealing!

  44. Anonymous

    Nice to see Kemp’s smile again as well.

  45. KT

    Come on Kenley…1,2,3

  46. KT

    Come on Double play

  47. KT

    1 more Kenley

  48. KT

    love how that wall is higher now

  49. KT

    Nice start Mark

  50. KT

    Let’s go AGon

  51. It may have just been Jonathan Sanchez and the Pirates but it’s nice to see the big bats getting some big hits. And the newest Ace #2 pitching well.

    • KT

      I knew the bats would wake up…they just needed to relax a little…you know the old saying hitting is contagious…Ball Game

  52. KT

    Nice play Agon

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