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Tommy Lasorda, Jr.

Our good friend Alex Belth of Bronx Banter posts a 1992 GQ story by Peter Richmond on Tommy Lasorda and Tommy Lasorda Jr. It’s quite a piece of writing, especially in the light of recent events.

Remember — the “100 Things Dodgers” booksigning is Saturday in Pasadena.

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Nick Punto, 2B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Skip Schumaker, LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Josh Beckett, P

Carl Crawford was a late scratch with tightness in his right hamstring.


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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the link, Jon. Very interesting story, indeed.

  2. Huh. I never knew any of that, not that there’s any reason I should have. Thanks for linking to it, Jon.

  3. It’s a gorgeous article. He seemed like quite an interesting guy, Tommy Jr.; evolved enough to accept who he was and aware enough of the times to respect his father’s paradigm. It’s a shame he died so young. I think the growth we’ve made as a people in the past twenty years would’ve pleased him greatly.

    Though I doubt even he could explain Psy to his old man.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m afraid this has the feel of Monday!

  5. KT

    Need the 1-2-3 DP

  6. Anonymous

    Get the K, Josh!

  7. Anonymous

    not a great start

  8. Anonymous

    Hanley & Hyde . . . let’s see if he can give after taking away . . .

  9. Anonymous

    A bit higher and the innings would have been even worse

    • KT

      should have been 2-0 still but this lineup can score now

  10. Anonymous

    C’mon, Adrian — show who has the better Gonzalez!

  11. KT

    Good hit Hanley!!
    Come on AGon drive him in

  12. Anonymous


  13. KT


  14. Anonymous

    Hopefully Josh will settle down. Vin said the Rox like the 1st inning . . . let’s leave ’em hating the rest of the game.

  15. Anonymous

    Not very impressive, but no further harm.

  16. Anonymous

    At least we have the potential to score at any point of our lineup at the moment

  17. That was a great read, thanks for sharing Jon. I knew almost nothing about Tommy Jr. until reading that piece. It’s funny, at my middle school we had a brand new beautiful gym called the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House and I just assumed that was THE Tommy Lasorda, knowing nothing of a son.

    I was wondering if Tommy had made any acknowledgements since then about his son’s cause of death, but there’s no mention of that in the postscript.

  18. KT


  19. KT

    Way to start it off Nick!

  20. KT

    Hanley!…Let’s go Gonzo

  21. Anonymous

    Let’s go, Offense!

  22. Anonymous


  23. KT

    stole that baby

  24. Anonymous

    Dang it!

  25. Anonymous

    C’mon, Matt!

  26. Anonymous

    Wow. We sure have seen that a lot from Kemp this year.

  27. KT

    Make them pay AJ!!

  28. Anonymous

    Take it!

  29. Anonymous

    Uh oh

  30. Anonymous

    I feel there are several twists and turns left in this game

    • Anonymous

      Not that their pen is a cakewalk, but not sure how much more their starter will last with his pitch count.

  31. Anonymous

    3 innings in a row we have got the lead man on base for pretty much nothing

  32. Anonymous

    It’s 9:30 now and we’re in the top of the 6th. What time did this game begin?

    • KT

      moving faster now that Beckett is gone but not much

  33. Anonymous

    By the numbers for the Dodgers before tonight’s game:
    –Batting average with the bases loaded — .120, 13th in the NL.
    –With RISP — .213, 14th in the NL.
    –RISP with two outs — .212, 9th in the NL.
    –With no one on base — .269, 3rd in the NL.

    • I think these guys just like each other too much. Just the thought of hitting a ball near one of their pals on the base paths is too much to bear.

  34. Anonymous

    For many pre-computer years following the Dodgers from the East Coast, I would make it my business to see every game’s box-score. Sometimes I couldn’t find the box-score in the next day’s paper or even in the day after the next day’s paper. This would mean I had to look, days later, at The Sporting News and then Baseball Weekly from USA Today. One night turning the pages of Baseball Weekly at the local 7-11, which I have now not visited for many years, I, completely unexpectedly, saw a picture of a beautiful blonde haired woman. This picture was not in an ad but in a story,. Naturally, I wanted to know what the story was about. It was an obituary of Tommy Lasorda Jr.

    • Anonymous

      Nice to see you post, Mike….That is a sad story about the younger Lasorda.

  35. Anonymous

    Just let the man pitch.

  36. KT

    son is beginning to meltdown…night all

    • Anonymous

      like the Dodgers! Night KT

      • Anonymous

        didn’t see you there, John –guess we were all thinking it

    • Anonymous

      so did the Dodgers

  37. Anonymous

    Another awful Kemp at bat.

  38. Anonymous

    Steiner talking about the high SF ERAs . . . I hope the Dodger hitters keep ’em high instead of making them look like Cy Young candidates — this team can easily do either

  39. Anonymous

    Get the K or double play!

  40. Anonymous

    A talented team which can’t win games… Sounds like a leadership problem to me. Sometimes the manager can’t be everyone’s best friend, sometimes he needs to yell and scream and harp on their mistakes. Mattingly’s method works well when they’re winning but he needs to change personalities when they’re losing, make them very much aware when they play badly. Getting rid of the deadwood on the club wouldn’t hurt either, guys like Cruz, Shumacher, Hernandez, etc…

    • Anonymous

      Holy heck.. this team has had the intended starting line-up ZERO times this season and all teams have players like Cruz, Schumacher, and Hernandez. I don’t know if Mattingly is good or not, but I can’t judge him based on a broken team thus far.

  41. Anonymous

    Jon, thanks for the repost of the story. I’ve read alot of crap over the years (especially at BBTF) that made it seem like Tommy disowned his son. It seems more like he denied what his son actually was, but he still very much loved him. It would have been nice for him to acknowledge that his son was gay and died from AIDS, but he still loved him. I’m guessing there were lots of sons in 1992 that that were disowned in addition to being gay and sick (from HIV or AIDS).

  42. Anonymous

    Just got around to that, what a sad, tragic story for all concerned.

  43. Anonymous

    Anyone have any insight on Jansen’s apperance last night? Seemed too early in the game since he went 2 innings the night before, the lasted only two hitters. Was he a ROOGy last night?

  44. Anonymous

    Josh Beckett is bad.

    At least you could say Aaron Harang was an innings-eater. Beckett has gone from averaging 6.0 innings per start last year to 4.87 this year. I don’t want to see more of him and his 5.27 ERA, but he’s wearing down the bullpen by not pitching into the 6th inning in all but two of his starts.

    Still early, I realize, and still no better options, I suppose. But how bad would Matt Magill have to be?

  45. Anonymous

    Still no Crawford. Still no MEllis. Someday we will have our actual starting line-up, but not today!

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