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Kershaw CLV: Kershawp with People

Matt Kemp has a .444 on-base percentage and .513 slugging in his past 11 games. If you’re wondering about his power, that’s going to be the last thing to return following his labrum surgery.

Justin Sellers has a .385 on-base percentage and .378 slugging in his past 15 games since starting the season 0 for 13.

Brewers at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Nick Punto, 2B
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Ramon Hernandez, C
Juan Uribe, 3B
Justin Sellers, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P


You can’t have too much anything


Kershaw, Colletti in mourning


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t watch the video! It has mind control powers. Must resist… Bad memories of Super Bowl halftime shows…. Noooooooo

  2. Anonymous

    Matt Guerrier is bad.

    What is it with these three-year deals the Dodgers keep signing. Guerrier, League, and Uribe have all worn out their welcome long before the second year of those deals. Maybe it’s Ned’s own three-year deal.

    • Anonymous

      Too early to say that about League, but his responsibilities clearly exceed his abilities.

      • Anonymous

        Make me happy, tell me Ned’s contract ends this year…

  3. Anonymous

    At this point, it seems clear that Luis Cruz is the odd-man out wehn Hanley returns. I imagine that Cruz is out of options (I can’t tell based on the information I see), whereas Sellers has options this year, and that could tip the decision. But is someone really going to claim Cruz off waivers at this point???

  4. Anonymous

    A quick look in today as I wake up, back to school today after the holidays (sigh!)

    • KT

      holidays…what holidays?

      • Anonymous

        I am in the fortunate position of being a teacher in that I have the same time off as my children. (well most of them anyway)

      • Anonymous

        In English/ British culture, Days off, even weekends, are called holidays. I find the language differences between us and them amusing, and I don’t mean that at all in a derogatory way. Wonder how we strayed so far from their culture?

        • Anonymous

          In Australia we definitely don’t call weekends holidays :)

    • Anonymous

      and on that nice 1st pitch I better get ready for work :) (hopefully in 2 hours when i check back in the good news will keep coming)!

  5. Anonymous

    So great to see Juan Uribe take, then drive pitches.

    • KT

      I would really like to see Juan produce this year…so far not so bad compared to the last 2 years

  6. Anonymous

    Today’s Dodgers game, and all MLB games today, can be watched for free at I am watching it now on my computer.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    The Kid is back! . . . How about giving him a cushion here?

  9. Anonymous

    Or here? . . . We don’t need no bottom of the 9th!

  10. Nice to see Kershaw back in his groove. Hopefully the bullpen doesn’t blow it today if he can’t go nine.

  11. Also, Ramon Hernandez continues to look useless.

  12. Anonymous

    C’mon, Kid — 6 more outs!

  13. KT

    Nice run down by Uribe
    !2 K’s by the CLAW

  14. Anonymous

    3 more outs! I’d love for Kershaw to get the CG, especially since I’m wary of the bullpen.

  15. Anonymous

    Let’s get enough runs so it’s bullpen proof!

  16. Anonymous

    Fingers crossed here.

  17. Anonymous

    YES! “The Tale of CC & The Kid”!!!

  18. A painless inning from League! Needed that!

  19. Anonymous


  20. KT

    Good series win

    Good games by CC, Kershaw, and a good inning by League

  21. KT

    Have a good afternoon everyone…Time to take it to the Roxs tomorrow

  22. Anonymous

    Carl Crawford: There’s your run.
    Clayton Kershaw: Thanks. Can I have one more, just in case Brandon League screws up the first one?

  23. Anonymous

    MLBTR is running a poll on who is the best GM in baseball. I see Ned Colletti has voted for himself 67 times but still in the “final four”. He’s going to have to make all the employees vote for him if he don’t want to be tail-end Charlie.

    • Anonymous

      The Colorado GM is way behind Colletti. I guess he had something better to do than vote for himself all day like play golf.

  24. Anonymous

    Remember when a game would draw 500 to a thousand posts here? Whatever happened to all those guys?

    • Anonymous

      TBLA and MSTI. How they can stand actively participating in the game thread at either is beyond me.

