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May 24 game chat

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.


May 22 game chat


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  1. Anonymous

    If before the season you would have told me that one quarter through Uribe would have the same OPS+ as Kemp, I would have been happy. If you had told me that Kemp would have the same OPS+ as Uribe, I would not have been happy.

    • Anonymous

      Uribear now has a higher OPS+ than Matty {sigh}. Just makes me anticipate even more when the Bison shows us how easy this game is and we come roaring back.

  2. Anonymous

    My son’s working for the Vallejo Admirals, where they’re now cutting down the roster. He just sent me this text:

    “In a scrimmage, a guy gets a walk and heads to first. Pedro yells at him
    ‘We don’t want no walks. Go back and get a hit!’

    This might be difficult…”

  3. KT

    Good start for Cappy!!

  4. KT

    Good start Carl

  5. Anonymous

    C’mon, Cap — don’t let it get away! One more out . . .

  6. Anonymous

    K for Cappy!

  7. Anonymous

    Time for some you-know-what’s!

  8. KT

    Looking for a DP

  9. Anonymous

    Wrong team batting the runs in. Cappy not fooling anyone tonight. These Cards look really good.

  10. KT

    Nice Juan!!

  11. KT

    On that note…I’m gone

  12. Anonymous

    You know…… I could criticize…. I could just ‘pile on’…..
    Instead, I’ll just ask a single, simple question…..
    ‘ What could any manager do to change how the Dodgers are playing tonight? ‘

    • Anonymous

      Have Cap take more time between pitches so that we would still be in the top of the first?

      • Anonymous

        Ok…. so, ‘slow down the tempo’ …. Is that what you’re saying, Bob? :-)

        PS – Anything exciting going on for you this Holiday weekend?

  13. Anonymous

    This is not a fun game to watch.

    • The top of the 7th was such a pain in the ass. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game for a better outcome (I hope.)

  14. Anonymous

    “Burned by Freese” –Nice turn of phrase, Vin

  15. Dee Gordon on a 20 game hit-less slump. What’s his problem, a loss of confidence? I haven’t felt McGwire’s coaching presence at all this season.

    • Anonymous

      Who isn’t slumping?

      • Crawford and Gonzalez are okay, but can’t do it alone.

        • Anonymous

          Gonzalez, in case you haven’t noticed, is in a bad slump. He is 4 for 32, all singles, in his last 9 games with 9 strike outs.

          On the season, his XBH% is 7.0%. The lowest full season XBH% he has had was 8.6% in 2005. His % of hits that are XBH is 26%. Last year for the Dodgers that % was 33%, lowest for a full season was 35% in both 2011 and 2012

    • foul tip

      Every AB I’ve seen of Gordon’s (not very many), he looks lost, kind of distracted, maybe even mechanical. Maybe he’s trying to tone down his aggressiveness, which I think the team has suggested. But which he definitely didn’t the other night with that colossal base running blunder.

      However, you don’t need to tone down your swing once you decide to take it, unless maybe you’re an overswinging masher who’s getting himself out. Gordon sure isn’t that guy.

      I think he’s proven he needs to be in ABQ, even in this underwhelming left side of the IF.

    • Anonymous

      Gordon’s been an above average hitter relative to his league just once since leaving A ball, and that was this April as a 25 year old in AAA. Minor league stats are unreliable, but it does say something about a guy if he fails to hit at every single level he’s played in since A ball.

      • Anonymous

        Minor league stats, properly adjusted, tell you precisely as much as major league stats. They aren’t any more “reliable” than anything else. Gordon, when he hasn’t been bad, has been inconsistent. Players are human; stats are stats.

        People say, when it rains, God must be pissing on us. More likely it’s random noise. After a while you have to wonder: maybe Gordon can’t hit; maybe Offerman can’t field.

  16. Anonymous

    The only bright side to an otherwise demoralizing game: A.J. Ellis is no Busted Poser.

  17. Anonymous

    I feel like Charlie Brown every new game day. I know I shouldn’t go back out there and kick Lucy’s football. I know she’ll pull it away, whatever she says… But what if she doesn’t? Good grief.

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