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Revenge on Jackie Robinson Night?

For Sports on Earth, I look ahead to the next meeting between the Dodgers and the Padres in the wake of their Thursday brawl. It comes Monday, on Jackie Robinson Night.

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.
Kershaw CLII: Kershawvanhoe

Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P

Update: “Zack Greinke was examined by Dr. Neal ElAttrache today in Los Angeles and underwent a CT scan on his left clavicle,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “It was determined that he should undergo surgery to place a rod in the clavicle to stabilize and align the fracture.  The surgery will be performed tomorrow by team physicians,  Drs. ElAttrache and John Itamura, at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles.  Greinke’s expected return is eight weeks.”

Shawn Tolleson has been recalled from the minors for the time being.


Furious Dodgers fight off Padres but lose Greinke


Diamondbacks waste Kershaw and Dodgers, 3-0


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t have time to read that now. I came here because of this site’s tradition of noting deaths as I just learned that Jonathan Winters passed away last night. Here’s a link to the LA Times story which I have not read as yet. I am very sad over this news.,0,3396178.story

    • I will miss Jonathan Winters. As successful as he was, he always struck me as one of those wonderful comic talents for whom the work that gave him the most exposure — TV and movies — probably didn’t make the best use of his talents. The live improv format did, but didn’t give him as much exposure. And so he was actually somewhat under-appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        He was great as the Reverend Wilbur Glenworthy and his brother Henry.

      • Anonymous

        He taught me as a kid that adults could be nuts.

  2. Yes, sad about Jonathan. Was a fan from childhood, and when we went to Rams games in the 1970s, he sat in the row in front of my aunt’s family.

  3. Anonymous

    I would assume that if Jackie Robinson were a player today and in the situation that occurred last night, it probably would have been an even bigger brawl. But, in general, brawls were a lot more violent in the 1950s than today.

    • And there was a lot more headhunting back then, too, wasn’t there? It’s easy to forget that there was a real mean streak to pitcher-batter relations in baseball’s past.

      Even so, I was taken aback by the brawl. I went to the Kings game last night instead of staying home and watching the Dodgers. Who would have thought that I would miss out on a fight by doing that?

  4. Anonymous

    Were I a Dodger, I would figure revenge is a dish best served cold. And much later than this Monday.

  5. From Dodger press notes: Matt Guerrier picked up the win last night despite throwing just one pitch, becoming the first Dodger to do so since Joe Beimel 8/17/08.

    • Anonymous

      Which they picked up from me on Twitter last night.

  6. Kershaw has lost last three starts against Arizona since 7/6/12, 7-5 in 14 career starts despite a 2.25 ERA.

  7. Matt Kemp is 5 for his last 15, raising BA from .056 to .182.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m not sure why this has me so angry compared to other incidents. I think it’s because A) a player got badly injured and B) it was so totally uncalled for. I can’t recall a less justified charging of the mound or a worse result. I have written a pretty harsh letter and will be sending to Quentin as well as to Josh Byrnes, the Padres GM. I don’t want to see on-field retaliation but I don’t want this to go without response. I encourage anyone else who’s disgusted to let him know in some way that doesn’t stoop to his animalistic level.

    • A) and B) are what got me angry last night, that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too. Still angry today.

    • Anonymous

      Although I am very upset at A and B, I think that Greinke was foolish in positioning himself to absorb the impact of that idiotic bull Quentin, He should have done like a matador and skip to the side while the rest of the teammates got his back. Sad to see him miss time, but at least we’re very deep with Cap and Lilly to hold the spot while he gets healthy.

  9. Anonymous

    In other news, Dodgers now tied for first, after yet another ninth inning rally by the Giants against the Cubs, down two, was answered by a tying home run by Old Friend Dioner Navarro in the bottom of the ninth, and Castro doubling in the winning run.

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone find irony in the fact that Billz will be the starter in the first game of the Padre series and his character was called into question over such issues with the Phillies? I would imagine the umpires issuing a warning to both benches in all three games before the first pitches are even thrown.

    • I, for one, found it noteworthy in the piece I wrote up top :)

      • Anonymous

        Oh, just great!

      • Anonymous

        Just great, one of the few times I didn’t click through to one of your pieces. Last time I do that. My bad.

  11. Hey there! So happy to have DT back.

    So, wondering, Ted Lilly doesn’t get the nod?

    I’m sure you’ve already discussed and I should do some homework, but curious what you all think.

    Heading out to the A’s game tonight with my soon-to-be 5 year old son (birthday is on the 19th). Can’t wait.

  12. Update: “Zack Greinke was examined by Dr. Neal ElAttrache today in Los Angeles and underwent a CT scan on his left clavicle,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “It was determined that he should undergo surgery to place a rod in the clavicle to stabilize and align the fracture. The surgery will be performed tomorrow by team physicians, Drs. ElAttrache and John Itamura, at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. Greinke’s expected return is eight weeks.”

