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Perhaps it’s the curse of the lost troughs.


Kershaw eyes 1,000th strikeout


Men overboard: Looking at the Dodgers’ struggles with runners on


  1. I’d rather use the old troughs than watch this team right now.

  2. Anonymous

    As bad as I feel, I wonder how it must feel to have spent more than $2 billion . . . and see your team in this state, including swept by the Padres, at home.

    • Anonymous

      $2 billion just doesn’t buy as much as it used to….

    • foul tip

      Too bad the money can’t bat and come through in RISP situations.

  3. Anonymous

    I have often wondered. If I were guaranteed some ridiculous salary regardless of how poorly I performed, and that money were guaranteed for many years, would I be as motivated to succeed to the same degree as I would be if my job and my salary were not guaranteed?

  4. Anonymous

    I know things aren’t great now, but less than 10% of the season has been played. Chins up everyone!

    • Anonymous

      I needed to read that. Thank you. Seriously.

      • Anonymous

        I though I would take up the role of the absent KT. He is our usual positive person :)

  5. Anonymous

    Regarding the old troughs, right now the Dodgers are p— poor.

  6. Anonymous

    The way that game was going, those of us on the Reserved Level were just going to start digging our own troughs and take matters into our own hands.

    That probably doesn’t sound good.

  7. Anonymous

    Seriously, we got swept by the Padres…that’s just sad…

    Look, spending lots of money does not guarantee championships–or even success…I love that we got Crawford and Gonzalez in the deal with the Red Sox, but did we just have to pay all of their salary? The Sox were stuck with so much salary that it would have crippled them for a decade…but notice that they found us and we let them off the hook…they’re in first place right now and competing!

    • Anonymous

      And not it might be the Dodgers that are crippled for the next 10 years…

    • Anonymous

      I can’t imagine what the Dodgers’ record would be without Crawford and Gonzalez. I feel the frustration, but not towards anything to do with these guys.

  8. Anonymous is proof that people have too much free time on their hands.
    Kershaw pitched poorly; that will happen on occasion.

    • Anonymous

      And the “hitters” didn’t — that has happened on more than an occasion . . .
      going back to last year. :(

  9. Anonymous

    If the Dodgers have a .467 winning percentage in mid-June, I’ll say it’s early. We’re two months away from early. No fun to watch the team struggle but there’s reason to expect that this won’t continue.

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