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May 29 game chat

Dodgers at Angels, 7:05 p.m.


Ryu Flu sends Angels to bed with 3-0 shutout


Kempless game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Let’s go, Dodgers, let’s go! (add your own claps)

  2. Anonymous

    In 2010, 5th year man Jered Weaver a RHP did slightly worse against RHH in OBP and SLG than vs LHH, this continued in 2011 but the difference increased a little, last year, where I started looking since he has been in only 2 games this year the difference got even larger plus even in the small sample of 2013 it continues. Mattingly plays as many LHH as possible in spite of these facts. I admit that given the Dodger roster the only significant replacement is Schumaker for Ellis and Ellis has bad #’s vs Weaver.

  3. No Prime Ticket again! Who ARE these Angels broadcasters, anyway?

    • Anonymous

      Victor Rojas is PBP. Mark Gubicza is the analyst.

  4. Anonymous

    They old “first 45 pitches” for Cap.

  5. Anonymous

    That was the 26th pitch, I believe.

  6. Anonymous

    Department of obscure minutia: Hyun-jin RYU is the second player in Dodgers history to have a three-letter name that begins with “R” and ends with “U.” The other was a lefty starter who pitched for the Dodgers from 1972 through 1979: Doug RAU. He had 11 shutouts and 33 complete games among his 81 wins for L.A.

    • Anonymous

      and was a Lasorda favorite!

      • Anonymous

        An effective soft-tosser.

      • Anonymous

        You must be referring to the Lasorda-Rau “discussion” in the second inning of the third game of the 1977 World Series. It may be the most foul-mouthed tape recording in baseball history. It is available on YouTube, but only the sound, no pictures. Then there is Lasorda’s response when asked what he thought about Dave Kingman’s performance after he beat the Dodgers with three homers in a game.

    • Anonymous

      I would hate to find important minutia.

      • Anonymous

        It’s there. You just have to look hard.

  7. Anonymous

    Is Weaver on a pitch count? The way things have started that may not be a factor, however.

    • Anonymous

      he threw 75 pitches a week ago in XST

  8. Anonymous

    In the silver lining department, anything other than a K is a victory . . .

  9. Anonymous

    Andre!!! Let’s get him in now! C’mon, Matt!

  10. Anonymous

    Getting tough to find silver linings with Kemp ABs. :(

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    C’mon, Carl! — one of the consistent hitters this year!

  13. Anonymous

    Silver lining dept.: more tease, but at least the tie.

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    AJ’s success rate bring ups the debate again about the inane (in most cases) “defensive indifference,” AKA “Here, please move into scoring position.”

  16. Anonymous

    Everyone knows the refrain — “Walks hurt.”

  17. Anonymous

    The Angels arrived home very hungry indeed. On another note, isn’t there anyone out there who can help Kemp remember how to bat?

    • Anonymous

      I still believe that at some point this season Kemp will acknowledge that he is hurting and that he just wanted to play through the pain for the good of the team. It’s a story we have heard before. Perhaps the Dodgers should put him on the DL and bring up Puig or Pederson.

      • Anonymous

        Something’s off, for sure. But that surgery is no joke. It could just be general weakness and….Matt Kemp is leaving because he’s hurt!

  18. Anonymous

    Oh boy. Matty’s out and hurt.

  19. Anonymous

    As Vinny says, a buck short. Nice to see two home runs in the 9th, though.

  20. Anonymous

    Still, two home runs off their closer counts as grit, right?

  21. Anonymous

    We gotta clone Agon . . . or at least play the players who are producing.

    I feel for Matt and am not giving up on him . . . but his spot in the lineup is a black hole — when he’s coming up, as much as I’m hoping, I’m also feeling like I do when Dee Gordon is there . . . or Juan Uribe before he became the Uribear. Now this hamstring news should definitely mean he sits and heals.

    • Anonymous

      What’s the hamstring news?

      • Anonymous

        Strained hamstring took him out of the game, according to the postgame reports. Shades of last year.

  22. MRI tomorrow for Matt. It’s the other hamstring from the one he hurt last year. Great. Two potentially weak ones rather than one.

    Man, the guy can’t buy a break.

  23. Anonymous

    We might as well give Puig a go

    • Anonymous

      All for it!

      • Anonymous

        he is not a CFer

        • Anonymous

          Desperate times call for desperate measures! (Don’t think either is the case, but I just wanted to say that)

        • foul tip

          But Joc Pederson is, right?

          • Anonymous

            he was almost exclusively a corner in ’11 but mostly a CFer last year and this.

          • Anonymous

            but not on the 40-man, right?

        • Anonymous

          Gwynn? (Shoe is a lefty already), Castellanos (played one game this year in CF-pretty sure that Puig would be better there)? In the short-run he could DH against the lefty Vargas (if he was already on the jet), start against De La Rosa in Coors (wouldn’t that be something!) and then again against Stults on Monday in left with SVS in right.. All this said, hope Bison is OK.

  24. Anonymous

    Missed end of Dodger game, but there were some nice highlights of the Gnats: I was a little surprised to read that Scutario has committed nine errors at 2B until I saw

    My favorite of the night, though, was the following:

    • Anonymous

      It is used to be rare to see errors from either team among the highlights of Dodger games; now they do show them on run scoring plays which is also the case for your links.

      • Anonymous

        The footage of Torres misplaying a base hit and then falling down trying to retrieve it is priceless.

  25. Anonymous

    Kemp to the DL could be a positive move for all involved.

