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Kershaw CLXI: Kershawjak

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.


Kempless game chat


Brandon League and a familiar chorus


  1. Anonymous

    Since I was NPUTed . . .

    If anyone could have placed a bet that Ramon Hernandez would ever bat cleanup for the Dodgers, they would be very rich tonight . . . per . . .

    Los Angeles Dodgers:

    1. 2B: Mark Ellis
    2. RF: Andre Ethier
    3. 1B: Adrian Gonzalez
    4. C: Ramon Hernandez
    5. LF: Scott Van Slyke
    6. CF: Skip Schumaker
    7. SS: Luis Cruz
    8. 3B: Juan Uribe
    9. SP: Clayton Kershaw

    Remember what we all thought about Monday’s lineup? THEY won!

    • Anonymous

      I honestly don’t know what to make of this.

    • Anonymous

      Well my commentary about him even being in the lineup yesterday proved unworthy.

    • Anonymous

      The 4 through 8 hitters are a surprising combination; perhaps they will deliver. The potentially good news for them is that we are playing in Colorado; the potentially bad news for Kershaw is that we are playing in Colorado.

    • Anonymous

      On DT is been called being LAT’d. Named after a poster, LAT, who would invariably post right before an NPUT.

      • Anonymous

        I knew it was some initials! . . . MB . . my bad!

    • First one looks like Ryu, judging by the 99. Sometimes the numbers are easier to go with then the names.

      • KT

        Was thinking that but wasn’t sure if he signed in Korean

      • KT

        You were right about RYU…just saw his signature on line on a baseball exactly

  2. Damn, Jon, just when I thought you’d run out of Kershaw-bject lines. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Tonight will be game No. 1521 in Ramon Hernandez’ major league career and the 62nd time he will be in the cleanup position in the starting lineup.

  4. For those interested, new Dodgers prospect, all of 16 years old for a couple more months, Julio Urias is pitching again today and there’s a live blog covering it:

    One tweet: Dustin Nosler ‏@FeelinKindaBlue: 1m Julio Urias sitting 88-92 MPH, up to 94, throwing all three pitches for strikes (according to broadcast) and even has a pickoff. #Dodgers

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin Gregg, joined the Cubs, where he has six saves and a 0.63 ERA. The Dodgers released him to keep Aaron Harang in the bullpen for a week, then traded Harang for clean up hitter Ramon Hernandez.

    • Seems like a terrible move now, but I do recall at the time not being against it. Gregg’d been pretty mediocre as of late and the Dodgers seemed to have a pretty set bullpen. In hindsight…

  6. Anonymous

    ERAs by Dodger relievers this spring — only those who pitched at least 5 innings:
    Abreu 0.00 (7 innings)
    Gregg 0.82 (11.2)
    Jansen 1.23 (7.1)
    Tolleson 1.35 (6.2)
    Belisario 2.16 (8.1)
    Rodriguez 3.09 (11.2)
    Wall 3.55 (12.2 — including one start)
    Palmer 3.60 (5)
    Howell 4.00 (9)
    Lowe 4.15 (8.2)
    Reed 5.40 (6.2)
    Guerrier 6.00 (9)
    Moylan 6.75 (9.1)
    League 7.88 (8)
    Lilly 14.00 (9 — including one start)
    …Harang had an ERA of 8.20 in 5 games, all starts, and pitched 18.2 innings

  7. Anonymous

    Van Slyke’s route to the eventual triple by Kendrick last night was Gawd-awful and would have been an out if he was an average defensive LFer. At the plate, Van Slyke is a very poor man’s Dave Kingman – he either hits it out (or for extra bases) or strikes out looking bad.

    • Anonymous

      If Ethier is traded, could Van Slyke play first?

      • Anonymous

        And where does Adrian Gonzalez play?

        • Anonymous

          That was a dumb question on my part. I should have taken my nap previously.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve asked my share of them – I’m thinking Gwynn Jr in CF, Eithier in RF, Schumaker in LF would serve the Dodgers better. I understand the temptation for the possibility of Van Slyke’s power, but Gwynn’s defense in the outfield I think might outweigh Van Slyke’s very sporadic haymakers.

          • Anonymous

            Gwynn is solid defensively, but we can have no illusions about him at the plate. Somehow, we need another bat (or two) in the lineup.

  8. Anonymous

    We should be able to do some scoring tonight in Colorado against old friend Jon Garland and his 5.53 ERA. I look for Adrian to have a big game.

  9. KT


  10. Where on earth is Crawford?

  11. Anonymous

    Anyone know when we had someone in the clean-up spot batting below .200 this late in the season?

    • Anonymous

      On August 3, 2007, Olmedo Seanz started and hit 4th in the batting order hitting 179 after the game. Dodgers lost to Snakes 1-0 on a HR in the top of the 8th.
      Saenz was hitting 185 before the game started but went 0-3
      Loney, Ethier, and Luis Gonzalez, the usual clean-up batter were all getting a rest against LHP Doug Davis. Kent was hurt.
      Bet you didn’t expect an answer

  12. overkill94

    Strike 5 finally got Cuddyer out

  13. KT


  14. KT


  15. Anonymous

    Mark! After Clay! .. . .
    Making things happen!

