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June 22 game chat

Dodgers at Padres, 4:15 p.m.


The Pit of Despair


Don’t demand the waffle


  1. Anonymous

    Schumaker bats lead off.

  2. Anonymous

    Puig walks! It can happen!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a new weapon in his arsenal. Fortunately, Donnie gave him the stop sign once he got to first.

  3. Anonymous

    For the first time in major league history, Yasiel Puig and Juan Uribe have walked in the same game.

  4. Anonymous

    Two runs on an error. We’ll gladly take it.

  5. My goodness Hanley’s HR was a shot. WAY up there in left field.

  6. Anonymous

    KT is at the game, right?
    He must attend all future Dodger games!

  7. Oh no.Bullpen coming.

  8. Anonymous

    Poor Uribear. Robbed two straight days on incredible catches.

  9. Anonymous

    While I’m ecstatic the Dodgers scored 6 runs, they really didn’t have much offense . . . which continues that trend.

    Still, we’ll take a “W” any way we can get it!

  10. LA Dodgers 31- 42

    9.5 GB

    261 Runs Scored 307 Runs Against

  11. KT

    Man did Hanley crushed his home run it broke a window on the upper deck of the warehouse

    Just got settled in after the game…Here’s the score: Got Yasiel to sign my authentic copy of his jersey. Hanley and Skip signed two balls in the sweet spot.

    Got 4 foul balls gave 3 away to 3 boys aged 6-8, 1 was a ranger fan who won tickets and never sat closed to the field before, we talked baseball all game long

    Great Game…watching the DVR to see what I missed

    • Anonymous

      Glad you had fun, KT.
      Even happier the Dodgers won.
      We’re looking at it as a cause-effect relationship . . . therefore, you must attend all future games and are only relieved of that duty if they lose. :)

      • Anonymous

        Four foul balls in one game? Way to go! I have been to literally hundreds of major league games and have come up with only one. You sure helped make it a great day for the three youngsters to whom you gave the balls.

        • KT

          I gave 1 to one boy from LA and then I saw his brother sitting next to his mother breaking down and crying so I asked my daughter if she wanted to give her extra ball away and she said yes…The father bought my daughter ice cream dessert

          • Anonymous

            That story is even better than the Dodgers’ victory!

      • KT

        Sorry I only sit in the best seats and I can’t afford to go that many times….Next game 6/27 at DS for Sandy Koufax bobble head night. This game 4 rows behind the Dodger dugout

  12. KT

    Here’s a couple of pictures, the one with me and my daughter and one of the boys I gave a ball to was taken by a Korean photographer who is following Ryu

    • Anonymous

      Whether you use MasterCard or not . . . priceless!

    • foul tip

      KT, any idea why I would get file not found messages on both those links? Thx.

      • KT

        I actually posted at MSTI and then remembered that they take photos and MS Paint and Photoshop them to death so I deleted the post and link. I’ll make a new one

  13. Anonymous

    Kemp went 0-for-5 with 4 strikeouts as the DH in his rehab game at Albuquerque tonight. Van Slyke went 0-for-3 with 3 strikeouts. Playing first base, he made two errors on throws. The Isotopes lost 9-5 to Round Rock.

    • Anonymous

      I hope Matt stays down there long enough to get his confidence back . . . and maybe even long enough for Albq. to visit Vegas!

    • Anonymous

      Good God. I guess that’s what rehab games are for.

    • Anonymous

      Was he striking out with swings at balls in the dirt?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t know. I went to the web and found the box score.

  14. KT

    The pink hat wearing girl in the foreground is my daughter…this was when she was getting Hanley to sign her ball

  15. KT

    Dodgers Lineup:

    Schumaker LF
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1st
    Ramirez SS
    Ethier CF
    Uribe 3rd
    Punto 2nd
    Federowicz C
    Capuano P

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