• foul tip

    That’s one not-so-small step over an Angel…a giant leap for Dodgerkind?

  • foul tip

    OK. Firefox crashed last night right after it hit 6-1. I kind of agreed with the browser and didn’t reboot, just figured to see some sort of pitiful result this morning. Well, hush my mouth…

    I think FF plug-in container and shockwave flash have some kind of duel at times that ends in a standoff, hung in a loop or something. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my insisting on having about 27 windows and tabs open at the same time…..nah…..

    Maybe there’s sort of a message in there for the Dodgers, especially hitters…reboot, simplify things, focus on one pitch, one AB, at a time….not 27 or so different things all at once.

  • foul tip

    However the Boston trade eventually settles out, where would this team be without AGon, Crawford, and Punto? Sure hasn’t been much production elsewhere.

    Think I saw decent AAA stats for Rubby and Webster recently. Will this prove to be one of those trades that benefit both teams?

    And, no, doubt I comment for the cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Fringe benefit of having these ex-Bosoxers on the team (and Mattingly as manager) is that Fox announcers can effortlessly segue into East Coast bias.

  • SpaceDodgers

    This is an excellent title for this post.

  • Anonymous

    A come-from-behind victory is one small step for most other teams,
    one giant leap for the 2013 Dodgers . . . but it’s also a leap which is
    the first step on the longest journey.

    And definitely an “Amen!” to the praises for the Bostonians!

  • Anonymous

    I admit it: I gave up on the Dodgers last night. We were driving home from a weekend on the coast and turned the game off the radio after the first two runs. We tuned back in a few innings later, only to hear them go down 4-1, and started hand-wringing about whether it was time for Mattingly to be the sacrificial lamb.

    We therefore had no expectations when we turned the game on at home, expecting a quick and painless death, to find it tied 6-6. I still didn’t expect Brandon League to get out of the ninth unscathed, but was pleasantly surprised when he did.

    It’s still one game, and a sloppy one at that. And it goes to show that the Angels have jus as many problems as the Dodgers, especially with their pitching. But let’s hope this is indeed a turnaround point.

    • Anonymous

      Against my better judgement, I stuck it out and was glad I did. The first few innings, though, were farcical.

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Dr. Lewis Yocum. How many players owe their careers to him and his team? Sad.

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