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Talking Dodgers with Will Leitch

Will Leitch was kind enough to invite me as a guest on his Sports on Earth podcast, which just hit the Internetwaves today. It’s almost all about the Dodgers, with a little entertainment chat slipped in at the end. Enjoy …

Dodgers at Braves, 4:30 p.m.



Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days


May Ow-ers


  1. KT

    I feel the same way about our cousins the Angels

  2. KT

    And we are underway…Come on Carl

  3. Anonymous

    Stupid wall.

    • Anonymous

      Always assume the opposite of what Steiner says.

  4. KT

    Charlie called that a foot short…Upton was barely on the warning track 3-5 feet from the wall

  5. KT

    Nice play Nicky!!

  6. KT

    26 pitches in the 1st two less than Clayton on Tuesday…Here comes another gem

  7. Anonymous

    Paul Goldschmidt has 2 HRs and 4 RBI in his first two ABs in Miami tonight.

  8. KT

    Good hit AJ!!

  9. Anonymous

    and yet there was no excitement whatsoever in Steiner’s voice on that double.

  10. KT

    Come on SVS

  11. KT

    hit but no rbi for Luis!

  12. KT

    well at least we got the run…Come on RYU

  13. Anonymous

    We’ll take it, Dee!

  14. KT

    Come on DP

  15. Anonymous

    Just started listening. Why so many Ryu balls?

  16. KT

    need to have a shorter inning next time or he won’t be long for this one…currently at 42 pitches

  17. KT

    Shredder again with the base knock!

  18. Anonymous

    ruh roh…

  19. KT

    This ump has a low zone

  20. KT

    Come on Ryu let’s get BJ

  21. Anonymous

    Mark Ellis played 3 innings for AA tonight, 1 AB; 4 plays in the field. I don’t know if the plan was for him to play only 3 but that would be the most hopeful explanation.

  22. KT

    Nice base running AJ

  23. KT

    Nice RYU!!!

  24. KT


  25. KT

    way to get those 2 runs back…Now hold them Ryu

  26. Anonymous

    Good start

  27. KT

    Let’s turn 2 Ryu

  28. KT

    Scott (andy) Van slyke then Matty with back to back great catches

  29. Anonymous


  30. KT


  31. Anonymous

    Coming soon, a real adventure that is …..our bullpen!

  32. KT

    Double play ball here Paco

  33. Oh wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      jeez i just tuned in, and for this?

      • KT

        only down by two…we were down before we can get them back

        • Anonymous

          I like your optimism KT :)

        • Anonymous

          You know me, love to whine. The outfielders have got to be feeling a bit let down after their stellar defense earlier.

  34. KT

    Shoe Charlie not Punto

  35. KT

    Charlie it bounced off the warning track

  36. Anonymous

    One more out to keep it close

  37. Anonymous

    Well, about that stellar outfield defense..

  38. KT

    either lost it in the lights or badly misplayed

  39. Anonymous

    Bull pen shenanigans again. I’m telling you, ever since Lyons went on and on about how good it was, they’ve been completely unreliable. How do we lift that curse?

    • Anonymous

      Fire Lyons? He also said Jupton’s homers never drove in anybody but himself.

  40. KT


  41. Anonymous

    I hope this 2 HR effort is not in vain

  42. KT

    3 in the top of 9 with a pinch hitter and the top of the order…can it be done?

  43. Anonymous

    Better defense and we’d be rosy tonight.

  44. KT

    Alright Shoe!

  45. KT

    Come on Dre

  46. KT

    night all

  47. Anonymous

    This was a tough one.

  48. Anonymous

    Blantonmania continues in Anaheim. Against Chicago so far, 3 IP, 6 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 5 K. Just throw it up there Joe and hope somebody catches it.

    Or play the White Sox who have a lot of guys who miss.

    • Anonymous

      He may not be so lucky in the 4th, 1st and 3rd, no one out

  49. Anonymous

    Caution, don’t hit 2 R in a game or you will be benched for such offensive output (Eithier back in RF)

  50. KT

    Today’s lineup:

    Crawford LF
    Kemp CF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ethier RF
    Schumaker 2B
    Federowicz C
    Punto 3B
    Gordon SS
    Capuano P

  51. KT

    Great Catch Matty!!!!
    Stole a home run from Heyward

  52. KT

    Class reaction to Kemp’s catch by Heyward

  53. KT

    Good inning by Cappy

  54. KT

    Nice hit Fed

  55. KT

    Nice turn at second by Shoe

  56. KT


  57. KT

    Good inning Cappy

  58. Anonymous

    Capuano is pitching really well. Glad to see it!

    • KT

      I was just about to type he’s pitched another good inning…He’s only at 66 pitches

  59. Anonymous

    Their pitcher’s not too shabby either.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is our hitters can make EVERY pitcher look like an All Star.

  60. Gameday:

    Free audio if you’re in a blackout zone like me, free MLB.TV game otherwise.

  61. KT

    Cappy at 73 through 6…good outing so far

  62. Anonymous

    Capuano rules!

  63. Anonymous

    How about a couple more runs now, boys?

  64. KT

    Standing O Cappy!!!

  65. Anonymous

    Get the K or double play!

