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The reviews are in

Grim, gruesome, ghastly, hideous, horrific, putrid, petrified, repugnant, revolting, rotten, foul.

I want to laugh, but give me some material to work with.

Let’s try this again next week with a bit more zest, shall we?


And, we’re back …


Billingsley heads to disabled list, Fife recalled


  1. OL

    The team, the manager or the owners….seems like it’s all the same; a who cares attitude, things will get better and we only have to win a months worth of games just to catch up

  2. Anonymous

    Just got back from Baltimore. What can I say? Nice crowd, with a lot of Blue. I don’t get all that many chances to see my Bums, so glad for that. The scoreboard said that the Davis dinger was the third longest by the O’s in Camden Yards history.

  3. Daniel Stuart

    Mattingly and Colletti need to go. Puig and Gordon should be called up ASAP. Between interleague play, double-switches, days of rest for Kemp, Crawford and Ethier, etc., Puig should get plenty of playing time. Gordon leads the PCL in SB, is drawing plenty of walks and is hitting .300. Hanley should play 3B. A lineup of Gordon, Crawford, Gonzalez, Kemp, Ethier, Hanley, Ellis and Ellis (with Puig mixed in about half the time) would be dynamic.

    • Anonymous

      Puig has a sprained thumb and is on the minor league DL.

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t say immediately; he said ASAP.
        problems: Gordon has 4 errors in 14 games. Small sample but on pace for 46. Tops in the majors last year was 27; one of those was Starlin Castro a much better fielder than Dee Gordon imo. Also, Hanley wants to play short and Dodgers want Hanley to play short.

        • Anonymous

          Rather than bringing him up at SS, at 24 years of age, the Dodgers might actually need start thinking about where else in the field Dee could play.

          • Anonymous

            Some other clubs have looked at him as a center fielder. He could do the job we got Schumaker for… In which case we have too many outfielders in the mix. Already we have to make a space for Puig in a year or two. Can we trade Ethier or Crawford for a GOOD shortstop, one who can also carry his weight with the bat (Stephen Drew?) and move Hanley to third?

  4. Anonymous

    a generous assesment Jon!

  5. What do hits with RISP look like? Other than Ethier’s 3-run shot, I don’t think we’ve seen more than two in the past week.

  6. package206

    Bad break for Puig, huh?

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