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Some of the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants

Dodgers at Giants, 5:05 p.m.

Let’s look at the Dodgers’ roster for tonight’s game:

Starting lineup
1) Carl Crawford, LF
2) Nick Punto, 2B
3) Matt Kemp, CF
4) Andre Ethier, RF
5) A.J. Ellis, C
6) Juan Uribear, 1B
7) Luis Cruz, 3B
8 ) Dee Gordon, SS
9) Hyun-Jin Ryu, P

Available off bench
10) Ramon Hernandez, C
11) Skip Schumaker, IF-OF
12) Justin Sellers, SS
13) Clayton Kershaw, PH

Rested in bullpen
14) Matt Guerrier, RHP
15) Kenley Jansen, RHP
16) Paco Rodriguez, LHP (15 pitches Saturday)

Not so rested in bullpen
17) Brandon League, RHP (26 pitches Saturday)
18) Ronald Belisario, RHP (25 pitches Saturday, six Friday)
19) Josh Beckett, RHP (Tuesday’s starter)

In the chorus?
20) Mark Ellis, 2B (quadricep)
21) Adrian Gonzalez, 1B (neck)
22) Jerry Hairston, IF-OF (groin)
23) J.P. Howell, LHP (38 pitches Saturday)
24) Javy Guerra, RHP (34 pitches Saturday)
25) Matt Magill, P (63 pitches Saturday)




Ground beef: Giants score 33% more runs than Dodgers, credited with 100% more grit


  1. First pitch – Brandon Crawford nice play to retire Carl Crawford.

  2. Kemp pulls a ground-rule double that bounces near or on the foul line.

  3. And Ethier flies out at the wall in RF.

  4. Anonymous

    Listening to ESPN guys on baseball tonight trash the Dodgers, you would think we had no injuries” and a team full of slacker egocentrics.

  5. Anonymous

    They really couldn’t call up SVS? When would he ever be needed more? Bad GM, or did I say that already…

  6. The Giants “play as a unit, as a team, grinding out victories,” says ESPN’s Dan Shulman.

    • Anonymous

      What a crock (no Rule No. 1 violation).

  7. Torres gets a leadoff single for San Francisco, but really, it wasn’t Torres. It was the entire team.

  8. KT

    Nice Juan

  9. Anonymous


  10. KT

    Good job Juan…Come on Luis…I’m begging you

    • Sandy K

      Isn’t it time to give up on Cruz? He’s this year’s Velez.

      • KT

        I’ve already gave up but if they are going to play him I root for him to do something….what am I supposed to say…Come on Luis pop up or hit into a DP

        • Sandy K

          We all root for him. He was my favorite player last year. So inspirational. But he’s last year’s surprise and this year’s disappointment.

  11. Anonymous

    Bats hitting balls. Balls landing in gloves.

  12. Anonymous

    Not sure I can listen to these bozos all night.

    • KT

      I put on KLAC on MLB audio and muted the TV

    • KT

      $19.95 for the year…already think it’s paid its way for not having to suffer through homers or bozo’s

  13. Anonymous


  14. KT

    Nice Carl

  15. KT

    low and outside

  16. Anonymous

    My boyfriend just made me laugh out loud. Paraphrasing the announcers,”Good thing the Giants’ stadium is so close to the water, since they walk on it!”

  17. Sandy K

    Why does Kemp always have a stain on the left shoulder of his jersey, every game, even in the first inning? Is that his way of reminding himself of the injury he suffered crashing into the wall last year?

  18. Anonymous

    I must say my opinion of Uribe has changed a bit this year (and nothing to do with the previous post!)

  19. Anonymous

    Ok…. just a little offering this evening to enter into your baseball vernacular…..
    “The Mendoza Line” – .200 batting average

    “The Cruz Line” – .100 batting average

  20. Anonymous

    I don’t know what the best time to say this was…. if ever.