  25. Anonymous

    Here’s tonight’s lineup, according to
    1. LF: Carl Crawford
    2. C: A.J. Ellis
    3. 1B: Adrian Gonzalez
    4. CF: Matt Kemp
    5. RF: Andre Ethier
    6. 2B: Skip Schumaker
    7. 3B: Luis Cruz
    8. SS: Justin Sellers
    9. SP: Ted Lilly

    I was feeling really good — until the last four, at least from the offensive side. . . . Let’s hope they turn out to be the heroes! (As long as there IS a Dodger hero, it doesn’t matter WHO it is . . . NO BOTTOM OF THE 9th!)

  26. KT

    From Twitter recently…this is why Clayton left right after the game last night:

    Clayton Kershaw placed on the bereavement list. Thoughts and prayers are with Kershaw and his family for whatever they may be dealing with

  27. KT

    For those of you without “eyes” tonight, Dodgers vs Rocks is the free game tonight

  28. KT

    I can’t relax…I know I get to see the beginning of the game but I’m going to have to leave to pick up my wife at the airport.

    I’m afraid I’m going to get so caught up in the game I’m going to end up leaving late

    I better set the alarm…I hate when I can’t just sit back and watch the game with no hassles

    • Anonymous

      If you are late, don’t blame our Bums.

      • KT

        She left from Brussels at 0500 EST and Philly at 1755 est so I better not be late because I know I’m always cranky after that long flight

  29. KT

    It’s time for Dodger Baseball!!!!

  30. KT

    Come on DP

  31. Well this game has gotten off to a rather disappointing start…

  32. KT

    Time to get a couple back

  33. Anonymous

    I just came in . . . Does Lilly know this is being played in LA?

  34. Anonymous

    Lilly thought that should have been a hit, and not an error on him.

  35. Anonymous

    Not an excuse for Lilly, but the ump’s strike zone seems a bit erratic, both ways.

  36. The pitcher is 3 for 3 with 2 RBI’s. I think I’ve seen enough tonight.

  37. Anonymous

    Jon must have known something.

  38. Anonymous

    Just tuned in………………. just tuned out!

  39. Anonymous

    A couple of notes…

    On a night like tonight…
    1. Does anything need to be said about Ted Lilly?
    2. With the game at 5-0, it became time for Octonauts for a while to get my little 1-yr. old daughter calmed down for bed time. (not a bad show, by the way)
    3. Down big, and down big early….games like these actually present an opportunity, IMHO.

    They provide the opportunity for this Dodger ball club to demonstrate what a ‘juggernaut’ it plans on being this 2013 season….you know “A Whole New Blue” and all that jazz. I really wish they were in the mood to do something tonight….even if, just to make things interesting. :-/

  40. Anonymous

    KT, want me to pick your wife up for you? Anything’s better than this…

    • Anonymous

      I think he’s long gone by now. Lucky fellow.

  41. Anonymous

    Ok…… stop with the trainers going to the mound each inning….. It’s getting old.

    All I can say is…this home plate ‘blue’ is quite the understanding man.

  42. Anonymous

    Maybe one measly run? One?

  43. KT

    just got back from the airport…sure glad I got to FFwd through that crap the Dodgers called baseball the last couple of innings

  44. KT

    Night all

  45. Anonymous


    Or not.

  46. Anonymous

    for those still listening to Vin who is amazing, he made a mistake in pronunciation on Pis’-cat-a-way.

    • Anonymous

      I know! Vin’s been hilarious. And now… Shoemaker’s pitching? Really?

  47. Anonymous

    Anybody else left out there?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah . . . but not for long. The good news is, lose by 1 or lose by 10, it’s still just one L.
      I guess . . . reaching for silver linings.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take any linings I can get at this point. Vin being the silver-est.

  48. Anonymous

    They’re saying Hanley is playing tomorrow — woohoo!

    Let’s hope he turns the club around like that other Ramirez did once upon a time . . .

    • Anonymous

      Sure, but can he pitch? Over the last 8 games we have been increasing our scoring by one run per game with a somewhat more respectable 4.3, whereas runs against increased to 4.75 during that period.

      • Anonymous

        (in the bullpen)

        Ring! Ring! Ring! …….

        “Tell Hendley to get loose….”
        -Donny Ballgame :-)

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