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A weekend fighting futility in 1981

Across Friday and today, St. Louis held Colorado hitless for 49 consecutive at-bats, the longest streak, according to STATS, since the Dodgers went hitless for 50 at-bats in a row from September 25-27, 1981.

On September 25 at Houston, the Dodgers scored two runs in the eighth inning on their way to a 3-0 victory, but did not get a hit in five at-bats after Steve Garvey’s one-out single in the top of the eighth.

Nolan Ryan no-hit the Dodgers the next day, building the streak up to 32 outs without a hit.

Pitching against his former team on September 27, Don Sutton took a no-hitter into the top of the seventh before Kenny Landreaux singled, to end the streak at 50. Sutton finished with a two-hitter. Los Angeles had four walks in that period.

Colorado made 40 straight outs between a leadoff single in Friday’s game and a walk with one out in the fifth inning of today’s contest. The Rockies’ next hit came with one out in the top of the eighth.

* * *

Marlins at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Dee Gordon, SS
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Skip Schumaker, 2B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Hyun-Jin Ryu, P


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  1. Anonymous

    I look at the potential and I’m optimistic. . . . I hope I feel that same way in 4 hours . . .

  2. Anonymous

    and then there was that “Lost Weekend” in Atlanta. Oh, the horrors!

  3. Anonymous

    I’d like to the see Gordon lead off and Crawford bat No 2, especially if CC keeps hitting it out of the park. 5 hr / 8 rbi makes me wince not rejoice.

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping for the best from Dee but, at this point in his career, he’s a No. 8 hitter.

      • Anonymous

        He looks different to me this season. His triple in San Diego made me think this is an older, wiser Dee. His fielding is steady; threatening the relevancy of my handle. I’ll reconsider Crawford as the leadoff guy because of his 2-strike avg, but I think a Crawford-Gordon-Kemp punch can be a lot of fun.

        • Anonymous

          I’d like to agree that his fielding is steady – it looked better yesterday, but he needs to prove that it wasn’t a fluke.

  4. Anonymous

    All things considered, though, 1981 was a good year.

  5. KT

    Nice Dre!!

  6. KT

    Deep Fly Ball Skippy or base hit…your choice

  7. KT

    Good job Skippy

  8. KT

    Good hit Juan
    Base hit RYU

  9. KT

    good bunt Ryu

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t like having your No. 6 hitter in the lineup, AJ, who is batting .290, sacrificing with a man on second and none out in a scoreless tie in the SECOND INNING. It worked, but we gave up an out and we would have scored anyway.

    • KT

      were you sure both Skippy and Juan were going to get base hits
      And you can’t say Ethier would have scored on Skippy’s hit because it hung up and Ethier would have had to make sure it dropped in…I say he would have only gotten to 3rd

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t sure of anything, but I still don’t like sacrificing in that situation.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, but wouldn’t necessarily have scored.

  11. KT


    • Anonymous

      If it happens more often, I may consider a name change to DeEp6ordon.

  12. KT

    Nice hit Gonzo!

  13. KT

    Nice Matty!
    Come on Dre

  14. KT

    Come on Shoe

  15. KT

    Come on Ryu

  16. Anonymous

    Can someone please provide details on how Kemp was out at second and Ethier out at third this inning?

    • Anonymous

      Kemp rounded second too far and got caught off when Gonzalez held at third. Ethier got forced out at third after Diaz dropped Schumaker’s popup.

    • Can’t say about Kemp, but Ethier held up to see if Schumaker’s ball was gonna be caught, as it nearly was. Then the left fielder recovered quickly enough to throw Ethier out at third.

    • Kemp thought Adrian would score from second on Andre’s base hit but he stopped and Kemp had gone too far around second and was tagged out.

      Ethier was forced out at third after all the runners had to wait and see if Skip’s hit would fall, which did after hitting off Diaz’s glove.

  17. KT

    good job holding them Ryu

  18. KT

    I can actually smell the dogs…my TV is fantastic ^_^

  19. KT

    Neck still bothering Adrian…Rolled it after that force play

  20. KT


  21. Anonymous

    So Matty remains tied with Dee in dingers for the year.

  22. KT

    Nice AJ!

  23. KT


  24. KT

    Nice Juan…way to get AJ home

    • Anonymous

      Uribear has matched his BB total for last year (179 PA) in 63 PA this year (.390 OBP).

      • KT

        Not much of a Uribear fan but…
        I rooting for him to do well this year

        • Anonymous

          I am a fan of every guy on the team, even Mattingly.

        • Anonymous

          Contract season. He looks serious out there.

  25. KT

    Great At Bat by Ryu

  26. KT

    Come on DP

  27. KT

    Fantastic catch by Carl!!

  28. Anonymous

    Ryu is such a great pitcher. Love watching him work.

    • KT

      Been our most reliable pitcher this year

      • Anonymous

        He’s shown great consistency, but he’s nowhere near Kershaw.

        • KT

          oh but Kershaw hasn’t had all good games…He’s struggled this year

  29. KT

    DRE!! 4-4

  30. KT


  31. KT

    Dre grimacing and limping in the dugout

  32. Anonymous


  33. KT

    Shoe scores on the WP!!

  34. KT

    Nice Catch Dre!!

  35. Anonymous

    Glad Dre’s okay. He’s hitting so well tonight.

  36. Anonymous

    I think I’m pretty safe in calling the Dodgers’ losing streak….. ‘ history ‘ … :-) Congrats fellas.

  37. KT

    Ball Game…God how I missed watching the Dodgers slap hands on the field

  38. Anonymous

    What a finish by Javy!

  39. KT

    Night all

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    Good win.

  42. Anonymous

    been busy plus not motivated to read about the boys so just read this from 4 days ago:

    by a commenter

    “And I have to laugh at fans who want to replace him with Trey Hillman,
    Tim Wallach, Lorenzo Bundy, whomever… I mean the former wasn’t really a
    good manager in KC at all, for one thing. And I’m not sure what’s
    different or better about the other guys. Other than someone truly
    progressive, clever, highly regarded like Joe Maddon–who is not
    available except perhaps at a very high cost–I can’t name someone who’d
    be a clear upgrade.”

    While I don’t think Donny M deserves to lose his job I don’t feel I know anything about Tim Wallach as a ML manager and can’t see how any one here does either. I do know Skip Schumaker said post-game that it was Wallach moving him before the diving play that ended the 5th inning which made the play possible. That, at least, seems clever.

    very nice article on just moved up to AA pitcher Ross Stripling:

  43. Anonymous

    A happy mother’s day to all the wonderful women who turned their sons (and daughters) into Dodger fans!

    And if memory serves me correctly Nolan Ryan followed up his no hitter with a one hitter in the division series. Impressive.

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