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Dodgers draft pitcher Chris Anderson with top pick

With the 18th overall pick in the 2013 amateur draft, the Los Angeleez Dodgers have selected  6-foot-4 righthanded pitcher Chris Anderson from Jacksonvile University.

From Baseball America:


PICK ANALYSIS: We were light on Chris Anderson, ranking him at No. 45 in the BA 500, but it’s not a reach here. I’ve been writing for weeks that after the first half of the first round, things really spread out.

SCOUTING REPORT: Big and physical at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, Anderson should give Jacksonville its first-ever first-round pick. Like the Dolphins’ third-round product of 2012, outfielder Adam Brett Walker, Anderson is a Minnesota prep product, and he’s evolved from the team’s closer as a freshman to its Friday ace as a junior. His performance has improved significantly through his college career, as he has boosted his strikeouts, cut his walks and become more consistent across the board. Early in the season, under a heavy workload, Anderson showed scouts a front-of-the-rotation fastball, pitching downhill and touching 96 mph. He’s usually in the 90-94 mph range, holds his velocity and throws strikes. He got strikeouts early both with the fastball and slider, which flashed plus. He also throws a much-improved changeup. Anderson generates velocity more from strength than arm speed, and most scouts see him as an innings-eater in the middle of a rotation. His timing helps, as a consensus starter in a year short on college arms.

WHERE HE FITS: With Hyun-Jin Ryu and Yasiel Puig graduating, Anderson will rank in the top three in the Dodgers’ system.


Scouting Grades* (present/future): Fastball: 6/6 | Curve: 5/6 | Slider: 5/5 | Changeup: 4/5 | Control: 5/6 | Overall: 5/6

There might not have been another college arm who shot up draft boards more than this Jacksonville University ace during the spring. His rise slowed a bit with some struggles, perhaps caused by fatigue, in April. But he still has the size, stuff and command to potentially be a frontline starter at the highest level.

Anderson’s fastball will touch 97 mph and is consistently at least above average with good sink. He throws a nasty slider, and his changeup projects to be a legitimate weapon as well.

Anderson has above-average control and command and the ideal athletic frame scouts love to see in a pitcher. There’s room for gaining strength, which gives him a high ceiling as well.

More via SB Nation:

Keith Law, ESPN: “Anderson has the size, roughly the fastball velocity and the potential out pitch in that slider to profile as a No. 2 starter.”

John Sickels, Minor League Ball: “Strongly built at 6-4, 225, Anderson showed sharpened command this spring of a plus fastball/plus slider combination. His change-up has also improved, and he profiles as an inning-chewing mid-rotation starter.”

Jonathan Mayo, “Anderson was a hot commodity early, but recent struggles have led to a fade. He could be this year’s Michael Wacha, who was in early 1-1 conversations last year but fell to St. Louis at No. 19.”

 * * *

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Yasiel Puig, RF
Nick Punto, SS
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Scott Van Slyke, LF
Andre Ethier, CF
Tim Federowicz, C
Skip Schumaker, 2B
Luis Cruz, 3B
Zack Greinke, P


The Loge Boat


Yasiel Slam Hits a Grand Puig


  1. Anonymous

    A solid No. 2, sounds promising

    • Anonymous

      John, you asked about Hanley. The match-up with Hudson was not bad at all esp since RHH have done better than LHH this year vs Hudson and pretty much equal in 2012. Going back to ’11 his splits were normal. Hanley is 14 for 53 with 2 doubles, 5 walks, but with 11 strike-outs.
      Mattingly did say Hanley would be eased back in and he did play on Monday for Rancho plus Tuesday and Wednesday for the Dodgers. Hanley has better #’s vs Maholm and Medlan so if he doesn’t rest today it’s not until Sunday.

  2. Refresh for updates

  3. Anonymous

    How about a round of applause for #20 Don Sutton!

  4. KT

    Good inning Zack

  5. Anonymous

    Still 16yo, Julio Urias gave up 1 hit in 5 innings, 2 walks, 5 strike-outs, 56 pitches. He got the win in a extremely rare win for the Loons who are an incomprehensible 7-27 after starting the season 12-13

  6. KT

    Love the history refresher given by vin

  7. KT

    Nice hit SVS!

  8. KT

    Nice Shoe…way to get him home

  9. KT

    funny tale of Sutton

  10. Anonymous

    I didn’t know Sutton was a fly ball pitcher at first. I also thought of him throwing a sinker.

    • Anonymous

      Sutton was a strikeout pitcher.

      • Anonymous

        I recall him throwing a sinker. That’s who I related the expression “killing worms” to. But Vinny said he was prone to the HR early on. Interesting. But yes he was a strikeout pitcher.

        • Anonymous

          Sutton was prone to the homer his whole career. He gave up 472, 5th most in MLB history.

          • Anonymous

            The curve got him the Ks, but the hangers were dingers.

