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Kershaw CLVI: Kershawro Dark Thirty

Remember — the “100 Things Dodgers” booksigning is Saturday in Pasadena.

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 p.m.

Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Nick Punto, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Luis Cruz, 3B
Clayton Kershaw, P


Tommy Lasorda, Jr.


Today’s the day: Booksigning for 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die


  1. Anonymous

    Zito, tough lefty? Who knew? Actually, I hope that is the reason Crawford is not starting.

  2. KT

    Well scratch Adrian Gonzales…stiff neck…now only have 3 bench players for today’s game

  3. Anonymous

    It might be time to ditch the Kershaw Roman Numerals.

  4. Anonymous

    Who needs offense? Another Kershaw shutout and a homer will do just fine. Dodgers 1, Giants 0.

  5. KT

    JH jr 1b, Punto 2nd, Kemp CF, Ramirez SS, Ellis C, Ethier RF, Cruz 3rd, Schumaker LF, Kershaw P

    • Anonymous

      It’s certainly a bits and pieces team

    • Anonymous

      And the hurts just keep on coming.

      • KT

        They need to make DL decisions…22 players is ridiculous

  6. KT

    Here is when Adrian got hurt:

  7. Anonymous

    Dodgers (13-14) by the numbers:
    13 wins, Margins of victories (no laughers):
    –1 run — 4 games
    –2 runs — 3 games
    –3 runs — 2 games
    –4 runs — 3 games
    –5 runs — 1 game
    –6 or more runs — 0 games
    14 losses. Margins of defeats:
    –1 run — 1 game
    –2 runs — 3 games
    –3 runs — 3 games
    –4 runs — 2 games
    –5 runs — 2 games
    –6 runs — 1 game
    –7 runs — 1 game
    –8 runs — 0 games
    –9 runs — 0 games
    –10 runs — 1 game
    –11 or more runs — 0 games
    Total runs
    Dodgers, 91, average of 3.37 runs per game
    Opponents, 115, average of 4.26 runs per game

    • KT

      And that’s why we have the huge negative run differential with an almost .500 record

  8. KT

    just heard, but not verified yet, that Alferdo Amezaga is on his way to the Dodgers

  9. KT

    Come on Matty

  10. KT

    Good inning…now surprise me and score some runs

  11. KT

    Nice AJ!

  12. KT


  13. KT

    only play he had

  14. KT

    At least the lineup was turned over for whatever that is worth

  15. KT

    Good eye Jerry…Come on Nick

  16. KT

    Nice Nick…Come on Matty

  17. Anonymous

    Sometimes I wonder why the Dodgers even bother to put people on base.

  18. Anonymous

    Once again, it is up to Kershaw

  19. KT

    Good Eye AJ..Nice hit Dre…Come on Luis

  20. Anonymous

    That’s 4 in a row with the lead off man aboard

    • KT

      looking for different results this time…but doesn’t look good

  21. Anonymous

    I no longer wonder why the number of people who post on this site has drastically dropped since last year. It is not a reflection of Jon’s efforts, but, I think, disgust and frustration by what has become so chronic for the Dodgers….By the way, does Mattingly ever show any emotion?

  22. Anonymous

    It’s getting very frustrating!

    • Anonymous

      It’s more than “getting very frustrating.” I think that, eventually, the Giants will break through and score or, at best, Kershaw will leave with the game scoreless.

  23. Anonymous

    Just tuned in, WTH? is it Metallica night or something? and HOW many LOB?

    -nevermind, just answered the second q

  24. KT

    Yes CLAW!!

  25. Anonymous

    Pence looked like a little leaguer on that swing.

  26. Anonymous


  27. Anonymous

    Don’t know if anyone saw this already, thought you all might appreciate.

  28. KT

    At least Clayton is returning the favor but he doubles

  29. Anonymous

    4d3fect: We’ve gotten the leadoff man on in every inning, including this one, have 5 LOB, are 1-for-7 with RISP and have grounded into two DPs.

  30. KT

    about time

  31. KT

    Nice Catch DRE!!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Park bites Belt!

  33. Anonymous

    Dang! The injury, more than the hustle . . . gotta make things happen.
    But dang, those HURTS just keep coming!!!!!

  34. Anonymous

    As Vin says, that was expensive.

  35. Anonymous

    Why didn’t Andre. go to 2nd on the throw? I’m listening — didn’t see it.
    Okay, now I see it was AJ running, not Andre.– guess he’s slower.

  36. Anonymous

    PLEASE, Luis . ..

  37. Anonymous

    I find it strange that no mention has been made, particularly by Vin, that Kershaw is pitching with a heavy heart tonight after the death of his father. Unless I missed it. Especially in light of the, um, performance he’s turning in so far.

  38. Anonymous

    I feel much better with the Kid up there than Cruz . . . too bad Clay doesn’t have only one out.

  39. Anonymous

    At least HE makes contact!

  40. Anonymous

    Prediction: Ramirez will be listed as day-to-day for the next three days, leaving the Dodger bench even more shorthanded, and then will join Lilly, Capuano, Greinke, Tolleson, Billingsley and Fife on the disabled list with M. Ellis and Crawford in the waiting room.

