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May 22 game chat

Dodgers at Brewers, 10:10 a.m.

Cruz 77 .096 .118 .096 .214 0 0 0
Gordon 63 .167 .274 .259 .533 1 5 2
Sellers 76 .191 .267 .250 .517 1 0 0
Schumaker 92 .213 .315 .275 .590 0 1 0
Greinke/Kershaw/Ryu 55 .265 .308 .367 .675 1 0 0


May 21 game chat


May 24 game chat


  1. agreher

    No reason to leave Juan Uribe’s .234 of this list unless of course you are giving him the benefit of the fact that this is the highest season avg he has had since joining the Dodgers. If the Yanks had him he’d be hitting .275 with 9 HR’s in a platoon role. Gordon and the above crew should get more of a pass than Uribe just based on salary alone.
    I am growing tired of the cold bats and untimely hitting. Might be time for Big Mac or Donnie to get canned just to shake things up.

  2. noah

    Dee’s hot start sure fizzled out quickly. This team needs Hanley bad (and Kemp and Ethier need to start hitting with RISP). Captain Obvious, I know…

    Jon, I believe the game starts at 10:10am today.

  3. Curious, would you rather:

    A) Move Hanley to third and trade for a SS
    B) Keep Hanley at SS and trade for a 3B
    C) Fire Donnie B and hope that changes everything?

    • Anonymous

      Move Hanley to 3B and time for Gordon to prove that he is either a bona-fide major leaguer or not. If not, Saeger may have to be expedited or a trade/FA becomes necessary.

  4. Anonymous

    For most jobs, there exists some measures of accountability.

    I fail to see how we can hold a baseball manager accountable for the failures of his players.
    It’s such an odd proposition to me.

    As our President (love him or not) would ‘term it’…. For a policy / directive to be effective, it needs to ‘have some teeth’ to it. (This was his reference to the individual mandate of the health care law) Meaning, that there must be some entity or true consequence (punitive measure) injected into the situation / policy with which to threaten / control peoples’ behavior and/or have the ability to truly be effective as a legislator (law) / policy. If you will…..

    Getting guys to “buy in”….. (get real…. they should be self-motivated)

    How can anything a manager says ‘have any teeth to it’ when the players have “guaranteed contracts” and get paid so much more than the manager?
    Answer: It can’t. The only ‘teeth’ that could ever be wielded on the players would either have to come from upper management… through re-working their collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union, and acing the notion of a 100% guaranteed contract. Then, fines could be levied and contracts could be voided as necessary…. thus, holding the players accountable for their attitudes and performance.

    Most of the rest of the world words this way, as we all know.

    • agreher

      while in the real world i agree with you, in the sports world firing the manager to jump start a team works all of the time. Baseball is littered with examples of managers fired in season and the team making a playoff push under a new manager. At the end of the day do you want to teach these players to be accountable for themselves and teach them a lesson or would you rather save you lessons for those who are willing to learn from you. The players could care less what you think their moral code should be even though you are right. Get passed the morals argument. Sports is a diversion.

      • Anonymous

        There are far more examples of baseball teams firing their managers and continuing to suck the rest of the season. Kirk Gibson did not make the D’Backs immediately better, nor did Davey Johnson Buck Showalter, or Bob Melvin. Better players improved those clubs.

        In fact, who is the last manager to come into a mid-season situation and take a team to the playoffs? The last one I can recall is Jack Mckeon in Florida, but that was 10 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      But every baseball player has a guaranteed contract. And not all teams play poorly. So I don’t know how this would be a particular incentive.

      NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed. And players get cut a lot. And that doesn’t make the bad teams any better.

      You are making it sound like the Dodgers are staffed by the L.A. Department of Water and Power.

      • Anonymous

        I love that response, btimm.

        I see your point on the other sports.
        I suppose I favor the idea of a team being able to jettison a ‘bad investment’ with little or no strings attached. They can attempt to move on sooner and improve themselves.

