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May 21 game chat

Dodgers at Brewers, 5:10 p.m.


Dodgers 3, Brewers 1: Kershaw throws a Kershaw


May 22 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Good morning, John.

    • Anonymous

      Good morning to you too. You mentioned last post you were in my neck of the woods, where abouts are you?

  2. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF
    Punto 3B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    A Ellis C
    Schumaker 2B
    Gordon SS
    Greinke P #Whiff

  3. KT

    Come on Matty start it off

  4. KT

    Good hit Matty

  5. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  6. No Prime Ticket today either? Man, I can’t wait for that new TV deal to kick in!

  7. Anonymous

    Let’s make the most of this opportunity

  8. KT

    Your turn AJ…time to drive them in

  9. Anonymous

    Ugh. I’m off to vote. No more runs for the Brewers, okay?

    • Anonymous

      Good thought, but the Dodgers still have to score 2 to win it!

  10. Anonymous

    Those two half-innings sum up the year so far, huh? Hurting self with a 2-out walk . . . then not helping self at all.

    • First and second, none out, and fail to score. Yep, encapsulates the Dodgers’ offense all year. What a hot mess (and not in the Jack-in-the-Box Good Way).

    • Anonymous

      Bob, I couldn’t have summed it up any better !?!

  11. Anonymous

    I wasn’t aware of this, but perhaps some of you were already. From the L.A. Times: “Greinke, who spent a season and half with the Brewers, has never lost at Miller Park. He is 15-0 with a 2.89 ERA in 24 games at Miller, and the team 23-1 in those starts.”

  12. Anonymous

    Gotta like Zack’s hustle to make that happen.

  13. Anonymous

    Okay — no more deja vu! Let’s get some runs!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Surely this time!

      • Anonymous

        What can I say? — it’s the ’13 Dodgers . . . and don’t call me Shirley.

  14. Anonymous

    Department of Damaging Statistics:
    Dodgers are 13th in the National League in RISP at .223. (Cards are first at .332, Brewers at .254).
    Dodgers are last in the NL (and the majors) in batting with the bases loaded at .129. Braves lead the league at .448; Brewers are at .300

    • Anonymous

      So this is what the Brewers wanted?
      Make ’em pay, Matt!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Let’s see what Kemp can do against a pitcher with an ERA of over 6.

    • Anonymous

      Make him look like an All Star. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing this offense has been able to do all year.

  16. Anonymous

    I wonder if the difference between Punto sacrificing and AJ not last time, is they are trying to avoid any possible collision at home for Grienke for a possible single?

    • Anonymous

      Rick Monday brought that up . . . and I’m wondering if he would risk going on a passed ball/WP. It’s not worth it.

  17. KT

    Come on Matty

  18. Anonymous

    Let Zack walk in — c’mon, Bison!

  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    This can’t be blamed on Donnie.

    • Logically, no. For sports columnists, of course it can. He should “light a fire” under them. He should “have a team meeting.” He should “motivate” them.

      • Anonymous

        I know what you mean.
        But I’m just listening to it, and it sure sounded like Zack had a fire under him when he beat it out.

    • Anonymous

      What is happening at home plate is not Mattingly’s fault. But sometimes, certainly not always, the replacement of the manager helps a team move in a positive direction. I expect that unless this team turns things around in a hurry, Mattingly will pay the price.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that his job is in danger. I think the offense is to blame for the recent meltdowns on defense (how can you not be thinking about shortcomings at the plate when you’re in the field?) and with the bullpen (how can they expect to be perfect when — as Jon posited a few posts ago — they are by definition nowhere near perfect to begin with?).

  21. Anonymous

    (double sigh) At least I don’t have the extra frustration of actually watching it!

  22. So much for Matt and André coming out of their year-long slumps. 16 RBI all year for Matt and 15 RBI all year for Ethier. How frustrating.

  23. Anonymous

    Besides the much ado about nothing, I hope being out there so long this doesn’t affect Zack’s pitching.
    He sure did his part on offense.

  24. Anonymous

    Our ineptitude with men in scoring position seems to have no bounds. Already, in just three innings, we are 0-for-5 with RISP and 0-for-2 with the bases loaded. But, there are still six innings remaining. Maybe, just maybe, things will turn around today.

    • Anonymous

      I like to think of myself as an optimist — but isn’t that the definition of insanity, repeating the same thing and expecting different results?
      It’s certainly causing sanity problems in this Dodger fan!

  25. Anonymous

    I’m back. I did my civic duty. The Dodgers? not so much…

    • Anonymous

      They’re living up to your screen name — maybe your Blue duty is to change it . . . how about “Dodgers Win!”?

