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Rickey descendant to sing at Dodger Stadium on Monday

Singing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium on Monday for Jackie Robinson Night will be Branch Rickey’s great-granddaughter, Kelley Jakle.

“Mr. Rickey, do you want a singer who’s afraid to do all sorts of vocal tricks during the anthem?”

“No. I want a singer with the guts not to do all sorts of vocal tricks during the anthem!”

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 1:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Luis Cruz, SS
Nick Punto, 3B
Josh Beckett, P

Update: Apparently the information the Dodgers sent this morning was incorrect, and Jakle is singing “God Bless America,” not the anthem.


Raise the Ryuf! ‘Babe’ dominates in Dodger victory


Josh Beckett pitched very well


  1. Shortstop should be air tight today with two guys covering it…

    • Anonymous

      I spent one year at PLU as an undergraduate. I glad I got out, though in retrospect it was a good year.

    • Anonymous

      Nice story, great man — thanks for the link, Jon!

    • KT

      wow! only 2 years older than my dad…gets you to thinking

  2. Anonymous

    I would appreciate Jon’s reaction to this recent comment on his thread on Stay Classy SD
    “Does Quentin’s standing ovation last night change your mind any?”

  3. Anonymous

    Did I hear correctly that, in addition to the suspension, Bud Selig will publicly slap Carlos Quentin’s wrist?

    • Anonymous

      I blame the MLBPU more than any baseball official.

      • Anonymous

        I’m actually mildly surprised they gave him 8, although he deserved a lot more

  4. Anonymous

    Amen . . . to the Rickey connection and the Anthem admonition!

  5. KT

    ready for start time

  6. Anonymous

    AJ tagged him with the ball-less glove.

    • KT

      you made me rewind…ball in glove…he actually bent over and picked up the ball with the glove

  7. Anonymous

    Beckett looking better today. Or is it wishful thinking?

  8. Anonymous

    Matty needs to get on base for our lefties today.

  9. Anonymous

    The cubs gifted the lead to the Gnats in the 6th, with 5 wild pitches in the same innings!?!

    • KT

      Gnats now behind 7-6 going to the top of 9

    • I heard that on the radio while shaving. John Miller and Dave Fleming were astonished. I think it was 3 walks AND the wild pitches.

  10. Anonymous

    Its looking like a typical low scoring game again, in contrast to the (relatively speaking) run-a-thon we saw yesterday

  11. KT

    Gnats tie on Pence’s hr

  12. Anonymous

    Love that swing of Gonzo’s.

  13. KT

    Nice Gonzo…Come on Dre drive him in

  14. Anonymous

    All this LOB is getting a bit frustrating

  15. Anonymous

    Game of inches…

  16. Anonymous

    Nice bunt!

  17. Cruz and Punto are hitting a combined .691 (if you add their averages together).

  18. KT

    Come on Carl…Bring nick home

  19. Anonymous

    Giants just scored one on a balk.

  20. Anonymous

    I think Mark McGuire needs to have a pow wow with these guys.

  21. Ricardo Lois

    12 games is a small sample size, but the Dodgers’ lack of offense is becoming worrisome. Especially Kemp’s struggles. Great pitching today from Beckett…

  22. KT

    Come on start it off Matt so Adrian can drive you in

  23. Well my 2 year old is chanting, “Go Kemp”… Without me asking or doing it, at least that makes me smile… How long before they sit Kemp for a day?

  24. Anonymous

    Matty – hurt, or just pressing?

    • KT

      I think both

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s both. Starting with the last month of last year, he has not been the same hitter as he was in the past. He is swinging and missing an inordinate number of pitches and has 14 Ks in 46 ABs this season.

  25. KT

    Time for a Herrera for Cruz switch?

  26. Would you of pulled Beckett?

  27. Anonymous

    Another waste of a great pitching effort.

  28. When’s the last time this team had a lineup which regularly hit with RISP? ’09?

  29. Anonymous

    Too many wasted fine pitching performances through only 12 games. RISP numbers look much the same, if not worse, than last year’s…..Meanwhile, the Giants are showing once again that they are a scrappy, come-from-behind team.

  30. Anonymous

    This looks familiar, dodgers with offensive offense

  31. Anonymous

    Through 12 games the Dodgers have scored 34 runs (2.83 per game) and allowed 33 (2.75). It’s difficult to score when the left side of the infield and the centerfielder are hitting very little and the team is failing with RISP as a unit. Still, the starting pitching has been exceptional. I’d be more worried if it was the pitching that was the bigger problem.

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