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It all began after Juan Uribe singled for the second time in Saturday’s game, driving in two runs in the Dodgers’ seven-run fifth inning and continuing his season-opening hot (it’s all relative) streak.

There was a setback in the sixth inning, which ended when Uribe struck out with two on and two out and the Dodgers clinging to an 8-7 lead.

Soon, I could sense I was on to something.

And then the lightbulb went off.

I wasn’t sure anything would happen after that, but then came these messages from Twitter user @_GrandPaD.

And then another choice option from @EephusBlue.

My heart is all a-flutter. I want one. I want them all. Here’s the pricing formula:

$(10 x current Uribe OBP)². Today’s suggested price is $16.00. Last year, a Uribear would have cost $6.66.


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  1. Anonymous

    I vote for #2, but I will defer to my wife for her opinion once she gets up. Somehow, I don’t think this is something I wake her up for.

  2. KT

    I like 2 for the uniform but 3 for the face

  3. Jerry Hairston had stitches after tripping on a suitcase in hotel room Friday and hitting his head on a desk.…

    • Anonymous

      Did they open the suitcase to see if it was full of deer meat?

      • Anonymous

        Is there a relevant story to your question/

  4. Had a bit more time this AM. Variation of #2 with a more “bear” look.

  5. OY!

    Okay, now how about Carl Crawford? A whippet or greyhound? Or should those be reserved for Dee Gordon?

  6. KT

    Sure glad our stopper is pitching tonight
    I know Clayton is our Ace but for some reason our team does like to support him with offense
    Let’s Go RYU

  7. Anonymous

    short piece on Glenn Burke just finished on npr; nothing new but if you don’t know the story link below; Tommy Lasorda jr not mentioned
    audio up in about 70 minutes

  8. Anonymous

    Rosenthal is advocating the Dodgers trade the Angels some players for the privilege of getting Mike Sciosia to manage the Dodgers. I have no opinion on this.

    • Preposterous. It will never happen, but in any case, Dodgers do not need to give up talent for another manager.

      • Anonymous

        I’d be happy to see Scioscia, but I would give up nothing more than Mattingly for him.

  9. KT

    Tonight’s lineup sans AGon:
    Crawford LF
    Punto 2B
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    AJ Ellis C
    Uribe 1B
    Cruz 3B
    Gordon SS
    Ryu P

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