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Kempless game chat

Dodgers at Angels, 7:05 p.m.


May 29 game chat


Kershaw CLXI: Kershawjak


  1. Anonymous

    When the Giants lost Cabrera due to suspension last year, they took off and won it all.
    Hopefully the Dodgers as a team will step up, reach average (.500), then take off with the healthy lineup we all envisioned before this year began.

  2. KT

    Well I’m here for as long as I can sit in this chair to help root on our team…Let’s go Blue and Here’s to a good game from Lilly

  3. Anonymous

    Not to have sour grapes, but that would’ve been nice with the bases loaded last night . . . oh well.
    Now bring him in!

    • Anonymous

      Not to have sour grapes, but that would’ve been nice with the bases loaded tonight… oh well.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    The Bostonians come through . . . AGAIN.

    • KT

      Again and Again and Again

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they paid a lot for that deal, but other than Beckett, they’ve received MUCH more than big deals past (insert your most-despised deal here)

  6. KT

    Great inning Ted

  7. KT

    Way to get on Dre

  8. KT

    Oh and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers before going in…I cruise the e-mails before

  9. KT

    Ramon…coming through

  10. Carl loves hitting lead off, when there’s nobody on base..

  11. Anonymous

    Dodgers now 6-for-47 this season with the bases loaded, an average of .128, the lowest in MLB. All six hits are singles.

  12. Anonymous

    KT: Welcome back. Wishing you a full and fast recovery. Can you play centerfield?

  13. KT


  14. Defense cost us that run.

  15. KT

    Bad played fly ball into a triple then a Texas leaguer for the run

  16. KT


  17. Well I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming…

    • KT

      And I can definitely say I didn’t see the other either

  18. Anonymous

    Pederson came in the AA game on a double switch in the bottom of the 9th to play LF.
    Lookouts won 4-3, Puig played CF for the 3rd time this season. he went 3 for 4
    doubled, singled leading off the 3rd; stole 2nd during next hitter’s AB then third during the following AB then scored on a single; SF/RBI; K; tripled in the 9th scored on error which turned out to be the winning run.

    Dodgers’ other Cuban, Onelki Garcia, coming off the DL pitched the 6th and 7th striking out 4, 1 hit.

  19. KT

    Well hopefully Belli doesn’t have the same results as last time he relived Lilly

  20. Welcome to the Belli show, where if you’re already on base you can feel free to come on home.

  21. Anonymous

    A reliever with an ERA over 5 enters the game. Let’s see what we can do.

    • Anonymous

      Make him look good — a trick they’ve mastered this year.

  22. I guess it was too much to ask for Ramon to do it all. A split isn’t terrible, but gotta win some games against the Rox and Pads.

  23. Anonymous

    Another step tonight on the road to oblivion.

  24. Anonymous

    Dodgers have now lost 53 of their last 71 games in American League parks.

    • Anonymous

      They’re equal opportunists . . . they’re losing in all kinds of parks this year.

    • Anonymous

      that’s from ’05 ’til now
      before that they were 30-31

  25. I can’t wait for Hanley to come back.

  26. Anonymous


    Management is leaning toward promoting an outfielder from Triple-A
    Albuquerque, where Tony Gwynn, Elian Herrera, Matt Angle and Nick Buss
    have spent time in center field.

    “That’s what it feels like to me, more than anything else,” Mattingly said.

    At this point, the Dodgers say they are not considering bringing up top prospects
    Yasiel Puig or Joc Pederson from Double-A Chattanooga. Puig has been
    playing the corner outfield spots, while Pederson has been the primary
    center fielder with the Lookouts.

    Puig played center field on Thursday, though, with Pederson scheduled
    to have the day off. Only Herrera and Puig are on the 40-man rotser.

  27. Anonymous

    Decent pitching, terrible run support once again : so far the story of the Dodgers season.

  28. Anonymous

    Another day, and, I suspect, another lineup.

  29. KT

    Well I finally got a look at the my daughters birthday present baseball – 32 signatures total I’ve figured out 13 so far

    Puig / Greinke / Kemp / Ethier / Kershaw / Lilly / League / Schumaker / Crawford / Herrera / Mellis / Lopes / AJ

    Anyone here good at deciphering autographs…I’ve got 19 more to figure out

    • Anonymous

      Good to have you back (just flew in myself from Jakarta and we’ll see if I can withstand the jetlag to see the Kid pitch tonight).

  30. Anonymous

    If anyone could have placed a bet that Ramon Hernandez would ever bat cleanup for the Dodgers, they would be very rich tonight . . . per . . .

    Los Angeles Dodgers:

    1. 2B: Mark Ellis
    2. RF: Andre Ethier
    3. 1B: Adrian Gonzalez
    4. C: Ramon Hernandez
    5. LF: Scott Van Slyke
    6. CF: Skip Schumaker
    7. SS: Luis Cruz
    8. 3B: Juan Uribe
    9. SP: Clayton Kershaw

    Remember what we all thought about Monday’s lineup? THEY won!

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