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Don’t demand the waffle

I’ve written in the past about my recurring dream, in which I’m trying get somewhere but never make it. It takes on many scenarios, but I’m good for having it at least once a week – and those are merely the ones that I can remember when I wake up.

Last night I had one, though with a bit of a twist in that at one point, I actually was moving fast toward my goal. The fact that my goal in this case was completing the buffet on a cruise ship is probably neither here nor there.

There were two lines, and in a fortuitous stroke, I picked the right one. While the buffet line on the left remained stagnant, the one on the right that I found myself in flew forward, and I was ready to get my food far sooner than the random person I had lined up with.

Unfortunately, things ran aground after that. I believe holding out for a waffle was a key factor, but in any case, I found myself stuck in the line as others flowed past me. When I finally sat down, it was in a bad spot with no friends or family and a sparsely filled plate.

The message is clearly this: If the Dodgers unexpectedly get on a win streak, just enjoy the meal. Asking for the waffle on top of it is probably too much.

Dodgers at Padres, 1:10 p.m.


June 22 game chat


Latka says Dodgers have everything they need


  1. Anonymous

    “Sometimes a waffle is just a waffle” – Sigmund Freud in “Civilization and Its Eggos”

  2. Jack Dawkins

    I wish Steve Lyons would eschew the term waffle.

    • Anonymous

      I wish the Dodger broadcasts would eschew Lyons up and spit him out.

  3. KT

    Foultip, Here are the links again. The one of Puig has me and my daughter in her pink hat in the foreground just as Hanley was passing. you can see the blurry ball as she is callinghis attention…He backtracked and sign for the 4 kids who were standing by me since there was no one else around or able to enter our area without a ticket.

    • Anonymous

      Nice pictures, it’s also great to now put a face to the name :)

    • foul tip

      Thx, KT. Will check ’em out.

    • foul tip

      Great shots, KT. Great that your kids are into it. Sports weren’t my son’s thing, tho he was more interested in soccer than anything else. Playing, that is. Follow a team? Not so much.

      • KT

        That’s only my daughter my son is almost 3…The boy in the photo was one of the two boys I gave a foul ball too. I actually gave him the 1st and the younger brother either 5 or 6 was sitting a couple of seats away by his mom and he started crying because he didn’t get a foul ball. I asked my daughter quietly if she wanted to give up her extra ball and she looked at the boy secretly over her shoulder and decided it was the right thing to do

  4. I insist there are fewer games on Prime Ticket this year than in years past. This may not bode well when the new TV deal goes into effect.

    • KT

      That’s because they lost their contract and they don’t care about the followers anymore

    • KT

      When TWC took over the Lakers this year I didn’t have to buy NBA league pass because they showed I think all but 2 games…I feel the same will happen with the Dodgers if they get their own channel which I know that’s what they were shooting for. They might share their channel with the Lakers though

  5. Anonymous

    Dreaming about a buffet? Sounds great, Jon! (As a native Las Vegan, I guess it’s only natural I love them.)
    For me, the waffle would be reaching .500.
    Becoming competitive would be added strawberries and whipped cream.
    Actually making the postseason would be a free seafood buffet.
    OK, now I’m hungry . . .

    • Anonymous

      What is the difference between a vegan and a Las Vegan?

      • Anonymous

        All I know is this Vegan eats meat :) — tho I DO try to go for chicken, fish, and pork.

  6. foul tip

    I thought “waffle” was what some Dodger management types did on Mattingly’s job security…before giving reassurance, sort of….

  7. KT

    Way to turn two!!

  8. KT

    Good inning Cappy!

  9. foul tip

    An IP on only 6 pitches….keep anything like that up and he might get more than the 5 IP hoped for.

  10. KT

    DP time

  11. KT

    28 pitches after 2

  12. KT


  13. KT

    Ethier was there but Puig makes a diving catch in front of him

  14. KT

    Turn two guys

  15. KT

    San Diego feed keeps showing Cappy’s feet…like he’s balking

  16. KT

    I can’t believe they gave him an error on that play

  17. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 24s

    Congratulations to Chris Capuano on career strikeout No. 1,000! #whiff

    It was FYCQ

  18. Anonymous

    In the Dodger buffet, Cap has been a delightful side item of late.

    • foul tip

      Kind of like peach cobbler. Except Bob T. won’t agree. ;-])

  19. KT


  20. Anonymous

    Nathan Eovaldi is shutting out the Giants at AT&T through 5 innings. But he just gave up a leadoff triple to Tony Abreu.

  21. KT

    yes!! fed

  22. Anonymous

    I missed something. Why did he take Cap out?

  23. KT

    They changed the error by headley to a hit…which it should have been

  24. KT


  25. Anonymous

    AGON at second shouldn’t count as a RISP.

  26. KT


  27. Anonymous


  28. Anonymous

    Sign him up, Ned!

  29. Jack Dawkins

    There’s the run! Now for our vaunted bullpen to get to work! (reaches for the booze)

  30. Anonymous

    Another nice thing on the buffet has been the Uribe bounce back.

    • foul tip

      Maybe as a self-rising biscuit? Maybe I’d best give it up…

  31. Jack Dawkins

    What really irks is that carlos Quentin hit it.

  32. KT

    Nice Juan

  33. KT


  34. Anonymous


  35. Jack Dawkins

    See my comment below. League this time right?

  36. KT


  37. Fingers crossed.

  38. KT


  39. KT

    YES Kenley…1 more

  40. KT

    I hate defensive indifference

  41. KT

    BALL GAME!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Good two wins in a row. We split!

    • Anonymous

      and against mlb’s fourth hottest team, according to Bill James.

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