    1) it would give him time to recover from the hammy injury

    2) it would allow him to strengthen the weak shoulder while resting the hamstring

    3) We’d get a look at either Puig or Pederson. I don’t expect either to be the next coming of Wille Mays, or even Devon White. But if one of them can play capable center field and hit better than .250, then they’d be delivering no less than what Kemp is currently doing.

    • Anonymous

      I agree..

      It’s a good bet SOMEthing is wrong with Matt, before the hamstring. Hopefully time off will help that because he definitely wasn’t playing Gold Glove CF either. And we know what happened last year when he rushed back from Hamstring Injury #1.

    • Anonymous

      Willie Mays is too much to ask of anyone, but you don’t expect either to be even Devon White? Ouch. I hope you mean defensively only.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t sell Devon White short. He played in the majors for 17 years, was a two-tine All-Star, and won 7 gold gloves.

        His career offensive stats aren’t too shabby, either. .263. 319. 419 .739. That’s better than what Kemp is doing this year. And those are numbers Dodger fans would have killed for in the days when left field was a parade of horribles named GwynnPierreRepkoGonzalez.

        • Anonymous

          Agree with you on all points, but I do expect more in the future from Puig.

  26. Thinking that @RBI:disqus might need to change his screen name again, this time to healthybodies Is that available?

    • Anonymous

      Well, let’s give it a few more games, shall we? We’re still doing a lot better with men in scoring position. Don’t want to confuse the baseball gods. (BTW, I’m a ‘she!’)

      • Anonymous

        Are you also English? You speak (write) so well which most of us Americans don’t…

        • Anonymous

          Ha! No, though I’m a certified East Coast transplant and WASP, so Jolly Olde England flows through my veins. I am also, however, a writer and somewhat of a grammar Nazi, so you may be picking up on that!

        • Anonymous

          Speak fer yerself !

      • Ah! Please pardon my assumption. (I tried to take extra time coming up with that line since “cantfindusername” besmirched us American writers… by the way, you need a comma after ‘which’ there…. HA!

        • Anonymous

          Uh oh. I sense the grammar police have been unleashed. Let’s all just take a deep breath, and be glad we have such uniformly intelligent posters here! Plus, I like that you thought I was a dude. It’s weirdly flattering, this being a sports blog and all.

  27. Anonymous

    Although Lily doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence, it sure would be nice to take 3 out of 4 from the Anaheimers. Watching Cap pitching last night was kinda painful – I was grumbling out loud for him to just throw a freaking strike more than once – but his end result – 3 earned in 5+ innings wasn’t terrible at all. and when pulled he was only at 86 NP’s! Crazy.

    Old friend Eric Stults (4-4, 3.86 ERA, 1.197 WHIP) didn’t get the win yesterday against Seattle but he went 8 innings giving up 3 hits, 1 run, and recorded 12 strikeouts while walking none. 12 ?!!! Crazy.

  28. Anonymous

    Rangers just took out the Snakes 9-5 – chance to gain some ground tonight.

    Let’s get a look at this Pederson kid – don’t think the Guggenheim group thought they’d see Punto, Uribe, Van Slyke, Schumaker, and Cruz all starting the same game like they did last night – might as well throw Pederson into the mix as well….

    • Anonymous

      On the east coast I often miss thing or am not quite up to date. I have complained against using the kind of bench players we have to rest regulars, or have too many of these guys in at once. To have Punto, Uribe, Shu, and Cruz in the lineup at the same time( let alone starting) is extremely comical for a team with a 200 mil+ payroll.. I’m not quite clear whether what I percieve as a rather poor line-up is actually being put in the game at the start. I will try to confirm this early use of poor players is the true line-up.

  29. Anonymous

    I am so shook over the injuries, and wow—another Kemp hammie. As many have suggested, maybe it could be a good way for Matt to get some time to get used to things and heal his shoulder. But what an awful time for the team and us fans. Just as we seemed to be getting some traction. I hope Hanley comes in hot as fired iron!

    • Anonymous

      I’m firmly in the camp that this could be good for Kemp as well – he looked completely lost at the plate in the last few games. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but on the MLBN Harold Reynolds was convinced that Kemp is holding his hands too high (above his head) while in his stance – he showed video of Kemp last year when he was blazing hot and yes, Kemp’s hands WERE much lower (about even with his ear) – watch him now and you’ll see they are well over his head. Yes, it’s a small thing and I usually don’t ascribe much credence to all these analysts and thier quick-fix opinions but, jeeze, at this point, I’d actually like to see Kemp lower his darned hands if it would help even a little….
      Also, I’m confident Hanley’s return will definitely be good for the team, no doubt.

      • Anonymous

        The DL does seem to be a solid solution rather than risking further injury.
        As for the hands, if Harold Reynolds can see this and you can see this, do we have to question McGwire?

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          AASSWW. I agree , obviously. Dale, you seem to grasp the situation– I am overwhelmed by these injuries damn it!

  30. Anonymous

    Hernandez is the DH tonight. That just makes me cringe.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Surely he can do no worse than Crawford’s 0 fer 4 (including the rally-killing groundout with the bases jammed) as DH last night ???

      • Anonymous

        Understood that Crawford wasn’t spectacular last night, but expectations for both at the beginning of any game remain markedly different.

  31. The calling up of FedEx after Kemp going on the DL is definitely odd, especially considering Hernandez is at DH tonight. But supposedly Pederson isn’t in the Lookouts lineup tonight so maybe another move will be coming soon and Joc will get a shot.

    • Never mind. Sounds like they’ll call up a CF from AAA, so probably Gwynn or Angle. Not sure why Joc isn’t playing tonight then, maybe he’s going to AAA?

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