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May Ow-ers

The Dodgers, who are 4-11 in May, need to go at least 7-5 in the month’s remaining 12 games to avoid their worst May ever in Los Angeles, worse than the 11-17 Mays of 1958, 1995 and 2005.

The ’95 team rallied to win a division title.


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  1. Anonymous

    Slim hope, but hope nonetheless.

  2. Anonymous

    Jon, knowing the miserable start the Dodgers have had, I would think some accountability could be assessed. It can’t be all injuries can it? Can it be managerial? Or is it just under performing? Perhaps you would consider a post to put some kind of a perspective on the season so far.

  3. Anonymous

    In May of 1995, Mike Piazza missed three weeks with an injury.

  4. One more game with ATL, three with MIL, three with STL, four with the crosstown Angels and one with COL. They can probably split with the Angels, get the last one from the Braves, maybe get one of three from the Cards, two of three from the Brewers, and lose to the Rockies. If that happens they come up a game lousier than their previous worst.

  5. Howard Fox

    this season is toast, they should let youngsters get their feet wet….even if everyone gets healthy, which is a big if, they need a new manager…
    they should plan for next year, get the top young players in the minors some experience, and let them play next year around the big salaries they are stuck with…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the season is toast as the Dodgers are 7 games out of 1st place, which is not insurmountable. To pack it in for the season is not reasonable. I agree the Dodgers may make a move with Donnie but I don’t think its time to give up.

    • Anonymous

      you want Kemp on the bench I assume; or not Kemp just Ethier or Ethier and Crawford-does Gonzalez go to the bench?

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