      • Anonymous

        I’m willing to try anything at this point. Look for it, Bob_in_Vegas.

  26. KT

    Let’s see if we can scratch this inning

  27. Anonymous

    Familiar territory . . . let’s have better results!

  28. Anonymous


    If you want it done, do it yourself!

    • Yeah. “I’ve given up hope on the offense, so I’d better take some extra cage time before my starts,” Kershaw and Greinke and Ryu all say.

  29. KT


  30. Anonymous

    If it weren’t for the risk of injuries, Zack and Kershaw should be given serious consideration as pinch hitters.

  31. KT


  32. Anonymous

    Finally a lead!

  33. AGon’s been slumping, at least in average, and it shows.

  34. Anonymous

    It could have been better; it could have been worse.

  35. Anonymous

    DP time!

  36. Anonymous

    Greinke is now hitting .500, Ryu .294, Kershaw .174 and Beckett .125. No other pitcher has any hits.

  37. KT

    Nice Dre

  38. KT

    Drive him in AJ

  39. Anonymous

    Isn’t that appropriate? . . .. a hit with RISP that doesn’t score anyone!

  40. Anonymous

    I like the try . . . I just wish Dee was better.
    When is Hanley due back?

    • Did Gordon bunt back to the pitcher? Squeeze?

    • Anonymous

      Hanley Ramirez tested his hamstring running in the outfield, and
      Mattingly said the shortstop continues to make progress, although he is
      still probably two weeks away from playing.
      from Tuesday

  41. Greinke is at 77 pitches, and I can’t imagine him going more than about 85 or 90. So we get to place bets on the bullpen again. I’d sure like to have had a bases-clearing double in one of those bases-loaded situations we left without a run.

  42. KT

    Need a 1-2-3 DP

  43. 89 pitches, and he’s given up four straight hits. Can I call ’em or what?

  44. Bye-bye ball game.

  45. Anonymous

    I’d almost rather we only had 2 hits

  46. Anonymous

    How quickly and how frequently this season games blow up in our faces.

  47. Anonymous

    Other teams seem to score multiple runs so effortlessly against us. Our offense seems perpetually stuck in first gear, or reverse.

  48. Anonymous

    Not that the Dodgers are pressing but I hear they are working Van Slyke out at short. While I jest, how many balls are hit to short in a game that require more than a routine catch and throw?

  49. Anonymous

    Jon, we need wise words from you before everyone on this blog explodes!

  50. Anonymous

    I don’t know how much you can count on a hitting coach, but if there is such a glaring weakness with the “hitters,” shouldn’t McGwire be the initial sacrificial lamb over Donnie?

    Speaking of sacrificial lambs, while I don’t think this is Donnie’s fault, IF a change in managers results in the Dodgers living up to their potential, I’m now for it.

    If something doesn’t click into place, this year will truly be Shakespearean — Much Ado About Nothing.

  51. Anonymous

    We will need at least six runs to win this game. We have done that only once in the last 14 games and only eight times all season. I’m going below deck now. Carry on.

  52. Anonymous

    Even KT’s optimism has been squelched by our lack of offense!

    • Anonymous

      These are the time which try our patience, if not our souls.

  53. Anonymous

    I’m mostly concerned with Matt’s tendency to K this year, as he did at the record-setting pace once upon a time.

    • Anonymous

      I am mostly concerned with the dingers, i.e. I wouldn’t mind this K rate if he were hitting some.

  54. Anonymous

    Skip to tie it up?

    • Anonymous

      No, we call up the big gun (all or nothing)

      • Anonymous

        Sums up this year.

  55. Anonymous

    On 3 pitches

  56. Anonymous

    It’s painful hearing the soundbites on the radio postgame show — great hits, people happy to be in LA, etc.

    “Those were the days, my friends, we thought they’d never end . . . “

  57. Anonymous

    Okay, Bob in Vegas. I’m officially changing from LOB2 to RBI. Stay posted.

    • Anonymous

      If it works, Donnie may owe you his job . . . and all us fans will owe you our gratitude!
      Of course, you’ll probably have to be “RBI (FKA LOB)”

      • Anonymous

        May take me until tomorrow, though,

  58. Well if I can take one positive from tonight’s broadcast it was hearing Lyons admit that he was wrong about the thing on the Brewer’s caps being a hop. Though he blamed it on people not getting his sense of humor. I like to think my tweet informing him of the difference between a piece of wheat (barley actually) and a hop led to his acknowledgement.

  59. Anonymous

    Isn’t it about time to fire Mickey Hatcher?

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