        And, yes…. when I think about it… once the contract is signed, MLB players have a great deal in common with the LA-DWP terms of employment. Except, for the life time pension, of course. :-)

        • Anonymous

          There is not an inexhaustible supply of major league quality baseball players. Do you suggest firing a player after a series of bad games?

          Baseball operated that way for the first 150 years of existence. And there were still really bad teams. Teams that would make this year’s Dodgers team look very good.

          What would would the players be getting fined for? Not performing well? It’s not like they’re not trying. They’re just not doing it well. It happens in sports.

      • Anonymous

        If the Dodgers were staffed by DWP, the payroll would be double what it is today.

    • Anonymous

      I say the above statement, in part, due to the nature of the game of baseball.

      It is a ‘team’ sport, but the proceedings are truly governed by an ‘aggregate of individuals’…

      When Andre Ethier is hitting, no team mate can hit the ball for him.
      The battle is between Andre and the pitcher only.
      When a ball is hit to Mark Ellis, no team mate can help him get a better hop or make it easier for him to catch…. it is he who needs to field it himself.
      When the pitcher walks in a run, it is truly he, and he alone, who missed the strike zone…

      Of course, there are few situations where this could be argued… but, in general, this is the case with baseball.

      So, if a fellow player on the field can’t help, how can a manager who’s sitting in the dugout?
      The effect of the manager, by the time you get to the Major Leagues, seems so subjective.

      The players know the game well, as they’ve been playing it for years and years….

      Bottom Line: From what I see of this club so far in 2013, it’s 100% on the players.

      And, if they turn it around and succeed…they deserve the accolades as well.

  5. Anonymous

    I doubt there is any team in the NL right now without a couple of position players below .675 OPS. If a middle infielder can hit .700 OPS, he would probably be starting for some team somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      The Braves have FOUR starters with an OPS below .675: BJ Upton, Jason Heyward, Dan Uggla, and Andrelton Simmons

  6. KT


  7. KT

    Matty didn’t even try to get a double…dogged it out of the box

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see it live but the replay on gameday shows Kemp going back to first after what strikes me as going fairly far toward second; also, he comes out of the batter’s box at least normally.
      Gomez has a fine arm. In conclusion, given all I have is the replay, I see no reason to think your claim is correct.

  8. KT

    way to get on Nick

  9. KT

    Good job Juan!

  10. KT


  11. KT


  12. KT

    Nice Agon!…The swing that might break him out of the slump

  13. KT

    2 walks in a row…love it

  14. KT

    6-0 after 2 good start but might not be enough

  15. There are roughly a couple hundred people in the world with guaranteed, multiyear contracts to be a baseball player. I would guess that in most professions, the best 200 employees in the world also have guaranteed contracts.

  16. KT

    Loved how Kemp launched his body to everything behind that strike to 3rd to get Gomez

  17. KT


  18. Anonymous

    Jon left Ramon Hernandez out of his chart today because he was a prophet!

  19. KT


  20. Everybody left? Assumed the game was won? Taking things for granted, are we? ;)

    • agreher

      no, we just don’t know what to do with 7 runs in a game when we usually get 7 a week

    • KT

      nothing to talk about

  21. KT

    This cleared up some of the questions I had with AFL rules:

    • Anonymous

      It’s an interesting game!

      • KT

        I watched it a lot as a kid

        • Anonymous

          I like it, but I prefer Football (Soccer) and Rugby League

      • Anonymous

        What happened with the guy who used to stand around in a hat and raincoat?

        • Anonymous

          I assume you mean the goal umpires behind the goal, they have modernised their attire

  22. Anonymous

    Why is Ramon Hernandez not on this list?

  23. I couldn’t have been the only person here on pins and needles during that, right?

    • KT

      no Belli only let’s inherited runners to score…never his own

    • KT

      Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 5m

      Ronald Belisario has allowed 9 of 13 inherited runners to score this season

  24. KT

    Well still haven’t hit that elusive 10 run mark…still 1 of 4 teams not to do it this year

    • Anonymous

      I’d be happy with 9 every game :)

  25. Anonymous

    woke up to good news I see!

