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Deflation: Dodgers, Yankees rained out

Well, from one first to another. The Dodgers and Yankees will play a split doubleheader Wednesday, with games scheduled for 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific, following a rainout of today’s scheduled game.

I imagine its the first doubleheader between the teams ever, though the two teams did participate in the wartime three-sided game with the Giants.


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  1. KT

    I wonder who is going to show the games

    • KT

      I see the second game is being shown on ESPN2 & FSPT @1600 so I was wondering if Prime ticket would show both games

  2. Anonymous

    I very much enjoyed the link Jon posted above.

  3. Hmm…these comments are showing up twice…why would there be a new bug now? Haven’t changed the code in months and months.

  4. Anonymous

    re-posted from previous thread:
    Last season Mark Ellis hit 228/313/299 vs RHP so I was very happy when
    he got off to a nice start in the split this year. I haven’t kept up in
    watching the split; just keep seeing Mark make out. In the split he is
    242/283/305 on the year and 195/267/260 vs all pitching over the last 30
    days. He’s great against LHP plus does so many things well that he has,
    on this team, to start against RHP sometimes if not almost always but
    for tonight I would have preferred (hard to say it) Juan Uribe (if available) in the
    starting line-up.
    Uribe is 4th, 2nd, 5th among position players on the roster vs RHP in
    the 3 slash line stats YTD and has an OPS 195 points higher than Mark’s
    in the split.

    last 30 days: Dodger position player BA for those below 200:
    Punto 197
    Cruz 195
    MEllis 195
    Hanley 150
    AJEllis 147
    most AB’s Mark with 77, fewest Hanley with 20

  5. KT

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez 2m

    First game tomorrow will be on KCAL. Second game will be on Prime Ticket.

    Hopefully MLBN or Yes shows the 1st game along with KCAL

  6. Anonymous

    Well, darn.

  7. New, non-Dodgers post up top.

  8. KT

    MLBN will broadcast the 1st game that starts at 1000

  9. Anonymous

    From the silver lining department — two straight days the Dodgers haven’t lost . . . woo-hoo!

    • Jason Ungar

      yep and Mattingly hasn’t made any bonehead decisions. at least none that we know of

  10. Anonymous

    I noticed old friend Troncoso took the loss for the White Sox today. I wonder if he would pop up again

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