  16. Anonymous

    Uribe now batting .286 with eight hits in his last 14 at bats.

  17. Anonymous

    Break it open, Adrian!

  18. KT


  19. Anonymous

    Getting “A” was definitely a “gain”!

    • Anonymous

      You can say that a-gain.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a happy refrain . . . if only he wasn’t so lonely in his role as Mr. Clutch!

  20. KT

    Working on the signature ball now have figured out 20 players:

    Yasiel Puig #66 / Zack Greinke #21 / Matt Kemp #27 / Andre Ethier #16 / Clayton Kershaw #22 / Ted Lilly #29 / Brandon League #31 / Skip Schumaker #3 / Adrian Gonzales #23 / Carl Crawford #25 / Elian Herrera #37 / Mark Ellis #14 / Juan Uribe #5 / Chris Capuano #35 / Javy Guerra #54 / Davey Lopes #15 / Kenley Jansen #71 / Hyun-Jin Ryu #99 / A.J. Ellis #17

    Think # 76 is Pete Moylan

  21. Anonymous

    Let’s get the Kid some more . . . no lead is safe in Coors Field, even with the two-time and defending ERA leader pitching.

  22. KT

    SVS with no speed or it would have been a triple

  23. KT


  24. Anonymous

    The Clobbering Kid!!!
    Hope he doesn’t get too winded.

  25. {in the voice of J Walter Weatherman} “And *that’s* why you never intentionally walk Juan Uribe to face Clayton Kershaw.”

  26. Steve Lyons is pre-emptively angry at the reporters who will ask Walt Weiss why he IBB’d Uribe to face Kershaw. Maybe they won’t ask, Steve?

  27. Anonymous

    Garland just what the Dodgers needed.

  28. Anonymous

    Besides the fact of the raw run result so far, I’m especially encouraged by the efficiency — 5 hits, 5 runs. So much less frustrating than those 9, 10, or 11 hits getting only 1 run.

    • Amen.
      I am optimistic some of that inefficiency will improve when HanRam is back (well, how could it be worse?) but of course that’s dependent on them not losing any more players to injury.

    • Anonymous

      I concur.

  29. Damn, that error looms large. (Not sure it should’ve been an error and not sure he was safe, but too late now.)

  30. overkill94

    I’d give Ellis an error on that play due to him taking his time to make the throw. It’s not like he dove to make the stop and didn’t have time to get off a good throw.

  31. Adrian was robbed!

    Dodgers need to keep scoring runs for once, even with Kersh on the mound, given this park and its history.

  32. Anonymous

    Mike Tink: Thanks for your post tonight about the last time the Dodgers started a clean-up hitter this late in the season batting under .200. How did you track that down? Also thanks for the Puig and Pederson statistical information you posted yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if that was the last time.
      I remembered that Seanz had hit clean-up during his last year with the Dodgers which I also remembered was a terrible year for him. baseball-reference made it pretty easy after that

  33. Anonymous

    C’mon, Kid, work out of it.

  34. Anonymous

    Kid Clutch!

  35. Anonymous

    Clutch pitching there. He’s at 97 pitches. Hope he has enough left in the tank. I don’t like the notion of using the bullpen tonight in this park.

  36. Anonymous

    Would sure love a few more runs.

  37. Anonymous

    Waste not, want not.
    Runners were wasted tonight . . . hope we’re not left wanting . . .

  38. Anonymous

    Would easily trade a run for a double play right now . . .

  39. Anonymous

    Can’t watch.

  40. Anonymous

    Whoa — that looked REALLY scary for a moment!

  41. Anonymous

    I don’t like this Helton-League matchup one bit.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t liked the __________ – League matchup much this year!

  42. Anonymous

    Thanks, once more, Brandon. You sure are consistent.

  43. Anonymous

    And League does it again. Unbelievable.

  44. Anonymous

    (that is now a violation of Rule 1)

  45. Anonymous

    We have so many holes on this team, and one of the biggest is the closer’s spot. What a disaster and what a waste of another fine performance by Kershaw. I am disgusted.

  46. Anonymous

    At what point does Donnie throw in the towel with this guy?

  47. Anonymous

    Kenley was the true “closer” tonight, using Jon’s thinking of needing someone to come in and shut them down in a crucial situation.
    Still, can ANY of the bullpen be counted on other than KJ?
    And we also have to remember the wasted offensive opportunities.

  48. Anonymous

    He can’t be trusted with the top, middle, or bottom of the order. Sheesh!

  49. Anonymous

    If a team is only as good as its weakest link . . . I’m afraid there are too many to count on this Dodger team.

  50. Anonymous

    Further depressing ruminations: isn’t this the 2nd straight Kershaw game with a 3-run or more lead that disappeared?

  51. Anonymous

    I don’t want to be Debbie Downer — or “Bobby Bummer” would be more applicable — but the “L” seems almost inevitable now . . . and it would be terrible if Brandon doesn’t get it.
    As i wrote that, Ramon just got a hit. What would be worse is if they won and League got the W! (Still, I’d take that and rail against the injustice later.)

  52. Anonymous

    League in line for the W.

    Rick Monday said that Uribe might ask for the 2nd base bag after the game.

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