  66. Well, shucks.

  67. KT

    such a waste of a good game by cappy

  68. Anonymous

    So sick of this.

  69. Anonymous

    I’m feeling for Cappy.

  70. Anonymous

    Arizona, on the other hand, able to hold onto their 1-0 lead to win…

  71. I had high hopes for this season, but they’re fading rapidly.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too. Not feelin’ it much anymore.

      • Anonymous

        Feeling LOTS . . . none of it good.

  72. Anonymous

    Easier to watch these when Vin’s talking.

    • Anonymous

      He;s worth MUCH more than a spoonful of sugar . . . and following the ’13 Dodgers is MUCH worse than any medicine I’ve had to take.

  73. Anonymous

    So with a 2 run lead on Friday, Mattingly’s pulls one of our best pitchers and a pitcher who has hit in the 5th inning, but on Saturday leaves in a weak hitting pitcher who can get tired to hit after 7 in Inge when we have only a 1 run lead. It’s not surprising that neither of these moves have worked out because they are both the opposite of what logic would dictate. I hate to say it, but the calls to get rid of Mattingly’s might be right. The players may not be producing, but the decisions all week (why did Kershaw make 132 pitches?) have been really bad–which can be forgiven (see Tommy Lasorda) if the manager can spur in his team to get their best performances out of them. And that just clearly is not happening.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t heard many of the games this week, but with every facet of their game: “hitting, defense, starting pitching, and bullpen — failing at one point or another, it’s got to be difficult to make any plans . . . they just find different ways/players to lose each game.

    • Anonymous

      the fact that this completely wrong post from leekfink has received one approval astounds me.
      taking Ryu out and leaving Capuano in were both good decisions; just for starters Ryu had thrown 100 pitches while Capuano had thrown 85 pitches at the times leekfink mentions. It was to get away from posts this dumb that I found DT some years ago. leekfink has posted both interesting and intelligent comments in the past, I hope he will again in the future.

      • Anonymous

        You could argue that Ryu was cooked after 100 pitches, but really that is not an excessive pitch count. Another inning to get to 120 pitches is more like the limit. The pitch count also gets balanced against the situation–it was the 6th inning, which means you’re not going to League, Jansen, Rodriguez, or Bellisario, but instead Guerrier. Ryu at 100 pitches is a better pitcher than Guerrier (or really anyone but Jansen now and what we hope League is going to return to).

        The problem with Capuano was not the pitching alternatives, but the offense. After 7 innings, we had a 1-0 lead. Do you really expect Capuano to shut out the Beaves? No. This is not Kershaw here, 1 run is to be expected. So you try to get some insurance across. Get a pinch hitter (Ellis and Uribe are sitting on the bench with an OBP over .400, and we’re carrying 3 catchers specifically for pinch hitting duty) and then rely on the three best hitters on the team to push another run across. Instead, Mattingly’s gives up the out by letting Capuano hit. And it turns out that he was not prepared to let Capuano go, because he pulled him two hitters into the next inning. A one out single is the second-most benign thing a pitcher can do–he didn’t walk anyone, he didn’t let the lead-off hitter aboard, he didn’t allow an extra base but, he didn’t allow a long fly ball the Matt Kemp has to save from going out. If you know you are going to pull him unless he’s perfect, then you have to hit for him and try to get some runs.

        • Anonymous

          Ryu was clearly tired.

          The players in the bull-pen need work. Guerrier at 0 pitches is better than a tired Ryu after 100 pitches after not throwing strikes all game which is why he had 100 pitches. Guerrier was fine btw, Paco was the problem.

          Capuano was throwing well all game; Mattingly didn’t give him 2 hitters he gave him until the Braves got a baserunner which I’m confident he told Capuano before he let him hit.

          I don’t agree with your post just above; I think both of Mattingly’s decisions were reasonable- but at least your new post was a normal baseball conversation not like your original post

          • Anonymous

            Well, I think my original post was fine, even if you disagree with it. It certainly is well within the bounds of the guidelines. Although I referenced the ultimately bad results (two losses), I tried to argue from the vantage point of odds at the time, and I would say that the odds on Guerrier were not good, while Paco were, even if the results were opposite.

            It does not make sense to use the bullpen because they “need work.” With Capuano and Magill set to pitch on Saturday and Sunday, you figure the pen is going to get plenty of work. (One of the few justifications I could imagine for letting Kershaw throw 132 pitches on Tuesday is to give the bullpen some rest.)

            But by far the biggest problem is the Capuano decision. It’s not about his pitching, it’s his hitting. Leaving a guy in until he gives up a baserunner is a horrible decision in that situation. It’s always somewhat questionable, because it means you’re asking the bullpen to get out of a jam, but when it happens right after the pitcher hits, it’s just bad. You’re suggesting that Mattingly would have pulled Capuano had he let the lead off man aboard (I think you’re right, he would have), but then you would have had the pitcher hit, gotten no outs from him in the bottom of the inning, and made the pen get out of a jam. That’s simply undefendable.

  74. Anonymous

    Two hits. Two.

  75. Anonymous

    Good teams find ways to win . . . bad teams find ways to lose.
    Soo much potential, rarely all clicking at the same time.

  76. Anonymous

    Well, so what now? Any ideas?

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