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You can’t have too much anything

The yanking of my brain from good to bad on a daily basis is mimicked in the fortunes of the Dodgers, who are as inconsistent in their fortune as their 11-11 record implies.

Friday’s pockmarked but resilient 7-5 victory over Milwaukee came with the latest injury, a right quad strain for sizzling second baseman Mark Ellis. Tonight’s game has served up its latest malady as a pregame appetizer: the news that Stephen Fife is going on the disabled list with bursitis. Matt Magill will make his major-league debut tonight for the Dodgers, becoming their ninth starting pitcher in the team’s 23rd game of the season. Exciting but enervating is this Los Angeles team.

The injuries to the pitchers have validated the maxim that you can’t have too much pitching (though Aaron Harang, with an 11.37 ERA and 25 baserunners allowed in 12 2/3 innings over three starts with Seattle, so far remains evidence of the opposite). But the larger point is, you can’t have too much of anything – the Dodger infield will now remain more strapped than the pitching staff even as Hanley Ramirez nears a return, assuming Ramirez himself can stay healthy.

All lamentations and pointless accusations of healthcare inadequacy aside, the Dodgers remind us that every moment of good fortune is precious, and every moment of ill fate is a challenge to be overcome. No one will feel sorry for you for long. It’s worth learning, of you can, to do well with less.

Brewers at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Skip Schumaker, 2B
Luis Cruz, SS
Juan Uribe, 3B
Matt Magill, P


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  1. Anonymous

    Who is the next pitcher in line?

  2. Anonymous

    Has Ellis gone on the DL? If so, who takes his place?

  3. Anonymous

    Didn’t know you were back; good to see.

    Is this the first time AJ Ellis has batted second?

    This rotation spot is snake-bitten, it’s like drummers from Spinal Tap.

  4. Ellis started in the No. 2 slot five times last year. He went 4 for 19 with two walks, a double and a sac fly. All five games at home.

  5. KT

    With the options available I like AJ in the two slot but it will be station to station after carl with AJ and AGon
    I’d probably play Shredder Punto before Skippy at second though

  6. KT

    Line up change Adrian Gonzales sitting, Ethier to the 3rd spot , skip moves up 1 and Hairston batting 6th

  7. package206

    why is AGon on the bench??

  8. KT

    For those of you not on Twitter Adrian went to the hospital :

  9. Anonymous

    “Every moment of good fortune is precious, and every moment of ill fate is a challenge to be overcome.” Applies to life, not just to baseball. Well said, Jon.

  10. KT

    Jon if your not too busy could you update the lineup…I use it all the time during the game

  11. KT

    Alright time for our first DP

  12. KT

    Nice play Matt

  13. KT

    Nice try Luis

  14. KT

    Should have thrown to home Juan

  15. KT

    Got one back…need to hold them

  16. KT

    Good inning Rookie

  17. KT

    Tie game…come on Luis…bring home the go ahead run

  18. KT

    wow only 4 and a half complete…thought we were in the 6th

  19. Anonymous

    McGill hanging in there.

  20. KT

    Good sixth inning M & M

  21. Anonymous

    Matty finding holes today.

  22. Anonymous

    What a throw to third. Good thing we have a Bison.

  23. KT

    I’ll take that go ahead groundout by Luis

  24. KT

    STANDING O for the Rookie

  25. Anonymous

    Drag bunts remind me so much of Raffy…

  26. Anonymous

    Bullpen! You’re breaking my heart!

  27. KT

    Let’s go Adrian

  28. Anonymous


  29. KT

    Come on Luis. Shredder AGon…sounds like runs

  30. KT

    way to get on Shredder…Come on Gonzo

  31. Anonymous

    Still a pulse!

  32. KT

    Let’s go CC you are due..base hit

  33. Anonymous

    You’re up, AJ!

  34. KT

    CC!!…Come on AJ

  35. Anonymous

    Let’s go A.J.

  36. Anonymous

    Would love a walk off this evening.

  37. KT

    Night all

  38. Anonymous

    Ah well, just not their night. Go for the series win tomorrow.

  39. Anonymous

    Shoot! I liked our hustle ’til the last out, though.

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