  26. KT

    Yes…we win a season series!!

  27. Anonymous

    It only takes 1 game to start a winning streak!

  28. Anonymous

    So has the announcement on Mattingly come yet?

  29. Anonymous

    Old friend Kuroda (6-2 with a 1.99 ERA) is set to pitch for the Yanks on ESPN at 4 pm.

    Personally I hope Mattingly doesn’t take the fall for the Dodgers players lack of execution.

    If the Dodgers can continue winning series like they just did in Milwaukee, all will be well.

  30. Anonymous

    Yesterday, at the suggestion of Bob_from_Vegas, I decided to change my username from LOB2 to RBI. While I couldn’t officially make the switch until now, I refrained from posting using my old, possibly-cursed moniker. I would like to point out that our offense seems to have taken note. I will remain RBI until further notice. Thank you.

    • foul tip

      I’m not superstitious, not at all. But, just in case, keep the new handle, for now. ;-[)

    • Anonymous

      The Dodgers are 1.000 since the change — you hold the power!
      May the Blue never have more LOB than RBI from now on!

    • I literally LOLed.

  31. Anonymous

    The espn recap noted that Hernandez has the most HR amongst active catchers. I hope today is the start of many more

  32. Anonymous

    Gnats and D-backs lose. We’re an even six behind.

    • Anonymous

      and the Padres losing by 5 (a pretty good day all around)

  33. Anonymous

    Time for Mattingley to go?

  34. foul tip

    Posting this just from memory, which can be tricky.

    But–despite all the doom and gloom–aren’t the Dodgers at exactly. 500 over the last 4 series, 6-6?

    Not that. 500 is adequate or what anyone wants, but hasn’t the team won 3 of those series 2-1?
    And wasn’t one of those 2-1s v. Washington?

    But the high profile 0-3 against the Braves seems to dominate perception, especially how it happened, losing leads each game. Still, the flip side of that is the Dodgers led one of baseball’s better teams in all 3.

    So, maybe those are just a few dark clouds in the sky, and large chunks of it may nor fall after all…

  35. Anonymous

    Derek Lowe is a free agent now! He’ll settle all the bullpen problems. Won’t he? Or he could start and he could be a right-handed Ted Lilly. Don’t we need more souvenirs for people in the pavilions?

    • Anonymous

      Derek Lowe, turning up again like a bad Penny.

    • foul tip

      Surely the the Dodgers haven’t sunk that Lowe…

    • Anonymous

      and when they meet in the clubhouse…
      Derek: “Hi Lilly”
      Ted: “Hi Lowe”

      • Man, I had hoped this remark would disappear overnight, but no, my hopes were dashed. That was AWFUL!

    • Anonymous

      Ned gets points for signing him the first time and points again for not signing him the second time. This time? He should be cheap and actually was not terrible out of the pen for the Yanks in 2012, but would seem like a desperation move on our part. As well as for him, given his public disdain for everything “West Coast”.

  36. Anonymous

    There will be special trains from Angels Stadium (and other OC locales) to Union Station on Monday and Tuesday.

    However, it doesn’t look like they can work it going in the other direction for Wednesday and Thursday. Stupid commuting patterns!

    • That is awesome! As a Dodger fan living in the shadow of the Big A I may have to look into this. $7 round trip is dirt cheap.

  37. Anonymous

    It’s too quiet around Dodgerland. Isn’t it time to fire Mickey Hatcher by now?

  38. KT

    Boy it’s been a long 2 days and we still 5.5 hrs to go

  39. Anonymous

    Where is ole John Shoemaker when you need him? All he did was win in the minors.

  40. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 3m

    #Dodgers lineup vs. #Cardinals:
    Crawford LF
    M Ellis 2B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    AJ Ellis C
    Punto SS
    Uribe 3B
    Capuano P

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