    But, I’ve said it to myself all off season… the following notions about the 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers…

    1. I would have never started the season with Luis Cruz as 3B…. He’s a utility guy, at best. Last year, he showed that he was….in a word: ‘competent’ and for all the ‘talk’ from Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten, … ‘competent’ does not win championships.
    2. I would have never started the season with A.J. Ellis as my C…. He’s a heck of a nice guy and a guy who never cheats you in terms of effort. However, exhibit A: 2 runs off of balls that better caters would have blocked last night…… (don’t bother mentioning the HR) He would have been my backup.
    3. I don’t like the fact that the Dodgers have a bunch of “Name Players” who are “Paid” …
    In that, I mean that they have all (with the exception of Kershaw and Kemp… signed huge deals) Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Andre Ethier…. They’ve all ‘been paid’….
    I don’t like that.
    IMHO- I think you need to have a certain number of really talented, young players who are trying to work TOWARDS their payday….. Just makes sense to me.

    What leverage does Donny Ballgame even have in the clubhouse? really.

    • Sandy K

      Good points, TAFKAJ. I think my bottom line, though, is that this is Kemp’s team, something that his teammates acknowledge. Kemp is someone with exceptional talent and the ability to carry and, more important, ignite the team. Yes, injuries have made a difference, but if Kemp can only get going, the team will, too. And I so hope he does, because there’s nothing better than to see him at the top of his game.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, Sandy.
        Seeing Kemp at the top of his game is a treat for any baseball fan, for sure.

  21. Anonymous

    Yahoo, putting a runner in motion!

  22. Anonymous

    Baseball gods, playing with us again…

  23. KT


  24. KT


    Need to pinch run for Gonzo

  25. Anonymous

    Speedy Gordon!

  26. Anonymous

    Several runs scored with two outs in this series . . . gotta find the silver linings in this extremely overcast season.

    • Anonymous

      Swept by a total of three runs. Not as if we don’t belong on the same field as them, even with our “B” team.

  27. Anonymous

    Gordon just has to stay up for the year come what may (he just adds another dimension to the team). Tell Hanley (when he returns) he needs to just get used to playing 3rd

  28. Anonymous

    I was so frustrated by Friday night’s loss, I went on a sabbatical from the Dodgers. I didn’t watch Saturday night’s game and, after reading about it this morning, was glad that I took that option. I didn’t watch tonight’s game either and was planning to learn about it tomorrow morning until my sister just told me on the phone that the Dodgers had lost. For those of you, like me, who sometimes take the outcome of the Dodgers’ games too seriously, I suggest trying a respite. I will continue with mine this week. My belief that Mattingly must go, and I know that many disagree with me, was cemented by this story in Sunday’s L.A. Times: SAN FRANCISCO – There was no anger or frustration in the voice of Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly. His team had just lost again –- on a walkoff hit, against the rival San Francisco Giants, for the second consecutive night –- and Mattingly sounded surprisingly chirpy.
    “In a sense, it’s encouraging, as much as you can be encouraged from a loss,” Mattingly said. “It’s as good as you can feel about a loss.”

    • Anonymous

      i can understand your frustration. I am not as frustrated for a number of reasons: 1) I don’t see them ‘live’ or day in day out, innings by innings as you all do. 2) It’s game 30 out of 162 (hopefully 163+) :) 3) When we get troops back, we will surely be better (we just have to hang in there until that happens)

      • Anonymous

        John: I wish I shared your optimism, and I know it’s real early in the season, but we are failing virtually every test. My pessimism is based on my perceptions that the Dodgers are overpaid, out of shape, underperforming and unmotivated. I agree wholeheartedly with what JonnyTAFKAJ said a couple of hours ago, and which I just read: “I think you need to have a certain number of really talented, young players who are trying to work TOWARDS their payday….. Just makes sense to me.What leverage does Donny Ballgame even have in the clubhouse? really.” Mattingly also lacks the fire that I think a manager has to occasionally exhibit. I know I am not in the clubhouse, and what I know is what I have read, but to me, he is as inspiring as a bowl of oatmeal . . . without the raisins.

        • Anonymous

          Hopefully Gordon can at least assist with the motivation side :)
          (and yes Donnie needs to get mad – occasionally)

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