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Note by notewest

Notes on each member of tonight’s Dodger starting lineup.

Skip Schumaker, 2B: Had a .440 OPS on May 7. Went 27 for 69 (.391) at the plate to raise OPS to .694 on June 9. Has gone 8 for 45 with four walks and no extra-base hits since.

Yasiel Puig, RF: With 37 hits in 85 at-bats, only needs to go 3 for 15 to be at least at .400 after 100 at-bats. David Pinto of Baseball Musings notes that the most at-bats for an entire season for a .400 hitter since Ted Williams is 134 by Bob Hazle in 1957.

Adrian Gonzalez, 1B: Three homers in six games vs. San Diego this month, zero homers in 18 games vs. everyone else.

Matt Kemp, CF: Seven for seven in stolen bases this season. In his rookie season, he was perfect in six attempts. Played in 71 career games before his first caught stealing.

Andre Ethier, LF: Making his first appearance in left field since 2008.

A.J. Ellis, C: Has .260 on-base percentage, .284 slugging in 79 plate appearances since May 13.

Juan Uribe, 3B: Per Fangraphs, has fourth-best WAR on Dodgers in 2013, behind Carl Crawford, Puig and A.J. Ellis.

Nick Punto, SS: Riding a three-game hitting streak, but has .516 OPS in 130 plate appearances since May 8. Luis Cruz has a .525 OPS in 51 plate appearances in that time period.

Zack Greinke, P: Opponents at Dodger Stadium have .270 OBP against him this year.

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.



Is the end nigh for Luis Cruz?


Heart of the lineup lines up with heart, and Dodgers win sixth straight


  1. Anonymous

    Bob Hazle helped Milw Braves to World Series down the stretch off the bench, earned nickname “Hurricane Hazle” after the season’s great meteorological event.

  2. Hazle was batting .507 on August 28, then hit .299 the rest of the way.

  3. Anonymous

    What, Petros was unavailable?

    • Anonymous

      An opportune moment for his retirement.

    • You don’t have to like Steiner, but comparing a guy with a four-decade career dedicated to broadcasting to someone like Petros is pretty silly.

  4. Anonymous

    Question: Is Mr. Pink’s Ginseng Energy Drink Still the Official Ginseng Energy Drink of the Los Angeles Dodgers? If not, what is?

  5. Re the post title, who gets to be Cary Grant?

    Any youngsters who’ve never seen “North by Northwest,” get it from Netflix or your local library. The Mt. Rushmore scenes are unforgettable (I remember them and I saw the movie in original release a LONG time ago).

  6. Anonymous

    KT? So far, so good!

  7. Dodgers just pounding the ball in the first inning – Puig, Gonzalez, Kemp and Ethier all ripped it. 3-0 lead.

  8. Anonymous

    1. Was that a defacto ‘dogs and cogs’ ? :)
    2. What a start!!

  9. It’s naive on my part, but hard not to get excited reading these quotes about rehabbing Kemp’s swing.

  10. Anonymous

    At least the usual HR off Grienke is out of the way now

  11. Finally an out after a rough start to the top of the second.

  12. Anonymous

    Since I found the Fangraphs WAR results mentioned under Uribe above surprising, here are the b-r results:
    Uribe is 7th behind Puig, AJ, Adrian, Punto, Crawford, Hanley
    I believe Adrian Gonzalez loses more on baserunning at Fangraphs than at b-r while the same for Haley except for fielding.

  13. Anonymous

    According to Vin, Ryne Sandberg once had hair down to his knees and was nicknamed “Prince Valiant.” Did I miss something?

  14. Anybody else having problems with

  15. Anonymous

    Time to turn two!

  16. Utley drives in the run with a lunging swing and a blooper.

  17. Anonymous

    Later than I wanted, but it’s still good.

    • Anonymous

      It stopped that half innings getting completely out of control

  18. Dodgers began the game ripping the ball – now 12 in a row have been retired.

    • Anonymous

      They have to remember they’re the NEW “Whole New Blue.”

  19. Anonymous

    Greele only really looked sharp in the first inning. He’s not fooling anyone.

  20. Anonymous

    That’s 4 first pitch singles now

  21. Anonymous

    Desperately seeking a… Got it!!!

  22. Greinke has a “quality start” through six innings despite allowing 11 hits.

  23. Anonymous

    Lucky Howard swung at a 3-0 pitch last time or this game could have been beyond us by now

  24. Jack Dawkins

    Wonders if this lets me post now….trying again.

  25. Anonymous

    Silver Lining Dept.: they were extremely efficient with their offensive output.
    Reality: their offensive output ain’t much . . . and has disappeared

  26. Anonymous

    One more inning Greinke. You can do it! Dig deep.

  27. Anonymous

    Darn .

  28. Anonymous

    Un-qualitied this start!

  29. Anonymous

    At 12 hits to 4, we are lucky we are still close

  30. Anonymous

    lets make the walk count!

  31. Anonymous

    Dodgers have to graciously accept the gift — and do something about it!

  32. Anonymous

    C’mon, HanRam!

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

    Turns the whole feel of the game around . . . especially with 2 strikes!

  35. Not many hitters try to pull a low and outside 0-2 pitch and succeed.

    • Jack Dawkins

      He is unreal. First 2 pitches were the same and he looked lost. Then he adjusts. kemp never couild make that adjustment.

  36. Anonymous

    4 scary words: up to the bullpen

  37. Anonymous

    Sometimes, when Puig looks so lost (first two pitches), I wonder if he’s faking the pitcher out. And how the heck did he hit that third pitch?

    • Anonymous

      Now I look forward to seeing it on the clips tomorrow.
      Besides the fact everyone is amazed he was able to hit it, I’m surprised he pulled it, since he’s been soo good at going the other way.

  38. Anonymous

    Way to go ‘Yassy’….

    Nice piece of hitting.

  39. Anonymous

    4 outs to go

  40. Anonymous

    C’mon, Belli!

  41. Anonymous


  42. Anonymous

    No bottom of the 9th for these next four games!
    (And a boring top of the 9th would be nice as well!)

  43. Anonymous

    Woo hoo! Good Belli!

  44. Anonymous

    Flyin’ Bison!

  45. Anonymous


  46. Anonymous

    Another run would be GREAT!!!

  47. Anonymous

    Run By Bison (with assist to AJ)

  48. Anonymous

    Such a joy to see Matty run!

  49. Just got back last night from Mexico, nice to come home to a Dodgers winning streak!

  50. Anonymous

    So much for the boring 9th.
    Grateful for the run by Matt.

  51. Anonymous

    Let’s not be “indifferent” to the runner!

  52. Anonymous

    Get the K, Kenley!

  53. 6 in a row! This is fun, sad I missed the first few.

  54. Anonymous

    Nice game . . . had the lead, gave it up, got it back, and hung on . . . again!

  55. Anonymous

    Game, set and match!

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