  13. Shawn Tolleson has been recalled from the minors for the time being.

  14. KT

    I think the revenge should be left up to the MLB office to do the right thing and suspend Carlos Quentin 25 games and fine him heavily…though I know they won’t have the cajones to go through with it. The precedence it would set would stop all future mound charges/fights.

  15. Anonymous

    Being a sixties Dodger fan (in both senses), I am reminded of Koufax-Roseboro-Marichal. Just happened to have seen Alejandro Escovedo in concert this week who sang his song “Chip and Tony”, which has the quite vivid lyric…”Up on the mound, I was ten feet tall. Had my black turtleneck, just like Juan Marichal”.

    • Anonymous

      Marichal should have been prosecuted. Quentin got off easy too.

  16. Anonymous

    Still bummed about Greinke – 2 months!? – damn shame. The Hated Ones losing today helps to make me feel a LITTLE bit better – but just a little. Time to take it to the Dirty Snakes. C’mon Kershaw. – time for Kemp to break out in a big way this series.

  17. KT

    only 8 game suspension for CQ. 1 game for JH jr

  18. Anonymous

    Liked the article linked above. The thing that gets me is, with Quentin, simply throwing inside when facing him should not be automatically construed as “throwing at him”. The dummy never tries to avoid an inside pitch. Just because a pitcher throws inside does not mean he’s throwing at the hitter. The umps need to do a better job of calling Quentin and his ilk on their strategy of getting a free base simply by not at all trying to avoid an inside pitch.

  19. KT

    I’m glad Clayton’s on the mound or this could be a big let down game…Come on Clayton…do your stuff

    • Anonymous

      He can light a fire under the team by hitting Parra, no?

  20. KT

    Loved the way Parra played that ball…Now AJ and Clayton own him today

  21. KT

    Parra just talked shit to the dodger pitchers in the pen

  22. By the way, the game is on Alternate Prime Ticket for those who are outside LA and want to watch, just as Wednesday’s game was.

  23. KT

    Looks like Jose Reyes broke his ankle/foot sliding into second base in Toronto

  24. KT

    Here is the reyes play:

  25. KT

    good inning…come on bats wake up

  26. This may or may not be behind a paywall, but it’s a story about Jackie Robinson playing semi-pro football here in Honolulu for a while in 1941 just before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    ” By the end of the season
    in December, Robinson was injured, the Bears fared poorly and the crowd
    dwindled to less than 600.

    “Jackie Robinson was discouraged
    and homesick. He left Hawaii on the Lurline on Dec. 5, 1941. Two days
    later the captain called the passengers together and notified them
    of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The ship sailed with the portholes
    blacked out, and slipped in and out of sea lanes to avoid possible
    enemy submarines.”

  27. KT

    Come on Clayton…help yourself…BB is Ok

  28. Anonymous

    Help yourself, Kid!

  29. Anonymous

    Carlos Quentin grounded out in his first AB tonight against Old Friend Jon Garland.

    • Anonymous

      Garland has never hit Quentin. Three pitchers have hit him three times. Greinke in 31 PA, Lester in 15 PA and Bedard in 9 PA

      • Anonymous

        Eleven other pitchers have “history” with Quentin hitting him at least twice over an average of 17 PA.

  30. Anonymous

    Let’s go Clayton!

  31. Anonymous

    Seems that Clayton/Parra is a long running thing, but coming into tonight he had only 11 PA against the Kid.

  32. KT

    Nice play by Juan!!

  33. Anonymous

    Seems like a waste. Isn’t Corbin being taken out at 90 pitches in any event?

  34. KT

    Come on Dre…your due

  35. Anonymous

    Uribe is definitely more patient at the plate these days.

  36. KT

    Clayton only at 88 pitches and his bat is keeping him in the game

  37. KT

    nice hit Matty..come on Agon

  38. KT

    Drive him in Adrian

  39. KT

    Nice…Come on Carl…SAC will do but a hit will be better

  40. Anonymous

    Go CC!

  41. Anonymous

    Soooo frustrating.

  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous

    This is sad.

  44. Anonymous

    Clayton must be really frustrated

    • Anonymous

      As are we!

      But you’re right, he has to pitch a shutout and play for a tie.

      • Anonymous

        What do we expect I guess, we are not a 10 – 9 (win or loss) sort of club

  45. Anonymous

    Tolleson right into the thick of it. (looks like I am way ahead of you guys–I’ll keep my mouth shut)

  46. Anonymous


  47. KT

    tough to win when you don’t score

  48. KT

    Night/Day all

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