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What will replace my beloved Google Reader?

I’ve been putting it off, but I’m soon going to have to find a new means of digesting the Internet to replace Google Reader, which is going out of business July 1.

If you have any suggestions, pass them on below. I’m not looking for bells and whistles (and certainly not looking to spend any money) – I just want the closest equivalent to Google Reader that will allow me to easily scroll through the hundreds of stories that come across each day.


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  1. KT

    I actually have a kindle paper white 3G which I use solely for reading but I know you can access the internet, subscriptions and web pages with it and you don’t need to buy internet access (T-Mobile, AT&T etc)…I love the fact that I can read in bed at night without the internal light bothering my wife

    • Anonymous

      Sure she loves it as well. ;-)

      • KT

        no I used to go to the spare bedroom if I wanted to read late

        • Anonymous

          audiobooks my friend…Audible is your friend plus a lot of Kindle books now are getting heavily discounted Audible editions (Amazon has onwed Audible for a number of years now). I thing your Kindle does support Audible books…plus they will sync with where you leave of listening to the Audible version and vis-a-versa the ebook will synch with where you leave off listening. It works even if you listen to the books on your phone.

    • Anonymous

      tsktsktsk…poor KT thinks Google Reader is actually a reading device. Sigh….but otherwise the KPW3G is a nifty reader. I’m still using my K2 and it’s lifetime free 3g as well. Lemme know if you need access to my library of ebooks and I’ll send ya the info. Otherwise, how the heck are you and your bionic “joints”…. :p And sadly I ain’t dead yet….unfortunately anyway….heh heh…

      Oh, GR is Google’s quite nifty RSS feed aggregator app. For reasons unknown to the rest of the civilized and not so civilized world Google has pulled the plug on the service. The problem is many apps we depend on, those who use RSS feeds, but those apps depend on GR. So we are all scrambling to find a solution because not only is the web acess going away so is the backend where the dependent apps live.

      BTW, you can setup RSS feeds through Amazon have have them sent to your Kindle. Just look in the My Kindle section of your Amazon account.

  2. johnniebbaker

    not ready yet, but soon

  3. Anonymous

    Jon, give Feedly a try. Great website, app, and you can easily import your G Reader feeds. Plus other readers will support it. Great G Reader replacement…and how I saw this article!

    • Steve Hall

      Agreed: I’ve researched just about all the other readers out there, and Feedly gives me the best GReader-like experience of any of them. It’s NOT Google Reader, but if you play around with the settings, you can come close, especially on a desktop browser, but I find the mobile version to be better than most others, as well.

    • noah

      I agree. Feedly is the closest thing to Google Reader I’ve been able to find. It has a great iPhone app and the feed refresh rate is on par with Google Reader.

    • Nick Solyom

      I’ll give feedly another vote of confidence. It’s what I switched to.

  4. Anonymous is really nice…just no mobile version yet.

  5. Anonymous

    I was in the same boat. The only I felt were worthy of an extended trial were NewsBlur ( and Feedly ( The huge downside of Feedly is that they don’t have a web-based service (they require you to install a browser extension). I personally feel that NewsBlur provides the closest Google Reader-esque experience out there. I constantly got tired of Feedly’s magazine-styled approach. Free accounts allow a maximum of 64 feeds, but for only $12/year, you can have unlimited feeds and some other worthy perks. I think their iOS app is also pretty good (from the screenshots I’ve seen). Their Android app just got some serious updates yesterday, allowing me to once-and-for-all cut ties with my beloved Google Reader.

  6. I’ve started with Feedly and it’s pretty good, though the scrolling/marking things as read or unread is not the way I’d like it to be.

    • Anonymous

      Jon…I’m giving Feedly a shot as well. But in case someone doesn’t know Feedly originally was based on Google’s GR RSS aggregation API so it too is going to have a few issues once the last coffin screw is tightened on GR. Feedly has rolled their own RSS aggregation system which they are moving people toward. So far so good. Time will tell though.

    • Greg Hao

      ya, feedly is mostly okay. The solution I’ve found is tiny tiny rss reader. but it’s self hosted service so I understand not everybody will be able to take advantage.

      I can say that @nathan118:disqus ‘s suggestion of theoldreader isn’t bad but it couldn’t handle all of my feeds.

  7. Anonymous

    Newsblur is a great alternative.

  8. Thanks Baseball America for naming Harvard-Westlake No. 1 in the nation, but next time, get a map.

    “the private school in Studio City, Calif.—where it is sandwiched between Hollywood lots and million-dollar Beverly Hills homes”

    • Onlyatriple

      well, it is in fact sandwiched between BH homes and Sherman Oaks homes, although a million dollars probably does not buy you into that South of the Boulevard neighborhood.

      • Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills are both west of Studio City, thus still leaving the meat outside the sandwich, but I would have let Sherman Oaks go.

  9. Anonymous

    So have Heat fans been marked with the media seal of Dodger-fandom now?

  10. Flipboard for iOS will pull in your Google Reader feeds, although I don’t think it’ll keep your folders or favorites. It is free.

    • Greg Hao

      flipboard is okay if you’re an occasional reader but for people who have tons of feeds, it’s not dense enough and it seems like flipboard is really trying to push their “create your own magazine” angle more and more.

  11. I’ve switched to Netvibes. Does a pretty good job, IMO.

  12. Greg Hao

    one more site I forgot to mention earlier today is Hive:

    it’s in private beta now and I can reveal that it is quite good. It will publicly launch on the 26th.

  13. Benjamin Pratt

    Newsblur. I’ve been using it for several months now, its very similar to Reader. I tried a number of others, only Newsblur is comparable. In some ways its even more feature rich than Reader. Only thing I wish Newsblur would add is a mobile formatting for reading on small screens. Reader did that very well. Perhaps its on the todo list for Newsblur. They seem to have fairly regular updates.

  14. Adam Luther

    Trying netvibes and inoreader.

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