  41. KT


    • Anonymous

      Too bad that the defense can’t score in baseball.

  42. KT

    left hamstring injury for Hanley

  43. Anonymous

    ————– M E M O ——————

    Tired? ….
    Just need a break?

    Look no further than ‘Your Los Angeles Dodgers’ …..
    It’s as easy as “1 – 2 – 3 !!!”
    1. Sign lucrative contract with overly-generous terms…
    2. Claim ‘Injury’ – (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) – Our own GM / staff will validate your claim while
    our medical staff will fail to help prevent it. And, the blame will always go to the manager.
    3. Get essentially unlimited ‘ P.T.O ‘ – paid time off. (often months and months, even whole seasons)
    *** In your absence, we’ve stockpiled some not-so-temporary utility men to cover for you ***

    • Anonymous

      Sarcasm is often the best way to deal with pain. Love your post.

    • Anonymous

      PS – Hanley Ramirez: Hamstring injury?
      Mark Ellis: Quadriceps injury?

      IMHO – These kinds of injuries signal a ‘lack of proper conditioning’…..
      Especially since they’ve happened in April….not August or September.
      No excuse. (I’m not saying that all injuries can be prevented..but, get real fellas)

  44. Anonymous

    Pinto, OBP machine,

  45. Anonymous

    3 hits gets 1 run . . .

    9 hits gets 1 run . . . the Dodgers are remarkable in the way they can make the opposing pitchers look like All Stars, if not Cy Young candidates

  46. Anonymous

    Finally, some “small ball”! C’mon, Carl!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    Let Kid K get the W!

  48. Anonymous

    A hit with RISP . . . that doesn’t score — that’s our season in a nutshell!
    No more injuries!!!!!

  49. Anonymous

    Did I see Carl grab his hamstring?

  50. Anonymous

    Make me happy Hairston.

    • Anonymous

      Love it! Happy Hairston, Laker player out of the 60s or 70s…

  51. Anonymous

    This is painful to watch.

  52. Anonymous

    Clayton . . . all for naught. :(

  53. Anonymous

    Clayton: Formula for your to beat the Giants: pitch a shutout, score a run, and don’t depend on your teammates to do anything offensively….You came close tonight.

    • Anonymous

      At least Koufax had teammates which could give him SOME support.

      • Anonymous

        Koufax had some remarkably fast and/or wise baserunners in the batting order, including Wills, Gilliam and Willie Davis. With the exception of Kemp, who has had trouble reaching first base this season, the Dodgers are now generally slow on the bases.

      • Anonymous

        In 5 of his 7 games he has received 0-2 run support.

  54. Anonymous

    Poor Cruz. Can’t do anything right tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Regardless of whether or not Ramirez goes on the DL, which he probably will, I think that tonight should be Cruz’ final game with the Dodgers despite the fact that he has no options left. He gave us a great couple of months in 2012, but it is simply not there for him.

  55. Anonymous

    Kenley threw nine pitches in that inning. Each one was a strike.

  56. Anonymous

    10 hits, 7 walks, 1 run ? Only the Dodgers can pull that off.

  57. KT

    would have been stupid to get thrown out there…even though he was right

  58. Anonymous

    Great at bat.

  59. Anonymous

    I don’t think that Kasten expected that Sellers would ever bat right behind Kemp this season, even with injuries considered.

    • Anonymous

      The frequency of injuries on this team is ridiculous – ALMOST as ridiculous as the frequency of missed opportunities / wasted chances…

  60. Anonymous

    Dumbfounded why Mattingly put Sellers in to hit behind Kemp instead of Uribe, moving Cruz to SS. Dumbounfded!

    • Anonymous

      You (and many of us) are dumbfounded by that. I think Mattingly is dumbfounded, without the “founded.”

    • Anonymous

      seriously, that’s what you found to complain about? As if Uribe is the second-coming of Mike Schmidt? What difference would it make to put a .200 hitter there instead of a .194 hitter?

  61. Anonymous

    That’s it for me. Enough is enough. I’m hoping for a tie. G’night, all.

    • Anonymous

      Hope you actually left, Scooplew…

  62. Anonymous

    Dodgers deserved that.

  63. Anonymous

    Junior varsity team, with one or two ringers.

  64. Anonymous

    I need help “dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball.” I keep waiting for everything to turn around and it just seems to get worse. But I’m trying to be thankful for the opportunity to witness Clayton Kershaw’s amazing work.

    Jon, I wish I could meet you in Pasadena, but I live on the East Coast. I hope the booksigning is fun.

    • Anonymous

      Also an Eastcoaster. Meeting Jon is the 101st thing to do!

  65. Anonymous

    It seems the only thing the Dodgers can produce on a consistent basis is frustration.

    If it’s not their “hitters,” it’s their starters. If it’s not their starters, it’s the bullpen.
    But mostly it’s the “hitters” — 11 hits + 7 walks = 1 run????? And Zito’s ERA before this was over 6??!!!

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