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May 13 Game Chat

It’s birthday night for the Mrs.!

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.


Mother’s Day game chat


Yankees thrive while Dodgers dive


  1. Anonymous

    Zimmermann has been real tough this year.

  2. KT

    Bob…Do I wear my autograph Kemp or Kershaw jersey to tomorrow’s game?
    Kershaw pitching
    Kemp Bobble head night

    • Anonymous

      No easy questions from you, eh? Go with Matty, he needs your mojo.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not the Bob you wanted, but BOBble head night leaves it open to all of us bobbing along. :)

      Take both jerseys — change after the 4th inning because there won’t be a bottom of the 9th!

  3. Anonymous

    Buckett is agonizingly slow, as Vin suggests.

  4. Hau`oli Lā Hānau to Mrs. Weisman!

  5. KT

    Only 17 minutes to go through 5 batters

  6. Anonymous

    25 pitches.

  7. KT

    Nick hit Nick

    Come on Luis

  8. That inning summed up why watching the Dodgers this year is so frustrating. Pitcher pulled after 3 innings and we pinch hit with Luis Cruz, who grounds into a double play. I don’t have much hope left for Cruz.

    • KT

      me either

      • Anonymous

        His numbers haven’t changed much recently though, correct? So no reason, statistically I mean, to expect sudden improvement?

  9. KT

    Time to scratch this inning

  10. KT

    Alright Dee
    Come on Gonzo

  11. KT

    right Rick…should have tagged

    • Anonymous

      See Goeson could tag up on an infield fly, there is no reason for him not to tag up. I hate to say it, but that was bad coaching by Wallach.

  12. Anonymous

    There really is no reason why Luis Cruz is still on the roster. Whatever potential he might have (and I think there is an approach problem–it did not happen here, but he is prone to first pitch swinging), it’s not working and it’s not going to come together getting the occasional pinch hitting chance. We have sent down Elian Herrera who seems to be hitting better and is more versatile, and Justin Sellers who is better defensively. I don’t really care that Cruz is out of options–29 year-old journeyman career minor league third baseman who are hitting under .100 are just not going to get claimed on waivers.

  13. Anonymous

    I just got home and checked out the game. I guess we’re not playing the Marlins anymore.

  14. Never mind the third inning, this game is why watching the Dodgers this year is so frustrating. I’m ready for Kid K already.

  15. Anonymous

    The following appeared in the Washington Post today and is about the Nationals’ recent woes:

    “There may be no better cure for that than the next two opponents on a 10-game West Coast trip and emerging ace Jordan Zimmermann on the mound on Monday. . . . Zimmermann (6-1, 1.59 ERA) squares off against Josh Beckett (0-4, 5.13 ERA), an easy way to snap a two-game skid.”

  16. Anonymous

    What is worse, the errors leading to runs or dee on third with no outs and no one scores!

  17. Wow, Harper hit the wall hard. Hope he’s alright.

  18. Anonymous

    That was pretty scary. It looked like Harper got knocked out cold. The way he plays, you almost expect to see a Bryce Harper shaped hole in the wall.

    That’s the same scoreboard that tried to kill James Loney in 2007 and injured Kemp in April 2007. I like the out of town scores as much as the next guy, but those are just too dangerous. They need to cover those up with a passes fence. (They could put the scores on the new hexagon auxiliary advertising boards in the outfield, resulting in safer play and less advertising.)

    It’s not like I want to play against him, but I hope Harpwr is OK and back immediately.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Mrs. Weisman…… A very Happy Birthday to you!

    Speaking of birthdays, have any of you guys ever bought the big Costco “birthday” (wink, wink) cake….. just for yourself?
    I have to admit….. I’ve done it.

    Usually when I’ve been hungry and shopping alone….
    I never eat even half of it in the subsequent week….
    But, it’s worth it….. so worth it.
    Give it a go! :-)

    And now, let’s get back to this one….

    • Anonymous

      To do that, I sense you are a lot younger than I am.

  20. Anonymous

    I’d keep Kemp in the lineup but put him in the No. 2 spot, bat Gordon leadoff and put Crawford in the No. 3 hole. When Kemp’s power returns, I’d put him back in the 3 or 4 spot. Right now, he’s not producing enough to keep him in either of those positions, but his average is gradually increasing.

  21. Anonymous

    Harper’s crashing into the wall is sadly reminiscent of Pete Reiser. I hope he’s OK.

  22. Anonymous

    3-inning save tonight for Old No Chance to Be A Friend Luke Hochevar of the Royals against the Angels.

  23. Anonymous

    A loss tonight that is similar to many others we have suffered this season, which will be nearly one-fourth over after we complete the three-game series with the Nationals.

  24. Does the entire Dodgers management (and players too, I imagine) go to sleep muttering RISP, RISP? ‘Cause all of ’em should.

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