  11. Anonymous

    Great throw

  12. Anonymous

    You know, I’m pretty sure that when Scott Van Slyke requested “When the Levee Breaks” as his walk-up music, he was requesting the drum intro, not a random snippet from the middle of the song.

  13. Anonymous

    That was close!

  14. KT

    Come on gonzo

  15. Anonymous

    Nice pitchers duel so far.

  16. KT

    Nice catch Dre…not shoe charlie

  17. KT

    Good quality game by Greinke so far….Keep it up Zack

  18. Anonymous

    Dodgers 2nd and last pick of the day is LHP Tom Windle, Minnesota

  19. Anonymous

    uh oh

  20. KT

    I love fed’s defensive skills much more than AJ’s

  21. KT

    Nice work Zack!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Zack is showing early-season promise!
    Unfortunately the offense is showing their most-of-season form.
    But 6 more outs! Keep it away from the bullpen! Let’s get some runs!

  23. KT

    Need an insurance run or two

  24. KT

    Come on Dre

  25. KT

    Another deke by the middle infielders for a DP…love it

    • Anonymous

      These are the good “little things” they do which make the mental and physical errors that much more exasperating!

    • Dave Alden

      The replay was only shown once, but it looked clear to me that Schaefer stepped on the bag correctly. His foot may have slipped the edge of bag, but he clearly touched it, making the umpire’s decision wrong. But I’ll still take it. Anyone else?

      • KT

        I have to disagree he took 2 steps around second and never retouched…both the 1st and second base umps caught it

        • Dave Alden

          KT, you’re right. I was able to pull up the replay this morning. What I saw as Schaefer’s foot slipping off the bag was him missing it to the inside. Although Puig made it moot anyway.

  26. KT


  27. Anonymous


  28. KT

    Nice Kenley!!

  29. Anonymous

    League has had two consecutive good outings — but I’d breathe easier with more runs!

  30. KT

    Alright skippy!

  31. Anonymous

    C’mon, HanRam!

  32. Anonymous

    Cruz has a weird bating stance. Moves the bat, turns in, then he arches his back.
    But it looks like a line drive in the box score.

  33. KT

    Come on hanley…knock them in

  34. Anonymous

    I was there!!!!!

  35. KT

    Need a SAC fly at least Puig

  36. Anonymous

    C’mon, Puig!
    I took my dog to the park tonight and was wearing an LA cap and someone said ‘What do you think of the rookie?’ . . . Everyone’s talking about him!

  37. KT


  38. Anonymous


  39. Anonymous

    Who will record the first song about him?
    It’s Fernandomania all over again!

  40. KT

    There are my insurance runs

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully even League can’t hurt that!

  41. Anonymous

    Whiskey tango foxtrot? What’s that, 10 or 11 RBI?

  42. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Vin be quiet for so long!

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to see/hear the clip . . I’m limited to audio.

      • KT

        couple of rows up in the RF pavillion

        • Anonymous

          I think The Vin’s record was after Aaron’s 715th, followed by the Gibson homer–about one minute that time. But … wow.

          • Anonymous

            He said he learned that from Red Barber — to let the crowd tell the story. My first time experiencing it was on the 45rpm recording of Sandy’s perfect game.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, and as a young fellow, he said he loved the crowd noise coming from the radio.

  43. It must be so fun to be that good at something.

  44. Jason Ungar

    Wow! Seriously. Power to RF is the most beautiful site in Baseball

  45. Anonymous

    Speechless, I am.

    • Anonymous

      Speak like Yoda, you do.

      • Anonymous

        Puig be Yoda, he may . . . definitely using the Force!

  46. Anonymous

    Here’s hoping even the bullpen can’t blow this one . . .
    So wouldn’t it be fitting if the final out — or assist — is by Puig?

  47. How awesome was that to see Schumaker turn to Wallach and smile as that thing was going out of the park?

  48. Anonymous

    Love the life he’s injected in our dugout!

    • Anonymous

      Mo just said the look on Puig’s face when everyone else was celebrating was ‘Oh, this is special?’
      For this year’s team, YES!

  49. Anonymous

    That was amazing.

  50. Anonymous

    Remember when he was signed to the big contract last year and everyone was wondering if the big spenders were justified?
    For the first 4 games, the answer is YES!!!

  51. It’s a whole new blue, isn’t it?

  52. KT

    1 more

  53. Anonymous

    let the bubble never burst :)

  54. KT

    That HR was total vintage Puig. The golden years

  55. KT

    BALL GAME!!!!

  56. Anonymous

    3-1 in the Puig Era.
    And the one loss was with the Kid pitching . . . go figure!

  57. Serious question: who is the hitting instructor in Chattanooga?

  58. Anonymous

    I think a rename of the right field bleachers or corner seats are in order – Puig-wood doesn’t sound right, any suggestions?

  59. Anonymous

    Love the radio interview with Skip.

  60. Anonymous

    Anybody know where Matty is?

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