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Mother’s Day game chat

Marlins at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.


A weekend fighting futility in 1981


May 13 Game Chat


  1. KT

    Chores are finished but I’m taking a break to watch the game…Happy Mothers day to all you Mom’s out there

    • Anonymous

      Random thought, I wonder why here we call them ‘Mum’s’? Is it an accent thing? I’ll have to find out :)

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting game in St. Louis for Jorge De La Rosa

    • Anonymous

      What’s interesting is that the Rocks have let him go longer than four innings.

  3. Perhaps the most interesting development I am detecting with the Dodgers is that Sandra Scully has decided that Vincent should be wearing colored instead of white shirts. I consider this a step in the right direction.

  4. Anonymous

    Old friend Loney just homered (also has 20 RBI’s and is batting .376). I don’t know why, but rather than think ‘why didn’t he do that for us’, I feel happy for him

  5. Anonymous

    Good way to leave the score at zero (phew!)

  6. Anonymous

    Infield single is the way to test out the hamstrings

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t mind that play. Just worked out better for the Fish.

  8. Anonymous

    Lots of Dodgers being thrown out on the bases lately.

  9. Anonymous

    and before I throw something at the computer, I better get ready for work. Hopefully better news later

  10. Anonymous

    Welcome back Scott!

  11. Anonymous

    Nice tactic by Punto to draw the walk.

  12. Nice to see Skip starting to hit, he’s becoming more of the guy I expected coming into the season.

  13. KT

    Late Shout out to SVS!!!!1! and Punto!!

    I was watching but I draw the line at blogging while eating my barbeque ribs

  14. KT

    Cappy looking pretty good today

  15. Anonymous

    1000 hits for Kemp!

  16. Anonymous

    SVS! Nice catch.

  17. KT

    good think that fan was wise and didn’t just want the ball…SVS should have gave it to him though

  18. Really hope this isn’t another early move to the bull pen that Donny will regret. Capuano is cruising with only 79 pitches… I guess we’ll see.

  19. Anonymous

    Ya definitely spell Kenley with a “K”!

  20. KT

    Nice hit and Run…Come on Carl

  21. Anonymous

    Big moment — need the insurance AND the confidence they can get clutch hits.

  22. KT


  23. Anonymous

    Si CC!

  24. Anonymous

    C’mon, Dre!

  25. KT

    Beautiful bunt Dee…I would like this to become a part of his arsenal

  26. KT

    Love the relay home from shallow left against the speedy Uribe!!

  27. Anonymous

    Uribear is the Beast!

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anonymous

    I saw the “baby Dodgers” last night here in Vegas . . . I’m glad I didn’t get to see SVS — he’s needed with the big guys.

  30. Anonymous

    6 more outs!

  31. Great day for Van Slyke, glad to see them scoring runs late.

  32. KT

    Uribe a walk machine this year

  33. Anonymous

    Hope this proves something to Mattingly.

  34. KT

    I hate defensive indifference…!st time I said it this year…won’t be the last

  35. Thank god for Uribe and insurance runs.

    • Anonymous

      Juan has got to be one of the great stories of this year so far. Two wasted years, now — perhaps — some redemption.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a little early to say that but, for the moment, he deserves to be in the lineup.

  36. KT

    Nice play Juan…Ball Game…wins series….got to love it

  37. Anonymous

    Close call, but it’s a win.

  38. Anonymous

    Nice win on a special day, with support from a variety of sources, but I don’t think that League is the mother of all closers.

    • Anonymous

      He was close to be being part of that phrase!

    • Anonymous

      Yep, he doesn’t miss many bats. A steadily climbing whip and era. Unfortunately, his salary is driving his appearances.

      • Anonymous

        Let him earn his keep as an innings-eater until he proves otherwise.

        If he gives up 2 and has the tying run come to the plate against the Marlins, would even Don want him facing the Nationals or Braves or ______ in a key situation?

  39. Anonymous

    Matt pointing out he’s tied with Dee and Clayton with 1 HR . . . nice to hear him laugh. I know he cares but hope he’s not pressing.

  40. Anonymous

    a win is a win is a win

  41. Anonymous

    Chris Sale of the White Sox has thrown just 65 pitches against the Angels in 6 innings. The Angels are … not getting on base….

  42. Anonymous

    Just home from Mother’s Day frivolities. Nice to see we won!

  43. Anonymous

    So I am sending the Nats out your way. At least one local writer has already included wins against our Bums as given. Perhaps the attached article this should be thumbtacked to the wall in the clubhouse.

  44. Anonymous

    Has anyone ever had to earn back a role that he did nothing to lose as many times as KJ?

  45. KT

    Going to tomorrow nights Matt Kemp Bobble Head night.

    Originally saw this on the schedule when it was 1st announced and silently cursed because it was a school night and my daughter and I wouldn’t be able to attend because of the long drive from San Diego

    Yesterday I was offered a free ticket by LA Woman on MSTI so my wife worked it out so I can go.

    Now with Kershaw pitching I have to make the decision on which autograph jersey to wear. Kemp or Kershaw?

    Maybe I’ll wear both, Kemp for offense and Kershaw for defense…It’ll be a game time decision like all the resent injuries

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